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Petition supporting the Children's Paradise Detsky raj Ostrava

Dear members of the MOaP Council, Dear Representatives, as citizens of the city district in which you represent us, or people who are not indifferent to what is happening in the district, we decided to express our disagreement with the procedure in the case of termination of the lease to the managers of the Children's Paradise Ostrava. Over the past six years, when the children's paradise of the previous operator had been, the work of both owners and their staff with the utmost care, dedication,

Created: 2019-05-09

Time period All countries Czech Republic
All time 1112 1100
2019 268 1100

Stop plans to build homes on Green Belt at Lye Green Nr Chesham

Chiltern District & South Bucks District Councils are jointly preparing a Local Plan until 2036.  Part of the proposal is to expand the town of Chesham by building new homes of which 900 are proposed to be built on agricultural land currently designated as Green Belt on the NE of Chesham at a hamlet called Lye Green. The Lye Green community fears these plans, if adopted, will (amongst many other things) result in: Significant damage to the openness and visual appearance of the area, which is

Created: 2016-11-15

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 1699 1690
2019 257 254

Stop Deben Garbage Dump Crisis

We are petitioning the Environmental Management Inspectorate (Green Scorpions) to execute its mandate and criminally prosecute in court the relevant officials from Gamagara Local Municipality for purposely contravening legislation at the Deben Landfill Site. The criminality and complicity of the municipal officials, by breaking the law and ignoring most legislation as it relates to a landfill site, is now common cause. It is our opinion that Gamagara’s longstanding, blatant disregard of the law

Created: 2019-05-19

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 250 243
2019 250 243

The eThekwini Declaration 2019: A Radical Call to Action - Reinvigorating and Revolutionizing the HIV Response

The second Durban Declaration of 2016 affirmed the remarkable progress in response to the HIV and AIDS epidemic. Noting that South Africa remains the epicentre of the epidemic, that the drivers fueling the epidemic still persist, and that not everyone who needs care and treatment is receiving it, there is again a need to revive the sense of urgency, political will, compassion, transparency and accountability towards reinvigoration of the HIV response embedded in human rights principles and ethi

Created: 2019-06-14

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 248 240
2019 248 240


Recently, a number of our residents received a notice of a public meeting on July 23rd, 2019 at 9:30 A.M. at 111 NW 1st Street, Miami, Florida 33128 on proposed incorporation. All of the Board of County Commissioners will be voting on whether to continue the incorporation process. We need all of the commissioners to help us vote against the incorporation.  There is a wealth of information on the official website: If you are against

Created: 2019-07-16

Time period All countries United States
All time 245 244
2019 245 244

Mecsek hills are in danger: Stop uranium mining!

  It is time to act! Sign our petition! In the heart of the Mecsek hills a company with a mysterious background plans to open a uranium mine: formerly called Wildhorse, now it’s under the name of Hungarian Uranium Resources Ltd.   Mecsek is an individual bird protection area, its unique plant community, wild life and geological forms are our protected treasures. Many of the hundreds of native species who live here reside only here in the Carpathian Basin. Both protected and highly-protected anim

Created: 2018-11-29

Time period All countries Hungary
All time 2368 2195
2019 244 189

Hold the adoption agencies and authorities responsible for unethical adoptions

The adoption scandal in Chile has made Swedish media pay attention to the more complex aspects of adoption and finally people are being made aware of the fact that many adoptions were carried through unethically. It ranges from discrepancies in the documents, lack of information and coercion of first parents to down right kidnapping and trafficking.   We demand of the Swedish Government to carry out an extensive and thorough investigation of all adoption that can be suspected to have been carrie

Created: 2018-02-04

Time period All countries Sweden
All time 1129 1041
2019 239 224

Letter to Belgian politics about skeyes management

Nederlandstalige versie Als luchtverkeersleiders van skeyes wensen wij u via dit schrijven op de hoogte te brengen van onze grieven. Nu de verkiezingen achter de rug zijn, hopen wij dat alle politieke spelers objectief de situatie zullen beoordelen. Eerdere pogingen om de uitvoerende macht op de situatie te wijzen, bij monde van onze beroepsvereniging en vakbonden, vielen helaas in dovemansoren.   Ondanks de vele hoera-berichten die skeyes de wereld instuurde, blijft de situatie precair.  De bas

Created: 2019-06-05

Time period All countries Belgium
All time 232 229
2019 232 229

BREAKING! Help to avoid deportation of Chechen political refugee to Russia

I. M. (beteckning 50184254), who has fled from Russia to Sweden on the 10th of November in 2014, eventually received a negative decision from Migration authorities. I. M. has 9 minor children. He is chased by Kadyrov (Russian) authorities in Russia. The truthfullness of his story has been confirmed by such famous human rights defending organisation, which are trusted on the international level, as:1) Norwegian Helsinki Committee2) Russian human rights center Memorial, in particular Svetlana Gann

Created: 2018-12-20

Time period All countries Russia
All time 1926 779
2019 232 111

Freedom of expression and choice to decide who we travel with and what mode of transport too. The Phoenix taxi association has no right to force us to travel with a taxi!!

We will decide who we travel with!! We prefer traveling with an avanza lift club as we get fetched from outside our homes and dropped off at our homes, we get to work on time and reach home on time everyday . We feel safer to travel with an avanza compared to how wreckless, abrupt and rude taxi drivers and their conductors are. Not forgetting how almost 80% of all taxis are not road worthy. No one can force us or tell us who to travel with. We the people will decide!! 

Created: 2019-08-05

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 231 226
2019 231 226

Request to the Honourable Gauteng Liquor Board to uphold the 500m rule

As concerned parents An application was submitted for a "011/Baron" at Illovo Point, requesting approval for "a Pub/Restaurant liquor license alternatively such other liquor licence as the Honourable Board in its discretion may decide with the Secretary of the local committee of Johannesburg".  The premises is on Rivonia Road, in direct line of sight, 20 meters from the school boundary, across from the St David's Chapel, Rivonia Road entrances, Prep school playground, classrooms and sports field

Created: 2019-06-07

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 230 225
2019 230 225