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Action for the NHFC & HFC to both stand alone in the TFL

AFL Tasmania has recently advised the North Hobart Football Club and Hobart Football Club that only one of these teams would be granted entry into next seasons league. They have made these two clubs fight for one licence available. The action by the General Manager of Football Tasmania Scott Wade has been heavily criticised over the past fortnight and as his time as manager. His request and handling of this matter has shocked the Football community of Tasmania. I am asking you sign this petition

Created: 2012-07-24

Time period All countries Australia
All time 58 58
2012 58 58

Tripoli Railway Station

FRIENDS OF TRIPOLI RAILWAY STATION we believe that the Tripoli railway station must be classified as a historical monument by the Lebanese Ministry of Culture.A museum dedicated to the memory of the “Orient Express” must be created inside the site.The “Orient Express” was a train that links Tripoli to Paris through Europe at the beginning of the twentieth century... أصدقاء محطة القطار في طرابلس نحن نؤمن بأنّ على وزارة الثقافة اللبنانية تصنف محطة القطار في طرابلس كمعلم تاريخي.يجب تأسيس متحف مخصص

Created: 2011-06-02

Time period All countries Lebanon
All time 171 140
2012 57 50


I am starting a petition to wake up the City Council of Edinburgh. Edinburgh has had many famous people born within it,and  statues and monuments are to be seen all over the city.There is even a statue of the dog,Greyfriars Bobby! Now think about that one for a moment.A dog!Then think about the fact that the biggest Scottish pop group of them all,the Bay City Rollers,come from Edinburgh!And yet,there's nothing to be seen anywhere in the city of this band,which i think is a disgrace! The Bay City

Created: 2012-09-06

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 248 92
2012 55 12


Hello all, I am promoting ecotourism, which according to The Internation Ecotourism Society is, "responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people." This petition is nothing more than I promise to consider the idea of taking an eco-friendly vacation. So please, please sign if you are willing to give it a thought. Thanks:)

Created: 2012-05-31

Time period All countries Hong Kong S.A.R., Ch
All time 57 46
2012 54 46

Hairsmiths unisex hair salon

Hairsmiths unisex hair salon (Limassol) is located in the largest mall in Cyprus.  An outdated Cypriot law prohibits hair salons from opening on Thursdays.  Cyprus has joined the Euopean Union but still has far to go to catch up with the other E.U. states.  Being in the mall helps our business immensly.   The people of Cyprus speak of a crisis and rising unemployment yet there are people willing to work and help a business survive and the salon is being forced to close on Thursdays by the local

Created: 2012-01-17

Time period All countries Cyprus
All time 51 35
2012 51 35

ban remote control of human beings by technical means

petition to the prime minister of Canada Dear Mr. Prime Minister, We are aware that some agencies of your government (and possibly some other entities or individuals in this country) are in the possession of technical means enabling remote control of human nervous system. This is proved by the European parliament’s STOA (Science and Technology Options Assessment) report on  Crowd  control technologies, which states: “In October 1999 NATO announced a new policy on non-lethal weapons and their pla

Created: 2012-07-10

Time period All countries United States
All time 123 52
2012 49 20

Girls' Generation concert in Manila, Philippines

Annyeong Haseyo SONES! Do you want SNSD to have a concert here in Manila? If you do, please sign this petition. Girls Generation wants to know how many are willing to watch their concert if ever they'll have one here in the Philippines. PLEASE sign this! kamsa!~

Created: 2011-05-12

Time period All countries Philippines
All time 131 130
2012 48 48

Induct The Bay City Rollers Into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

We the fans of the Bay City Rollers believe they should be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. They were bigger than the Beatles in the 70's and it is long overdue. we will start with this petition and then do whatever we have to do. They deserve this more than anyone.

Created: 2012-08-23

Time period All countries United States
All time 196 98
2012 47 29


i have made this petition to come into existance so that the people of bareilly can be & other persons who love environment and are concerned about the health of about 5lakh people who are residing at the location in the form of villagers,students , workers etc. the toxic gases, dump,wastes, etc will surely effect the health and the environment near it. this will make the land price, grain price of farmers to a high decrease which would not be sufficient for the living of poor people  this w

Created: 2012-06-22

Time period All countries India
All time 46 36
2012 46 36

Выставка "Самураи. Art of War" в Санкт-Петербурге 2012

Для тех, кто знает о выставке и желает увидеть ее обновленную версию, кто слышал о самураях или знает тех, кто знает о самураях, мы приготовили новость: "Самураи. Art of War" едут в Петербург. Дело осталось за малым — чтобы это состоялось, тебе нужно нажать пару кнопок и подписать это обращение. Официальные лица примут наш проект в Северной столице, если народ попросит об этом, так что давайте вместе проголосуем за самураев–2012. Мы приготовили для вас: инсталляцию битвы при Сэкигахара, 3D-панор

Created: 2011-12-25

Time period All countries Russia
All time 180 173
2012 45 44