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Save Esbjerg Ensemble

The management of the municipality of Esbjerg has proposed to cut its funding of Esbjerg Ensemble completely when the present contract expires in December 2017. Without the support of the municipality, the ensemble will also lose its governmental support, and thus with the stroke of a pen nothing will remain but a legend. There are many ensembles in the world, but only one Esbjerg Ensemble. Throughout the last 50 years, we have acted as a role model for Scandinavian ensembles. In january 2018 we

Created: 2015-09-03

Time period All countries Denmark
All time 2992 2199
2015 2985 2193

Reinstate Mr. Thomas Leahy

Mr Thomas Leahy showed his students a movie called Love Is All You Need. This YouTube video shows a young lady growing up in a homosexual society. She is bullied and belittled because she is heterosexual. The young lady kills herself after being tormented. Mr. Leahy's intention of showing this film was to warn students of their treatment of others. In other words, he was asking his students to think outside of the box and consider treating people the way you wish to be treated. Although he didn'

Created: 2015-11-03

Time period All countries United States
All time 2975 2594
2015 2975 2594

Við krefjumst þess að barnabæturnar verði ekki skertar!

Til ráðherra og forseta.Við undirrituð krefjumst þess að barnabæturnar verði ekki skertar eins og núverandi fjárlagafrumvarp gerir ráð fyrir.Það vegið að barnafjölskyldum! Fólk er í raun hvatt til að hætta að eiga börn, skrá sig ekki í sambúð, jafnvel skilja á pappírum og svíkjast um.Þetta er ekki ölmusa, þetta er nauðsyn. Það er allt svo ofboðslega dýrt hérna á landinu og par sem er með 400.000 kr í samanlagðar tekjur er jafnvel að borga helminginn af þeim eingöngu í húsnæðiskostnað.  Þá á efti

Created: 2015-12-29

Time period All countries Iceland
All time 3110 3081
2015 2962 2936

Áskorun til Forseta Íslands skv. 24 greininni. Fella ríkisstjórn

Við undirrituð, Alþýða á Íslandi, leggjum hér með fast að Forseta Lýðveldisins Íslands og skorum á hann að framfylgja þeirra skyldu embættis Forseta Íslands að vernda lýðræði á Íslandi og standa vörð um vandaða og heiðarlega stjórnarhætti Alþingis og ríkisstjórnar landsins. (Samkvæmt Stjórnarskrárinnar: Forsetinn skipar ráðherra og veitir þeim lausn. ) ( Samkvæmt 20. gr. Stjórnarskrár: Forseti getur vikið þeim frá embætti, er hann hefur veitt það. )   ( Samkvæmt 24. grein Stjórnarskrár: F

Created: 2015-05-25

Time period All countries Iceland
All time 6601 5925
2015 2927 2734

Say NO to euthanasia of refugeee animals

Say NO to euthaNAZIa! Please share petition via facebook, twitter, emails etc.....Veterinary inspectors are taking pets away from refugees even if they have passports and proof that the animals have actually been vaccinated against rabies. Despite the fact that Slovenia is merely a transit country and not the refugees’ final destination, the inspectors are adhering to rules which dictate that the pets are subject to further tests and three months quarantine. Volunteers on the field are reportin

Created: 2015-11-24

Time period All countries Slovenia
All time 2877 2015
2015 2824 1982


THE ROMANIAN SOCIETY OF CARDIOLOGY THE ROMANIAN SOCIETY OF PNEUMOLOGY THE ROMANIAN HEART FOUNDATION   November 3rd, 2015       Call to the attention of                                                              MR. KLAUS IOHANNIS, PRESIDENT OF ROMANIA,                                                                        THE GOVERNMENT OF ROMANIA,                                                                          THE PARLIAMENT OF ROMANIA,     In the context of the tragic events occu

Created: 2015-11-03

Time period All countries Romania
All time 2800 2681
2015 2792 2675

Novi Sad Mayor: We demand dismissal for a puppy killers

Novi Sad Mayor: We demand dismissal for a puppy killersWorkers of JKP hygiene and veterinary Novi Sad they caught a good-natured little dog Stena 15 July 2015, and the next day the three veterinarians, animal hygiene and veterinary Novi Sad made the decision to kill the Wall, under the pretext that it is aggressive. We demand that this monstrous crimes will be severely punished and that veterinarians who killed Stena get fired because they do not deserve to work with the noble animals, dogs. Ste

Created: 2015-07-22

Time period All countries Serbia
All time 2724 1997
2015 2716 1992

Save Ale Vikinghomestead

Help us by support our cause, the local politicians want to close the homestead due to lacking funds. But there has been little or rather no marketing done to help the homestead to get publicity. They just got interwiewed by a big newspaper and they said not a single word about the big market that is set to the 2-3rd of May! They had every chance to give the market som free publicity! But nothing was done! Now we wish that you will sign this petition to show those retched politicians that there

Created: 2015-03-30

Time period All countries Sweden
All time 2710 1604
2015 2681 1593

نامه داروسازان کشور به وزیر محترم بهداشت در آستانه روز داروساز

جناب آقای دکتر هاشمی وزیر محترم بهداشت، درمان و آموزش پزشکی با سلام   رشته داروسازی به عنوان تلفیقی از علوم پایه و علوم پزشکی، در نظام های بهداشتی- درمانی مترقی دنیا از جایگاه ویژه ای برخوردار است. امروزه در اکثر کشورهای دنیا که از لحاظ شاخص های سلامت سرآمد و نمونه هستند، داروسازان دارای جایگاه و نقش تعریف شده مشخص و پر رنگی هستند.  اما در کشور ما با گذشت نزدیک به ۷۵ سال از تاسیس دانشکده های داروسازی، و علیرغم حضور بیش از ۱۸۰۰۰ داروساز در کشور، نه تنها شاهد ارتقاء جایگاه و نقش داروساز در نظام سل

Created: 2015-08-21

Time period All countries Iran
All time 2591 2556
2015 2588 2555

AA Keep Payroll Deduction for NON-REV Travel

To Doug Parker, The Employees of American Airlines have become aware that the company is considering removing Payroll Deduction as a means of payment for NON REV Travel.  We would like to keep this option.  We are not opposed to other options being offered but would like this option to remain.  Thank you for your consideration,    

Created: 2015-06-09

Time period All countries United States
All time 2558 2527
2015 2553 2523