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OPEN LETTER ON ANIMAL PROTECTIONTo:Dr. István Nagy, Minister of AgricultureDr. András Rácz State Secretary for the EnvironmentDr. Márton Oravecz President of the National Food Chain Safety Authority (NÉBIH)Róbert Zsigó State Secretary for Food Chain SupervisionDr. Gábor Gönczi President of the Hungarian Veterinary ChamberDr. Sándor Pintér Minister of the InteriorDr. László Sors State Secretary (NAV), Head of the National Tax and Customs Officedr. László Jámbor President of the Hungarian National

Created: 2019-11-18

Time period All countries Hungary
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24 hours 5 5

🤳ادرخواست ترم اخری ها از ریاست دانشگاه👩🏿‍💻

ریاست محترم دانشگاه ازاد تهران شرق استاد بزرگوار جناب دکتر فرجپور   بادرود و احترام به زحمات شما و تبریک سال نو   ما امضا کنندگان این نامه که ترم اخر هستیم درخواست داریم با توجه به ادامه بحران کرونا و نامشخص بودن پایان ان ،دستورو مساعدت بفرمایید ازهر طریق و راهکار اداری که ممکن می باشد همانند کمیسیون موارد و شرایط خاص ،انلاین ما رامعرفی به استاد کرده و از طریق سایت و کانال  جزوات پی دی اف  واحدهایمان را مطالعه و نهایتا امتحان انلاین بدهیم .بدیهی است با توجه به سادگی و کاربردی و واقع بینانه بودن

Created: 2020-03-27

Time period All countries Iran
All time 18 17
24 hours 4 4

CCCU - Cancel Assignments Now!

Come on Christchurch! Now is the time to cancel assignments and move forward with the decision taken by schools all across the country. The library is now closed. This means little/no access to computers, viable internet, printers, books etc.  To carry on with assignments is to damn those who may not be able to afford these things. Let alone touching on the implications this enforced lockdown will have on mental health and those who need to care for others, parents for instance.    We are all aw

Created: 2020-03-25

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 290 288
24 hours 4 4

NO high density multi-unit bldgs on Young Avenue

With this petition we respectfully request that Halifax City Council deny opening up the Young Avenue historic streetscape to multi-residential development, and that City Council defeat the pending vote put forth by Steve Adams (Spryfield), who does not represent the wishes of those south end neighbourhood. Rationale for this petition include the following points: 1. Why consider this when Council did an extensive public process and legislated against it with the Young Avenue LUB changes in 2017

Created: 2019-11-27

Time period All countries Canada
All time 364 355
24 hours 4 4

Reducing the amount of credits required to extend the scholarship for academic year 2020/2021 to 30 CFU instead of 42 CFU

Dear International Students of the University of Trento, We hope that all of you are safe and sound. Due to the current unprecedented circumstance that we all face here in Italy, amidst these hard times, we all go through devastating conditions and suffer from extreme anxiety and depression, these conditions have tremendously impacted our academic year because we all struggle to keep up with the online classes since the experience doesn't replace the traditional learning/teaching method by any m

Created: 2020-03-27

Time period All countries Italy
All time 13 4
24 hours 3 3

Reassess the stance on Level 5, 6 and Post-Graduate Assessments

The aim of this petition is to present it to the Senior Management Team at Canterbury Christ Church University following their correspondence relating to the assessments of level 5 and higher students: "For Level 5, Level 6 and Postgraduates this means assessments will continue, albeit in an alternative form with existing assessment deadlines remaining in place where possible." Whilst the current situation is completely unprecedented, it is also an unfair assumption that current students can com

Created: 2020-03-26

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 84 82
24 hours 3 3

Mayfield Fees - Reduction

Re - Mayfield Summer Fees I was surprised to read the content of the email from David Milne, Clerk to the Governors, regarding the summer term fees, considering the current COVID-19 pandemic. This is a extremely stressful time for all, however, with the school’s doors closed, I believe Mayfield School is not offering the education and extra curricular activities that the children are used to - sending work assignments via email does not replace classroom teaching, discussion and problem solving

Created: 2020-03-26

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 42 42
24 hours 3 3

Pay increase for Supermarket workers during pandemic

Supermarkets are making an enormous profit from the Covid-pandemic because of the surge of panic buyers this year.  New Zealand has decided to declare a stage 4 lockdown; meaning all nonessential businesses will close for at least 4 weeks. Sadly, supermarket workers (some as young as 15) must continue to work day and night, while putting their own safety and health at risk during this lockdown period.  It's only fair to encourage these high profitable supermarket's to pay the 'essential workers'

Created: 2020-03-24

Time period All countries New Zealand
All time 27 27
24 hours 3 3

کمپین نجات بیمارستان مسیح کرمانشاه

به نام خدا   بیمارستان مسیح (دکتر مرادیان) کرمانشاه به عنوان یکی از قدیمی‌ترین بیمارستان‌های ایران با قدمتی بالغ بر یک قرن بخشی از هویت تاریخی و فرهنگی استان کرمانشاه و غرب ایران محسوب می‌شود. متأسفانه در سالیان اخیر بی مهری‌هایی که نسبت به این سند تاریخی انجام شده است باعث شده تا صدمات عدیده‌ای بر پیکره‌ی این اثر گران‌بها وارد گردد. متأسفانه خروج اثر از ثبت ملی باعث شتاب روز افزون تخریب آن شده است. به تازگی و در واپسین روزهای سال 1398 عده‌ای به دور از فرهنگ، آتش به پیکره‌ی نیمه جان این اثر اندا

Created: 2020-03-21

Time period All countries Iran
All time 118 110
24 hours 3 2

Moreland Council don't use Covid19 to delay MITS parking restrictions

We petition Moreland Councillors at March 25, 2020 Special Council meeting not to use the Corona Virus crisis to delay indefinitely the rollout of parking restrictions in Moreland activity centres that are part of the Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy (MITS) implementation. The need to apply social distancing due to #COVID19 has anecdotally seen a major cycling increase in Coburg and Brunswick as public transport use has declined. (Note 1)  Parking restrictions are needed to continue to pr

Created: 2020-03-21

Time period All countries Australia
All time 41 41
24 hours 3 3