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Keep swimming at Cowm Reservoir, Whitworth

PLEASE HELP TO KEEP US SWIMMING IN COWM RESERVOIR: United Utilities have banned swimming in all reservoirs and have informed us that Whitwoth water sports centre at Cowm Reservoir is not an exception. This is despite the reservoir having been used in a safe responsible manner by many athletes including local Triathlon and swimming clubs all summer. The 'Cowm Clash Triathlon' was held on the reservoir in June which was a huge success, not only for the athletes and their families, but also for the

Created: 2010-08-05

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 73 67
2010 67 61


Hi everyone. Sign the petition now to show your support to save the former nightclub Dance Academy located in Union Street. The nightclub was closed down due to drugs use and was under a six month police investigation from December 2005. The club was closed in May 2006 and since then the building has left to decay and lead to disrepair. Save Dance Academy now!

Created: 2010-09-13

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 65 59
2010 65 59

Za trajno, humano resavanje problema napustenih zivotinja u gradu

  Peticija zabrinutih gradjana i gradjanki za trajno i humano resavanje problema napustenih  zivotinja u gradu     Predlog : da se za posao u pirotskom Azilu za napustene zivotinje honorarno angazuje Nensila Radojkovic , kao jedina osoba koja ima kvalifikacije za taj posao. Pored strucnosti, Nensila je i osvedoceni humanista i ljubitelj zivotinja, svima dobro poznat u ovom gradu. Svojim nesebicnim pozrtvovanjem i volonterskim radom u protekle 2 godine, postavila je temelje za drugaciji, civilizo

Created: 2010-12-28

Time period All countries Serbia
All time 202 177
2010 51 44


Thundercracker was part of the Games of Deception Botcon set. He was released also as an exclusive Henkei! Henkei! figure. Now, Hasbro wants to release Thundercracker to the mass market. Doing this will seriously hurt the value of the exclusive Thundercrackers. It is also unfair that collectors have been duped into paying more to purchase exclusive characters which will then be released at srp to the masses. You gotta pay if you wanna play. KEEP THUNDERCRACKER EXCLUSIVE!

Created: 2010-12-26

Time period All countries United States
All time 181 144
2010 48 33

For The return Of Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray in Oth

  EveryBody wants Peyton sawyer and Lucas Scott to come back!!! One tree hill isn't One Tree hill without them and " True love always " and that's why we want them to come back ... Everybody loves them , loves their jokes , their pranks occasionally and also their advices very helpful for everybody ! Some people grew up with Them so why they don't Come Back ? That's why we ask you to sign this petition with us !!! we really need you to change things and then we'll send this petition to The CW :)

Created: 2010-08-15

Time period All countries United States
All time 57 20
2010 47 18

v dont wan mjht to end so soon !!! v loveeeeeeeeeeee mjht !!!

hey guys v dont wan mjht 2 come to an end so soon .............sign dis petition so that star1 guys will know wat v fans wan 4m dem ......

Created: 2010-10-20

Time period All countries India
All time 46 41
2010 46 41

AQWorlds Green non member in gold star sword

im asking aqworlds players to join me in fighting fore non member in gold green star sword because artix and the aqworlds team will not make one if 3000 people don't sine this petition so help me and the aqworlds comunati get what we want green star sword

Created: 2010-07-08

Time period All countries United States
All time 94 30
2010 46 23

Queremos a Tarja en concierto en Colombia en Marzo de 2011

Una petición desde Colombia para los que nos gustaría volver a asistir a un concierto de Tarja Turunen en su próxima gira de What Lies Beneath por Suramérica en Marzo del 2011.   We want a live concert of Tarja in March of 2011 in Colombia. A request from Colombia for people which would like to attend a concert by Tarja Turunen on her upcoming tour to South America "What Lies Beneath" in March 2011.

Created: 2010-12-10

Time period All countries Colombia
All time 42 39
2010 42 39

Save Buckskin Joe's

Buckskin Joe's has been part of Canon City Colorado History since it opened. It brings a lot of money and tourist's (which spend money) to our community as well as jobs. The owners wants to sell it to a person that fancy's old things... He plans to move it to some other town. I say We shut him down!! Lets come together as a community to keep Buckskin Joe's OUR's!!      

Created: 2010-09-03

Time period All countries United States
All time 48 47
2010 42 42

plez dont end mjht otherwise mjht fans will die

we dont want mjht to end...sajan n mayur r our heart beat n breath how can we live widout them....plez ceo of star one dont end mjht.......THEY ARE OUR LIFE..WE DIE WIDOUT THEM....

Created: 2010-11-06

Time period All countries India
All time 43 34
2010 41 32