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Prioritize supply of N95 masks for Healthcare professionals over others

Dear Prime Minister, India Honourable Mr. Narendra Modi Sir, First of all I would like to thank the Central & State Governments for trying your level best to contain Corona virus. We are in full support of your efforts and want India to overcome this pandemic. However, we want to bring to your notice, the poor supply of N-95 masks and PPE for Doctors and other support staff who are the frontline defence of our country now. Poor supply of these masks is forcing these professionals to use self

Created: 2020-03-25

Time period All countries India
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Bring Chichi home !

Our family dog Chichi was attacked by a neighbors German Shepered, he was in critical condition. The surgery cost $8,000 which nobody has just laying around. We had 2 options let him die or let them take over and help him. They told us no to doing it and allowing us to raise the money and pay by the time he got home. We then found out they are allowing someone there to raise the money to pay for his treatment and bring him home to them. Chichi has been with us since he was a tiny little puppy an

Created: 2020-03-24

Time period All countries United States
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Call for more free minutes for NZers during the COVID-19 lock down

I think it’s time for the Telco corporations operating in NZ (Vodafone, Spark, Skinny, etc) to put their profits where their customers are and provide more free minutes to NZers during the COVID-19 lock down. Facetime is free, but many of our grandparents, uncles, aunties and great-grandparents don’t have smart phones to utilise this technology.  For the mental health of the country, I emplore these organisations to consider providing more free minutes to landlines/mobiles so we can keep in touc

Created: 2020-03-24

Time period All countries New Zealand
All time 12 11

Petition on the introduction of vitamin C for coronavirus patients in Finland!

I am a 50-year-old woman belonging to the risk group. I'm worried about their own and many other high-risk group of consumable Finns care if we have to hospitalization due to coronavirus. I myself have asthma, bronchiextasis (rare lung disease: permanent bronchodilation) and type II diabetes. Because of my bronchiextasis, my breathing volume is low already, so getting coronavirus could be fatal or even worse for my lungs. Numerous studies on vitamin C by University of Helsinki docent Harri Hemil

Created: 2020-03-24

Time period All countries Finland
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India demands absolute safety for the front-line Corona army

“Anxiety is an understatement. I’d be terrified,” A statement of a common man when he was asked about how he would have felt if he had to work as a front-line health worker! Is the government taking adequate safety measures for our front-line army of health workers fighting with Covid-19? 8.3%- Italy  ||  15.6%- China  ||  29%- CaliforniaThinking about what these percentages are? Well, these represent the percentage of health workers who have been infected as a percentage of total patients in t

Created: 2020-03-24

Time period All countries India
All time 58 57

Reelaiah to start making tik tok videos

  Please sign to make this world a better place for me and others from all walk of life. I believe tik tok made by Reelaiah will help to keep my spirit up throughout the outbreak of covid-19. Please please please sign this petition and stay at home. Practice social distancing too <3

Created: 2020-03-24

Time period All countries Malaysia
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Petition for the resignation of Dr. László Rovó from the rector position and his exclusion from the Hungarian Medical Chamber

As a university teacher i'm afraid, but I can't sit doing nothing!Because the leadership of our university, the deans, doctors are afraid too, but WE CAN PUT THE AUTHORITIES UNDER PRESSURE by the SOUND OF PUBLIC OPINION!We ask you, to sign this petition with which we demand the resignation of László Rovó from the rector position!We included some of the links to articles which deal with his case below.For those who can't speak hungarian, here is the short version of his story:On the 21st of march

Created: 2020-03-24

Time period All countries Hungary
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Make SSME Relief Finance during Covid-19 for all, not only for 51% Black owned

During this rough time in our country all South African citizens are at risk, whether you earn R200 000 / month or R2 000 / month. We are all at risk of being infected. To add to that Covid-19 does not target any particular race or gender, once again we are all at risk. There are so many small companies in South Africa that are struggling and cannot make a living because of this. It is affecting a lot of people. Now the great thing is the Government of South Africa put together a fund to help sm

Created: 2020-03-24

Time period All countries South Africa
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Dear PM: Financial Help for Entrepreneurs During Corona

Dear PM & CM, You have declared a complete closure till 31st March & are requesting all to keep the offices, Shops & Factories closed. Also you are urging the businessmen’s to show sympathy towards the needful employees n pay them. We would like to understand what are you thinking about the OWNERS? How are you planning on supporting the business class from whom you are demanding this sacrifice? Because the closure has been announced & the businesses are on a total standstill how

Created: 2020-03-24

Time period All countries India
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Pay increase for Supermarket workers during pandemic

Supermarkets are making an enormous profit from the Covid-pandemic because of the surge of panic buyers this year.  New Zealand has decided to declare a stage 4 lockdown; meaning all nonessential businesses will close for at least 4 weeks. Sadly, supermarket workers (some as young as 15) must continue to work day and night, while putting their own safety and health at risk during this lockdown period.  It's only fair to encourage these high profitable supermarket's to pay the 'essential workers'

Created: 2020-03-24

Time period All countries New Zealand
All time 28 28