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Protest against Hungary's new media law

Please sign,  and if you are on FACEBOOK (fb) join also the "Initiative for a Europe-wide protest against Hungary's new media law" too. On fb express your solidarity by CHANGING YOUR PROFIL PHOTO to a blank sheet or use alternatively our suggestion, see link END OF TEXT !"Hungary's new media law violates OSCE media freedom standards and endangers editorial independence and media pluralism, said Dunja Mijatovic, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, on dec.22."The law regulates all med

Created: 2010-12-25

Time period All countries Germany
All time 46 16
2010 40 16


Please sign this petition to make our council take action! You can also email to raise your concerns regarding the new park. The main issues regarding safety are: Lack of fence when the park is located next to a river. Sand as a floor covering which is being thrown in childrens faces, as well as the risk of animals using the sand as a toilet. We, the undersigned, call on Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council to improve the new park built in Riversley Park which op

Created: 2010-10-25

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 38 35
2010 38 35

Support to ECC HU staff

Despite the fact that the Commission qualified ECC Hungary's performance in 2009 "above average"- the newly elected government has recently appointed the National Authority for Consumer Protection to run ECC Hungary in 2011. This means, that the current team will not operate the ECC HU anymore. We, the undersigned, support and stand for the current ECC Hungary staff. ECC HU needs your support - please sign the petition!

Created: 2010-07-28

Time period All countries Lithuania
All time 38 6
2010 38 6


We, MCRmy, want an update from guys. Who's with me?!

Created: 2010-08-21

Time period All countries United States
All time 36 16
2010 36 16

Toquem Slayer na Calourada da Letras-USP

Em toda festa da Letras a setlist é a mesma merda: funk carioca, Lady Gaga, Madonna e cia tocados ad nauseam. Haja vista termos o maior contingente de alunos da USP, é de se supor que haja uma grande diversidade nas preferências musicais do corpo discente. Não obstante, dados do instituto DataFoda-se apontam que "Poker face" e "Bad Romance" são executadas numa média de 6 ou 7 vezes por festa do curso de Letras da USP. Tendo em vista tal problemática, vimos, por meio desta, reivindicar que o CAEL

Created: 2010-12-22

Time period All countries Brazil
All time 48 31
2010 35 23

Petition to reinstate "Quality and Access Grant" for Childminders

The Quality and Access Capital grant was recently scrapped depsite many months of work prepairing by the childminders in kirklees. This will affect Childminders and children in their care as the promised new toys and equipment can no longer be purchased. This has caused alot of upset to the children. The Golcar Childminders are petitioning for this grant to be reinstated and for them to recieve the money that they were allocated. If you feel that this grant should be reinstated for the time that

Created: 2010-08-10

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 34 31
2010 34 31

Save iClubpenguin (icp)

Icp is a fun clubpenguin site where you can get ANY item you want! Its SO fun! but sadly. . . . its come to an end because Disney sent icp a letter saying tht they wanted icp GONE! I dont think that is very fair and im sure many people agree with me! SO if YOU want icp or you Know other people who LOVE icp please sighn my petition!

Created: 2010-10-19

Time period All countries United States
All time 41 27
2010 33 24

Worldwide petition to ask a-ha to make a DVD of their final performance on 4 December.

We are asking a-ha to please make a DVD, available for purchase, of their final concert on 4 December 2010.

Created: 2010-09-07

Time period All countries Argentina
All time 32 8
2010 32 8

Anconai szerelmesek legyen továbbra is Szomathelyen a WSSZ-ban!!!

Kedves Színházbarát! Tisztelettel megkérünk minden olyan (elsősorban) Szombathelyen vagy Vas megyében élőt, aki látta; vagy nem látta, de megnézné az Anconai szerelmesek című zenés komédiát a Weöres Sándor Színház előadásában! Nyomtatott petíciónkban, (kézzel történő aláírás,) pillanatok alatt összegyűlt 100+x aláírás, [az aláírók döntő többsége 15-30 év közötti volt eddig,] s mivel a papír alapú petíció nyilván nem jut el mindenkihez, akit esetleg érint, ezért úgy gondoltuk, hogy talán így "egy

Created: 2010-12-05

Time period All countries Hungary
All time 31 29
2010 31 29

AHA_ Fanparty_ for_ Germany

The germans fans love a-ha sooo much and would love to have a farewell fanparty in Germany together with aha! I am sure they would be very grateful if this would be possible to say "Good Bye on a high note" in person!

Created: 2010-09-02

Time period All countries Germany
All time 31 28
2010 31 28