Most popular petitions in 2012

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Let's save goSupermodel!

Ben jij het ook zat dat je zonder VIP te kopen steeds minder kunt op de goSupermodel community? Onderteken deze petitie dan nu meteen! Are you tired of not being able to do lots of things without VIP on the goSupermodel community? Then sign immediately! Het gaat natuurlijk veel te ver dat gebruikers zonder een VIP abonnement niet eens meer het recht hebben om hun kledingstukken te verkopen! Non-VIP gebruikers worden te sterk benadeeld! goSupermodel is taking it way too far with it's la

Created: 2012-04-11

Time period All countries Netherlands
All time 350 243
2012 350 243


The company which own the New Wheel in Wrenthorpe have received have received an offer from Tesco Express to convert the pub into a supermarket. A planning application is imminent. Should the application be approved not only will the village lose the pub, we would also lose TBH Hairdressing for Men.  The development will also seriously affect the business of other food and drink retailers, many of whom are local people who have worked hard to build and sustain their trade. It could increase the

Created: 2012-02-04

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 352 338
2012 345 331

Wake Up Call Argentina

    Les pedimos al secretario de minería de la nación, Jorge Mayoral, y al secretario de ambiente y desarrollo sustentable de la nación, Juan José Mussi, que endurezcan las políticas ambientales y fomenten un debate crítico acerca de la explotación minera y sus consecuencias.   Tomando en cuenta que en laCONSTITUCIÓN NACIONAL ARGENTINAArt. 41.- Todos los habitantes gozan del derecho a un ambiente sano, equilibrado, apto para el desarrollo humano y para que las actividades productivas satisfagan

Created: 2012-02-16

Time period All countries Argentina
All time 343 334
2012 343 334

World Vitiligo Day - June 25th

  Target: United Nations Sponsored by - Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation (VITSAF)   Please show your support for adopting June 25th as World Vitiligo Day:   To United Nations (UN) ,   WORLD VITILIGO DAY Having an unusual appearance can be particularly difficult in a society that places a strong emphasis on physical appearance, and one in which we are constantly exposed to images of the idealised ‘perfect’ body and face. The psychological implications for people with visual differences s

Created: 2011-06-18

Time period All countries United States
All time 1478 540
2012 336 100


TO : President, CEO at World Ship, Digital Commerce USA, LLC   We are Worldship's customers who were affected by the recent issues by your company which has been going for since November 23, 2012; without any signs of improvements.  The issues are summarized by the following: Failure to notify customers in advance– by any regular and official mean- that the company is receiving a huge volume of shipments which is going to delay processing shipments; so customers could find alternatives

Created: 2012-12-12

Time period All countries Saudi Arabia
All time 344 271
2012 330 262

Petition against the E1 settlement expansion

Voir ci-dessous pour la traduction française This is to draw attention to Israel's continued work on the huge settlement expansion known as E1 to the east of Jerusalem.  Although in 2005 and 2009, international pressure restrained Israel from going ahead with E1 , in the past few years Israel has prepared for development with new roads, infrastructure and the first buildings. The expanding settlements will join to Jerusalem, and together divide the West Bank in half. The project defies internat

Created: 2012-10-03

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 449 311
2012 327 265


Valerie’s Law would strengthen penalties for selling heroin and other drugs and expand the offenses of drug-induced homicide and drug-induced infliction of great bodily harm to include the unlawful delivery of any controlled substances. We have had too many people young people dieing from overdoses.  This bill would strengthen the penalty to those who distribute dangerous drugs. It’s time for us to stand up and take back our children’s lives and hold these drug dealers accountable for what they

Created: 2011-03-26

Time period All countries United States
All time 1191 1173
2012 316 312


Petition It is imperative that the international community and all sectors of civil society mobilize to tackle the hurdles that obstruct adequate and equitable international action on climate change and human rights, we urge NGOs, Civil Society movements and government officials to move ahead in the establishment of a SPECIAL RAPPORTEUR  ON HUMAN RIGHTS AND CLIMATE CHANGE. Building on the calls being made by civil society organizations in 2010 and 2011, the undersigned organizations urge the Hum

Created: 2012-05-07

Time period All countries Bangladesh
All time 329 37
2012 310 36

PETICIJA zaradi krivične sodbe 26828/06 Evropskega sodišča za člo

PETICIJA zaradi krivične sodbe 26828/06 Evropskega sodišča za človekove pravice   Podpisniki peticij želimo opozoriti spoštovano Evropsko sodišče za človekove pravice na zmoto, ki jo je naredilo z izdajo sodbe 26828/06, saj je bilo sodišče pristransko obveščeno o dejanski resnici o izbrisanih. Iz same odločbe Ustavnega sodišča je razvidno, da bi naj le to odločalo o 18.305 izbrisanih. Z ponovnim štetjem pa je notranja ministrica zlorabila pooblastila Ustavnega sodišča in število izbrisanih poveč

Created: 2012-10-01

Time period All countries Slovenia
All time 326 307
2012 307 289


Hereby, we wish to support Arnaud NeoGeoFanatic's application on Charvel's endorsment.We know he doesn't fake the vivid enthusiasm he feels for Charvel.  We don't see a better embassador for this awesome brand.

Created: 2012-05-14

Time period All countries France
All time 304 249
2012 304 249