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To keep the Swan Hills Treatment Centre in operation to its full capabilities

Recently the UCP Alberta Government (Alberta Infrastructure) has reduced the Swan Hills Treatment Centre’s manpower and the waste we are allowed to process. This has resulted in:   Layoffs: These lay-offs have deeply affected the Town of Swan Hills, as SHTC is one of its biggest employers. The layoffs have also affected former employees and contractors from the communities of Edmonton, Whitecourt, Fort Assiniboine, Slave Lake and Barrhead.   Waste generators: having to find alternate means of d

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Students Supporting CUE Faculty Association

  While we as current students, alumni and members of the community understand that labour disputes do occur, we cannot sit idly by while the faculty continue to be negatively impacted by the University administration's unsustainable, aggressive and inflammatory labour relations strategies.  This is becoming an increasing issue at not only our school and we share the prevailing sentiment that: Faculty working conditions are student learning conditions While there are a number of issues left unr

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CRD Volunteer Firefighter Vaccine Mandate

We, the undersigned community members, residing in the Cariboo Regional District and relying on the Volunteer Emergency services of the Cariboo Regional District, request the Vaccine Mandate for CRD Employees and Volunteers created on November 19th, 2021 be removed. The Vaccine Mandate, including 14 Volunteer Fire Departments, as well as multiple Search and Rescue departments, are heavily relied upon by small communities, that will suffer drastically if this mandate remains, due to unvaccinated

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Canadian Youth STATEMENT for #OceanHealth

The United Nations Association in Canada has combined its successful empathy-based learning approach with a business school case competition to create The New Diplomacy of Natural Resources forum. The New Diplomacy convenes youth scholars and professionals with leaders from the private sector, environmental NGOs, Indigenous groups and government. We have engaged in a multi-sectoral stakeholder simulation to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing our oceans today. Join us! We, the New Dip

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Direct Westjet Flights Calgary to Belize

REQUEST FOR REINSTATEMENT OF DIRECT WESTJET FLIGHTS CALGARY TO BELIZE To: Westjet Management. We, the undersigned, hereby request reinstatement of Westjet direct flights from Calgary to Belize City.  Several years ago, Westjet responded to the requests for a direct flight from Calgary to Belize City.  By offering this flight, Wesjet demonstrated that they were listening to their customers and making every attempt to meet their needs.   The flights were scheduled for one or two days per week and

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Cariboo Regional District Volunteer Fire Fighter Vaccine Mandate

We, the undersigned, hereby request exemption from the Vaccine Mandate imposed by the Cariboo Regional District on the 19th day of November, in the year 2021. Under the BC Human Rights Code, "We are under no legal obligation to disclose personal medical history to anyone." As per the BC Human Rights Comissioner's statements on vaccination policies, the vaccine policy may only be implemented if the following stipulations are met. 1) All Less intrusive means of preventing the spread of Covid-19 ar

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The College of Paramedics of Manitoba seeks to increase the current Emergency Medical Responder training course from 120 hours to 360 hours, effectively tripling the commitment required from individuals. This is unreasonable and untenable if Fire Departments are to successfully recruit and retain “volunteer” Emergency Medical Responders within rural municipalities. We, the undersigned, believe that the current training course of 120 hours serves our communities well. We vehemently oppose the inc

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Induct Tom O'Horgan into The Hall of Fame

We would like to take this opportunity to nominate Director Tom O'Horgan to The Theater Hall Fame.Tom O'Horgan, throughout his career, guided and created works that became the foundation upon which so many future Productions, Performers, Writers and Composers would build upon to create their own unique and dynamic art.A brief review of the Hall of Fame Members reveal so many that collaborated with Tom to bring magic to the stage. Whether as Performers, Designers or Producers each of them would t

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Dear neighbors of Concession Road 3, I am in the process to present a request to our Township of Adjala-Tosorontio via Deputation of Council in order to resurface our Concession making it cleaner and safer for all of us to travel on, including vehicles such as school buses carrying your children. As some are concerned with increased occurences of speeding, I would state the fact that there  are already many vehicles speeding on this road which in fact is much more dangerous on this type of road

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Diving in Ojamo Mine

    The signatories of this petition represent a group of Finnish and international divers who want to establish a new open and transparent operating culture which supports diving in the Ojamo Mine. As the Lohja City decision making body, Vetovoimalautakunta, already stated in its meeting on 15th December 2020: “The Ojamo diving site is so exceptional on the scale of Finland that the management and coordination of the diving activities taking place there should be under the control of a sufficie

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