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By law there should be cameras in every child care facility

Today allegedly there was an ECE walk in and witness another ECE restraining my son with a blanket covering his whole body, including his face hindering his breathing. He was also allegedly being held down by the ECE's legs. My son has marks all over his body. (Face, back, chest). I am writing this petition to demand that every child care centre be required to have cameras in all rooms to ensure the safety of all the children and to prevent these types of situations in the future. When you have

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Citadel Dog Park Redevelopment/Expansion

The current state of the off-leash dog park on the corner of Cogswell and Rainnie is an eyesore but also a likely reason many people avoid using it and resort to taking their dogs to the commons, which is not an off-leash dog park.  The redevelopment and potential expansion would make the park more inviting to dog owners and may solve the issue of off-leash dogs at the Commons.  Redevelop the park by expanding the fences to include the unused portion of land that is next to it, lay stone dust to

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Save In Vacanza Food Truck and Keep it in Lower Lynn Neighbourhood

We are a small business that was dreamed up and created in the height of COVID-19.  Our goal has always been to build community in the Lower Lynn neighbourhood through food and conversation, and for the past year we have had the privilege and honour of living out that dream.  I cannot stress enough that building this business and seeing it grow community in this neighbourhood has been my greatest life accomplishment to date.  Thank you to all of you for your support, generosity and enthusiasm. 

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End mask Mandates in Quebec Schools

We wish to express our concern over the mandatory masking of school children in some parts of Quebec.  There is widespread disagreement (and politicization) surrounding the efficacy of masks in preventing transmission. Unfortunately little research has been done to investigate masks in a school context, but the following study is relevant - looking at the filtration rates of various masks worn by a mannequin sitting in a large room: This chart demonstrates the performance of different masks and

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RE Amendment and removal of bylaws under Division 1

STRATA PLAN - BCS 3648   To whom it may concern,     RE Amendment and removal of bylaws under Division 1 – Duties of Owners, Tenants, Occupants, and Visitors under Use of property.   We are contacting the strata council regarding amending several bylaws. These bylaws are in the British Columbia Schedule of Standard Bylaws of the Strata Property Act. We would like to add this amendment of bylaws to an SGM.   Numerous owners have shared concerns due to the complaints received by the council about

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Stop the quarry at Wreck Cove

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to call for an immediate halt to any further consideration of locating a quarry at Wreck Cove, at the foot of Cape Smokey. This is one of this island’s iconic vistas and a major natural tourist attraction. The recent road work removed a good deal of the mountain and altered its profile dramatically, but made the road more accessible with the intention of encouraging more visitor traffic to the region and one of the most beautiful s

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No New Autonomous RCMP Detachment for $18.25-$24+ Million & No Removal & Development of Parkland For It: Demanding Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability to Pitt Meadows Residents

Every Pitt Meadows resident 18 years+ may sign. Multiple signatures per household permitted.Please note: If you have already signed the paper copy of the paper petition please do not sign this E-Petition as it will duplicate your signature. As of February 15, 2022:   523 Signatures (incl. paper copy)Helps Us Reach Our Goal: 1,500+ Signatures NOTE:  Council Meeting May 3, 2022 to discuss Options Building Estimated cost for building alone now at $21.733 Million - see webpage below for Agenda pkg.

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Over the last few years, Rycroft has been under alot of stress because things are going missing, things are being wrecked and why? Because the use of drones are not prohibited. Almost everyday we see the same drone flying over every house, every local bussines in town. It is looking into windows, backyards, and shops. is this right?  Today i have made this petition because my household is on edge every night, thinking whats going to be gone when i wake up? This is something our town shouldnt hav

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STOP Daylight Savings Time in New Brunswick CANADA

Many experts call for an end to the back-and-forth time switch that confuses our bodies twice per year and instead establish Permanent Standard Time. Springing forward doesn’t just make for a tired Monday after the time switch, it also affects your health and your safety. Some studies suggest Daylight Savings Time (DST) can result in the following: DST can cause sleep deprivation. DST can take a toll on mental health. DST can put people at greater risk for cardiovascular conditions. DST can lead

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Kamloops Climate Action Pledge

As a resident of Kamloops and area, you are invited to join thousands of concerned citizen leaders across Canada and the world to make a specific commitment towards a more sustainable world. Your commitment is twofold: 1)   I acknowledge the need for urgent action to keep global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees, as called for by the International Panel on Climate Change and discussed at COP 26; and 2)   I pledge to do everything within my power, with my fellow citizens and all levels of governmen

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