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I have set up this petition because my cat, Solo, was tragically taken from me by a person, or persons, using an airgun.Animals suffer abuse and torture every day at the hands of thugs wielding these dangerous guns and the RSPCA is stretched to the limit with these cases so this petition is not just in memory of my cat but to help everyone who has lost a pet to this disgusting act of animal cruelty.I am calling for a ban on airguns - or at least tougher rules so that they're licensed in the same

Created: 2011-07-09 Statistics


English version below. Aan de Minister van Justitie,Mr. I.W. Opstelten. Aan de Stichting Reclassering en Justitiabelenzorg Bonaire. Saba, 3 juli 2011. Excellentie, Geschokt en beledigd zijn de inwoners van Saba, engels-, spaans- en nederlandstaligen, na het lezen van een artikel in The Daily Herald van 1 juli 2011. Het artikel bevat uitlatingen gedaan door de heer James Williams, reclasseringsambtenaar, werkzaam op het eiland Saba.De heer Williams zou verklaard hebben tijdens een interview gehou

Created: 2011-07-04 Statistics

Support Actors Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev!!!

Created: 2011-05-31 Statistics

طلب بمعادلة البورد الأمريكي بالدكتوراه المصرية

السيد الفاضل ريئس المجلس الأعلى للجامعات , بـعد التحية. نتقدم نحن لأطباء الحاصلين على شهادات البورد الأمريكي في جميع التخصصات الطب والجراحة وغيرها. نتقدم اليكم بطلب معادلة تلك الشهادات بدرجة دكتوراه التي تمنحها الجامعات المصرية بدون  تسجيل  رسالة, حيث ان  كثيرا من حاصلي  شهادت الوبرد الامريكي لهم ابحاث ذات  ثقل علمي,  ونشرت في  مجلات عالمية تغني عن القيام  برسالة, مع احقية التقديم للعمل بالوظائف الجامعية .   كما اننا نوضح ان الحصول على البورد الامريكي يشترط النجاح  في معادلة الطب (امتحان الترخي

Created: 2011-05-17 Statistics


Rathika is a Tamil-Canadian from Scarborough. She is a graduate of Strategic Human Resource Management at Carleton University and had a Masters in Industrial Relations at Queens University. Rathika has been very active in her community since she was very young. As a student activist she was involved with the Canadian Federation of Students in their fight for the right to affordable education. Rathika continues to be active after her university years connecting with other communites including the

Created: 2011-04-12 Statistics


We as the Halo community have not enjoyed our last 3 installments into the Halo franchise. Now Microsoft and 343, this is your community speaking. Halo 2 in 1080 in XBLA! Better graphics but no change AT ALL! Make it along after the CE REMAKE. Thank you.Your community.

Created: 2011-03-16 Statistics

BF3 Commander

BF3 need the 'Commander' position as seen in BF2 and BF2142 As inspirated by this forum thread because of the many votes. any name and country I don't find believable will be removed.

Created: 2011-02-13 Statistics

Urgent vote AGAINST banning cropping and docking in Alberta

Please help us out and sign this petition, the Vets will be voting on banning the cropping and docking of any breed on February 27,2011 Alberta Bouvier des Flandres club

Created: 2011-01-23 Statistics

Mass Effect 3 Hungarian & Czech & Slovakian Translation

Dear BioWare and Electronic Arts,We, Hungarian, Czech and Slovakian fans of the Mass Effect Universe have apprehensively heard about Mass Effect 3 won't come with a Hungarian & Czech & Slovakian localisation.*Our Mass Effect fan base is huge in Eastern-Central-Europe so exluding us would be way too disappointing.Please read through the petition and make a wise decision about the Hungarian & Czech and Slovakian localisation. We want to buy Mass Effect 3 with Hungarian & Czech and

Created: 2010-12-12 Statistics

Stop the current deportation process facing Mr. Yves Bitanga

Mr. Yves Bitanga, a Burundian Citizen, is currently facing an eventual deportation back to Burundi by the Canada Border Service Agency. His two refugee claims have been rejected, the last one under the assumption that Burundi is no longer a country plagued by war. His application for residency under Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds was rejected as well, on the basis that his integration in the Canadian Community and his involvement in several non for profit organizations in Canada are noth

Created: 2010-11-19 Statistics