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This petition ist addressed to the EUROPEAN COMMISSION EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT EUROPEAN INTERGROUP FOR ANIMALS all in Brussels, Belgium We demand the EU Commission submits a legislative proposal for mandatory CCTV in all areas concerned with the handling and slaughter of animals in all EU abattoirs.   BACKGROUND Right now hundreds of millions of animals in Europe are at risk of avoidable suffering brutality in abattoirs across Europe. Piece-work, low-wages, defective equipment and as

Created: 2014-03-09 Statistics

Stop Cover Girl Animal Testing

Millions of animals a year are killed thanks to animal testing. If you have a pet you will understand animal testing is wrong and should not be allowed. Animals only want to be loved we really don't need them for animal testing. How would you feel if all day you're stuck inside a cage and then when you got out you were hurt. Please take your time to sign this petition you may thing it is not much but you could be saving and animals life.

Created: 2014-03-07 Statistics

We support Rasta and Gommida. We condemn Elsa Churum and Meskerem

We condemn Elsa Churum and (meshrefet webside) abuse campaign against honest Eritreans Mr Rasta and Gommida.We also predicts where is our money?

Created: 2014-03-06 Statistics

more jail time for killing or hurt Animal

plase sign this petition we need more jail time  for killing or hurting are  Animal lets send this petition to are mpps let put a stop to this now in ontario     date feb.02/2014    930 pm

Created: 2014-02-03 Statistics

No Taxing Cowichan Tribes Members On-Off Reserve

  Minister of Finance Department of Finance Canada 140 O'Connor Street Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0G5 including: OHCHR address: Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Palais Wilson 52 rue des Pâquis CH-1201 Geneva, Switzerland. c.c.; Attorney General of Canada, Revenue Canada, British Columbia Premier, Cowichan Tribes Chief and Council, Indigenous Human Rights; Issue; Human Rights for Cowichan Tribes Band Members and remove Taxation scheme. Cowichan Tribes Members are t

Created: 2014-01-07 Statistics

Bring back art raffles to FA

It's truely depressing that one person could ruin a great thing for so many people!Raffles were a great way for artists to expand their viewers and bring in a new crowd!Yet, Money raffles on the other hand, Did indeed; Get out of hand.Being held by those who arent even artists, riling up peoples hope of "winning big" and drawing all of the attention to them for...what? By signing this petition, you are FOR bringing back ART raffles and keeping MONEY raffles banned.Once a high amount of signings

Created: 2014-01-06 Statistics

Help me meet My Idol!

Hey Guys ! I need you guys to sign my petition please! The purpose of it really is for me to meet Justin Bieber, he is my idol. My hero & my dream is to meet him & be his OLLG, please help me reach my dreams in life, you might think its silly but its not ! I really want this please help me. Thank you so much. Here's something i wrote a little while back .. Being Justin's OLLG isn't only my life dream, its also an inspiration to never stop believing, i've tried so hard. The purpose of t

Created: 2014-01-01 Statistics

Stop The Small Cages, Little Pet Warehouse

Little Pet Warehouse has long been a trusted company by many in the small pet community however a recent move by them to begin stocking cages below the minimum standards set by the RSPCA, animal welfare groups and the ever growing small pet community has angered and upset many. The issue with the new cages stocked by Little Pet Warehouse are as follows: - Hamster cages with floor sizes below the RSPCA's recommended minimum - 75x40x40cm and below the hamster communities personal minimum - 80x50x5

Created: 2013-09-14 Statistics

Korg SQ-10 Mini

What with the upcoming release of the Korg MS-20 Mini, it might be an idea to sign this petition to show Korg there is interest in a re-release of the SQ-10 in mini format. Please only sign the petition if you would buy a re-released SQ-10 If you don't know what the SQ-10 is please read this before signing Lets see if we can get enough signatures to let Korg know there is some genuine interest in this!

Created: 2013-03-17 Statistics


I have set up this petition because my cat, Solo, was tragically taken from me by a person, or persons, using an airgun.Animals suffer abuse and torture every day at the hands of thugs wielding these dangerous guns and the RSPCA is stretched to the limit with these cases so this petition is not just in memory of my cat but to help everyone who has lost a pet to this disgusting act of animal cruelty.I am calling for a ban on airguns - or at least tougher rules so that they're licensed in the same

Created: 2011-07-09 Statistics

Stricter sentences for animal cruelty

calling on David Cameron to urge the British Government to act on stricter sentences for animal cruelty and a licence to be held for dog owners. As most are probably already aware of, on Friday the 25th of April a Staffordhire Bull Terrier in Kirkcaldy was the victim of a horrific attack where the animal was tied to a tree, doused in a flammable liquid and set on fire while still alive for reasons unknown. But never in a month of Sundays could such a crime have anywhere near a valid reason. Suc

Created: 2014-05-19 Statistics

Petition against uranium mining in Kuusamo, Finland

No uranium mining in Kuusamo! There are plans to build several uranium-gold-mines in Kuusamo, southeast of Finnish Lapland. Uranium mining causes radioactive contamination of air, water and soil. The rivers, which have flown thousands of years with potable water, are in danger of getting poisoned by radioactive mining waste. We all, the undersigned, do not and will not agree to any kind of mining or building that directly or indirectly are involved in uranium production within and in the surroun

Created: 2011-09-06 Statistics

Give me back my child

      Dear Citizens, Dear friends I am a father of a sweet girl that was taken by the Centre for Social Welfare Branch of Zemun and on 31.12.2013 was soon will mark a year since she did not sanama .... Year is approaching and we were not allowed to see it .... the Centre for social Welfare us brutally took the child and placed himself above the law and the court, they were kidnapped child that date and filed a lawsuit 02.05.2014 and since then the battle is for the child before the First Instanc

Created: 2014-12-22 Statistics

We want Indiana Evans to play Tessa in the After film

As everybody knows, the amazing American writer Anna Todd is working on the movie of her original One Direction Fandiction "After". Since the names of the characters and part of the story have been changed and the actor who is going to play Harry in the After movie doesn't really remind us of Harry, we decided to start a petition to ask Anna to choose Indiana Evans to play the role of Tessa in this movie. We'd feel closer to the story we've been reading for all this time. Obviously, this is just

Created: 2014-06-23 Statistics

Stop Syria civil war! After 5 years: Please promote peace!

Untold misery because of the civil war in Syria: When will we finally can shake up the world? And when will we call loudly and clearly for silent weapons?! Where is the beginning of a roadmap to peace? So far, especially Europe is rather looking away, while thousands of Syrian refugees are coming as boat people by the Mediterranean Sea: Without Europe is really prepared for them!  Over 250,000 dead, millions displaced and traumatized, bombed cities, peoples suffering from hunger, destroyed infra

Created: 2014-06-01 Statistics

keep vaccines OPTIONAL for public schools in alberta

We know people are petitioning to make vaccines mandatory in public schools in Alberta. It is not fair to those kids who have vaccine reactions/allergies, or any kid that isn't vaccinated for various reasons, to have to miss out on public schooling because they cannot be, or are not, vaccinated!!! This mandatory vaccine petition is ridiculous and let's put a stop to it now!!! You don't see us petitioning to have "unvaccinated ONLY" schools! Keep us with our right to choose for our children. Plea

Created: 2014-05-03 Statistics



Created: 2014-02-16 Statistics

Support CT National Dragway

Windham Entertainment Ventures, in conjunction with HDRA ( are looking to build a Fairground in Windham, CT. While the plans are to host numerous events tyically found at a Fairground, the centerpiece of this venture will be an 1/8 mile drag strip. If you support  legal drag racing in a safe and controlled environment that is family friendly, please sign our petiton. Let's help the local economy and businesses by moving this project forward. Please sign, and spread the word! Thank you a

Created: 2013-12-17 Statistics

Dutton Parking

Please sign my petition for improving the parking on Currie Road north of the 401 bridge in Dutton, Ontario. The existing parking area is unsafe. It is too close to the 401 interchange and it isn't properly paved, it doesn't have proper lighting, no trash can and it can't be plowed out properly in the winter. Accidents have happened as a result of these conditions. Other municipalities in the region have proper parking areas for car pooling and short term parking. West Lorne, Delaware and others

Created: 2013-11-12 Statistics

Support Filipino Sign Language Act of 2012 - House Bill 6079

Filipino Sign Language is the natural language of the Deaf in the Philippines and should be declared as their national sign language and the official language of government in all transactions involving the Deaf, and mandating its use in schools, broadcast media and workplaces. Read more about FSL Act of 2012 - HB 6079 Watch the explanation of HB 6079 in FSL   Part 1 Part 2 Position Papers Philippine Federation of the Deaf / Philippine Deaf Resource Center /  MCCID /    DLS-CSB SDEAS / Departm

Created: 2012-10-20 Statistics