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Please give us Gears of War-Expansions

Dear people at FFG, dear Corey, if you study forums like Boardgamegeek, people are starving for any good coop/solitaire dungeon crawler system. For example many fans would be very excited about a good coop/solitaire/overlord-free variant for “Descent”, a topic which is often discussed and there are already a couple of fanbased attempts out. The Kickstarter “Myth” by Mercs (full coop Dungeon Crawl) exceeded it´s goal of 40.000 bucks by more than 20 times, ending with a result of 926,112$. I know

Created: 2014-01-30 Statistics

Justice For Aiden Floyd

On November 12/2009 James Purcell took the life of an innocent 3 year old child named Aiden Floyd,now after serving very little time in prison he is asking for early parole. Why should he get special treatment and released early ,when he has left the family of this child with sleepless and painfull reminders of such a horrific act that he {James Purcell} has caused! We the Family are asking anyone & everyone to sign this petition to keep him behind bars and finish his sentence in full !!!

Created: 2013-12-15 Statistics

Stop Talvivaara/Terrafame mining disaster

For the rivers and lakes - Stop TalvivaaraFinland is a land of tens of thousands of lakes and rivers.The Talvivaara polymetallic and uranium mine in Sotkamo was granted a license to mine nickel in 2006. Talvivaara has since proven itself to be a hazard for water systems on both sides of the watershed.Talvivaara mine has exceeded both estimated and permitted levels of emissions by multiple amounts.Severe damage has been caused to precious wilderness lakes and rivers as far as over one hundred kil

Created: 2012-03-29 Statistics

Mpenjati Beach - First official naturist/nudist beach in South Africa

Please sign this petition in support of Mpenjati Beach becoming the first official naturist/nudist beach in South Africa   Kwazulu Natal Naturist Association - KZNNA has requested from Hibiscus Municipality to declare Mpenjati Beach a naturist beach. This beach is commonly known as a naturist beach and local na

Created: 2014-09-30 Statistics

Bring Back Longmire

Help me bring back the most watched show, Longmire, that A&E canceled. My goal is to reach as many signatures, comments so I can send the copies of this petiitonto either A&E or any other networks that can pick this back up.

Created: 2014-08-29 Statistics

Help Bring Healthcare to Our Community

Access to healthcare within our community is limited.  It is evident that many families and individuals have no physician or nurse practitioner which is leading people to use walk-in clinics and emergency departments. We would like to report to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care this issue and apply for funding to open up a Nurse Practitioner Led Family Health Team within the community of Bobcaygeon.  We need to show that there is a need for this type of service. With your help, we can ho

Created: 2014-08-21 Statistics

Don't let IDW's Ghostbusters Comic Die

With the news that IDW have cancelled their ongoing Ghostbusters comic by Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening, T-REx Jones, Tom Waltz and Luis Antonio Delgado, we at Following the Nerd ( felt moved to start a petition. This is not an attack on IDW, we adore their work and the support they've shown Ghostbusters over the last three years, but rather our way of telling them we love it and don't want it to die. Ghostbusters is such a tough franchise to capture properly in ANY medium

Created: 2014-06-21 Statistics

Renew The Tomorrow People!

Hi guys, Most of you, if not all, have seen the EPIC season finale of The Tomorrow People. We just got news that the show was cancelled by The CW who obviously, have NO idea what a great tv show is when they see it. It can't just be me to think that the season finale was probably the best episodes yet. We can't be left on a edge like that. This is exactly why I am asking you guys, all of the viewers of The Tomorrow People to sign this petition. Maybe, just maybe we stand a fighting chance for Th

Created: 2014-05-09 Statistics

EKKI draga umsóknina tilbaka

Við undirrituð skorum á Alþingi og ríkisstjórn að draga ekki tilbaka með formlegum hætti ESB-aðildarumsókn Íslands nema að undangenginni þjóðaratkvæðagreiðslu.   ===== skilaboð frá upphafsmanni: Ég vil benda á að í gærkvöld fór af stað ÖNNUR undirskriftasöfnun, með mjög svipaðri áskorun en ekki samhljóða, sem hafði verið í undirbúningi nú um helgina. Ég vil eindregið hvetja ykkur öll til að fara á þá slóð og setja nafn ykkar LÍKA þar, ef þið eruð sammála þeirri áskorun. Slóðin er: http://thjod.i

Created: 2014-02-23 Statistics

The Players of Double Down Casino

We the players of Double Down Casino are signing a petition against your neglect and ignorance in fixing the technical issues and missing coins we are all experiencing .Each of us will send in two or four screen shots of the issues in complaint to receive this compensation .These are the conditions we are asking for before we delete your game. (1) Reimbursements of 10 million per person for the grievance to the years of technical problems.(2) We all agree that you get rid of the three spins per

Created: 2014-02-04 Statistics