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Saanich EDPA

 (Hard copy petition count January 19, 2016 - 403 signatures plus 485 here = Total of 888) Come to the Town Hall - 2nd Town Hall is sometime in the New Year - late January or early February This petition is to encourage the District of Saanich to have an effective Environmental Development Permit Area Bylaw for protecting areas of “highest biodiversity” in Saanich by following best scientific principles and the Provincial/Federal Standards for Mapping Sensitive Ecosystems.  Protecting these Se

Created: 2015-02-21 Statistics

the establishment of a vegan section in supermarkets in Quebec

the establishment of a vegan section in supermarkets in Quebec   Attention: the Ministry of Health of Quebec Vegetarians, vegans and vegan Quebec and all those who support this petition, asking you to create a vegan section in every supermarket in Quebec.   You have to consider that there are a vegan-vegan community increasingly numerous in Quebec, and we also have the right to find in supermarkets, product interest and correspond to our diet. Adding a vegan section also disservice to the growin

Created: 2015-02-08 Statistics

Essex county to adopt provincial ATV by-law

I would like to try to get as many signutares as possible to get Essex county to adopt the already in place Provincial  by-law of allowing ATV's to be riding on the roadside, The abilty to travel to work visit friends, and evn perhaphs create more accesabilty for trails in Essex county What qualifies as an all-terrain vehicle? ATVs are listed under off-road vehicles (ORVs) which encompasses any compact vehicle designed specifically for use on rough terrain including: Single Rider (ORVs with only

Created: 2015-08-10 Statistics

CBS Railway Bed

We the undersigned, wish to have the old railway bed in CBS remain open to all users. Both Non motorized and motorized off road vehicles, from the Foxtrap Marina in Foxtrap to Holyrood until the new off road trail is completed and open for use. The new trail that is slated to run from Fowlers Road in Chamberlands to Holyrood. The past agreement with The Avalon Trailway corporation and the CBS council, was the railway bed would close simultaneously as the new trail opened. This is not what has ha

Created: 2014-05-05 Statistics

Non au 25 000 réfugier !!!!!

Je dit non au 25 000 réfugier Sencer immigrer au Canada !!!!

Created: 2015-11-16 Statistics

Bring Back our Coast Guard Communication Centers

Since April 2015, when our communication center closed on Vancouver Island, Tofino MCTS (Ucluelet Center), we have had 10 fatalities and one lost soul in our waters. That's just here on our coast, surrounding Ucluelet and Tofino BC, alone.  From wild seas to high winds and small boats, our busy fishing towns are now without immediate help near by. We have local fishermen who come first on scene, without proper training in Marine Rescue. These centers were located where they are, many years ago,

Created: 2015-10-29 Statistics

Concerned Students of McGill

We are signing this petition to express our great concern over the Students’ Society of McGill University hosting an event entitled, "Boycotting Apartheid States - A Panel on BDS."  The event features McGill Modern African History professor, Jon Soske, speaking about the ‘similarities’ between apartheid South Africa and Israel, McGill Professor of Arabic Literature Michelle Hartman, and a visiting Palestinian professor, Samia Botmeh, from Birzeit University who is a coordinator for The Palestini

Created: 2015-02-22 Statistics

Jean-Francois Meunier

Soyons contre l'entrée des 25.000 immigrants au Canada. 

Created: 2015-11-15 Statistics

Yes to the 25 000 refugees

Given that the syrian refugees are fleeing the horrors that ISIS members commit, horrors against which we want to, can and must fight by helping those who flee them; Given that it is important not to give way to the fear that terrorists want to bring upon us, and that compassion and help towars syrians is the best way to show our strength and our determination; Given that European countries are facing a crisis due to the number of refugees that arrive on their territories, and that Canada has t

Created: 2015-11-15 Statistics

No music desert in Basel!

>>please scroll down and sign below<<   Petition to the government of Basel-Stadt   On September 1, 2014, musicians who had been living and working in Basel for years were informed that they would have to leave Switzerland. The reason given was a change in policy at the Federal Office for Migration.  This change in policy makes entirely unrealistic demands on professional musicians: all musicians from non-EU countries have to demonstrate that they have 75% employment from a single em

Created: 2014-12-03 Statistics