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Show the door Justin Trudeau and Philippe Couillard

Montrons la porte a Justin Trudeau et Philippe Couillard Les citoyens du Québec et du Canada demande la destitution, au lieutenant-gouverneur, de dissoudre l'Assemblée Nationale maintenant avant qu'il ne soit trop tard. Notre Gouvernement étouffe le peuple avec l'imposition de plusieurs projet et des lois sans vouloir rendre des comptes. Ce Gouvernement nous ment, il est entrain de nous couper les vivres, paie des sommes d'argents injustifiés aux grosses compagnies dirigeantes. Philipp

Created: 2016-06-19 Statistics

Let the Fall Fair continue at Quality Farm & Garden

Due to an event that was held in the past couple of weeks at Quality Farm that led to a (as far as I know single) complaint by a neighbour due to noise(?), the SCRD has deemed the facility can no longer host events due to it being part of the ALR. (I will try to find more detailed info on the complaint and judgement). This will include the Annual Fall Fair, which has taken place at the site for the past 15 years over a weekend in October--as far as I know--without a single complaint. The Fall Fa

Created: 2016-02-12 Statistics

RCMP Grand Falls-Windsor

RCMP in Grand Falls Windsor refuses to arrest teenager who dumped a kitten in an abandoned shack with no food or water & in a place where very people go. It's time for the police to step up & do right by the animals as we do have laws in place. This is not the first time they say nothing can be done which is just wrong. 

Created: 2016-06-13 Statistics

Support Polish Democracy

We are worried about democracy and censorship in Europe. We support the Polish PiS Government in creating democracy in Poland. Democracy is based on debate and freedom of speech together with transparency in public life and equality of citizens before the law. The Polish media including TVP, TVN, Gazeta Wyborcza and mainstream newspapers for the past many years have been very one sided in favor of PO government and against the PiS opposition. The former PO government purged a large number of f

Created: 2016-01-08 Statistics

Protest Against Closing Down the Lukács Archive

  We, the undersigned, wish to express our deepest worries about the resolution of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to close down the Lukács Archives in Budapest. Görgy Lukács was one the significant philosophers of the 20th century, an author of modernity outstanding not only in philosophy but also in the fields of political mindedness, theory of literature, sociology and ethics An author of international renown, Lukács represented one of the intellectual peaks in Hungary's history of civilisa

Created: 2016-03-08 Statistics

Save Vine!

Vine is an important community for so many people! It has helped me find so many friends and is honestly an incredible creative outlet. Help keep Vine alive! Sign this petition to give all Viner's out there a shot! Enter your vine name. 

Created: 2016-10-27 Statistics

Stop the abuse

The Family Worship Center is located in North Western New Brunswick. A village called Plaster Rock. Since the Church was taken over by the McKillop family it has certainly deviated from biblical truthes. There has been much public awareness on Facebook posts written by Trevor Argue a former church member. Trevor has written story after story from victims who once attended the church. These victims, one by one have contacted him and shared their own horror. Please review his posts if you haven't

Created: 2016-02-11 Statistics

Save teddy from being put down

Teddy bear is a loving and caring american bulldog who was taken from his home on friday illegally by the police under the dangerous dog act and will be put down this Thursday if he doesn't pass his behaviour test (bare in mind what dog would listen to a complete stranger in a strange environment instead of his owner ) ,he is not just a dog but a sentient mind, he is a gentle soul who is much a part of toms family. This is an animal not a monster, personally as a friend to tom and teddy, i am re

Created: 2016-02-06 Statistics

No immigration of 25,000 refugees

     We urge the Canadian government to suspend the arrival of 25,000 immigrants from Syria. Simply for reasons of national security   Sign!         Share it!  Make a donation to support the petition

Created: 2015-11-14 Statistics

Against the salary of the deputy's of government Couillard


Created: 2015-03-03 Statistics