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SWRK Pioneers

We are pioneers of the Social Work program at Trent University Durham, graduating class of 2018.  This year has been challenging for our student body of 15 amazing individuals.  As newly developed critical Social Workers, we have a few concerns based on this year's experience of the program and would like them addressed for next semester, next year, and for future professional Social Workers at Trent University Durham.  We have made a short and reasonable list of requests we would like you to co

Created: 2016-12-07 Statistics

Abandon LRT on Sheppard Ave and Build Subways

Sheppard Subway Action Coalition Sign Petition to Abandon LRT on Sheppard Ave and Build Subways To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:Whereas the Provincial agency Metrolinx has announced plans to build the Sheppard East surface “Light Rail Transit” as part of their “Big Move” initiative, and Whereas substantial new highrise residential development is now being built along the Sheppard corridor, adding thousands of extra cars on the streets, and Whereas a surface “LRT” will reduce the number of

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Created: 2016-05-26 Statistics

Fantage My Mall

I'm sure all of us can agree that My Mall is a complete waste of time and it's just old news now. A lot of us on Instagram and Facebook would agree that Trade N' Sell was much better than My Mall, the idea of bringing a new currency was completely ludacris and no one understands why. Many kids fall for the scammers which leads to kids being absolutely upset. And back onto the topic about Gold, it's a complete ask for more money. Of course, you kids are going to fall for it. You've made eCoins co

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One of Europe's Great Dog Women has been permanently suspended by the Swedish Kennel Club to judge because she inadvertently accepted multiple invitations on the same date. While this is an unacceptable act for a judge we the undersigned feel that it is a shame and terrible loss to the dog world to lose such a knowledgeable judge who has dedicated her whole life to the fancy. Annika has had a rich life in dogs spanning nearly a half a century. She has successfully bred and shown world famous Lha

Created: 2016-09-28 Statistics

Natalie Negrotti and James Huling for The Amazing Race

Please sign this petition if you would like to see Big Brother 18's duo Jatalie (Natalie Negrotti and James Huling) as a pair competing on The Amazing Race

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Please sign this to convince the wonderful ginge Maya G to come join us as south :) 

Created: 2016-08-20 Statistics

Please help to free M. Kaboudwand from Iran's prison.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon United Nations New York, NY 10017 United State, Dear Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon,  Mr. M. Seddigh Kaboudvand the founder of Kurdistan Human Rights organization after he was denied to see his ill son went on hunger strike . Now he is on its 23 th days of hunger strike in Islamic regime's prison (he has been in custody since June 2007). His life is in a grate danger , due to the hunger strike his health is in critical condition . Since early morning today he went on

Created: 2016-05-30 Statistics

Batuta and Gonçalo Carvalho to the Olympics

To FEI Dressage Committee and Executive Board In the Dressage Olympic Ranking Rules published at 2014-12-18 is written: “The FEI has the right to accept reasonable exceptions to these rules, in the interest of the riders and the sport in general. The FEI Dressage Committee may decide not to include the scores obtained at an event in the rankings, should the event not have been organised in accordance with general principle of fairness. The Executive Board should confirm the decision

Created: 2016-03-10 Statistics

Give the Fridtjofsen children back to family

This is a "Opprop" to get Monica`s children back. Orkdal barneværn never helped this family. All 5 of the children said they just want to get back to their mother. Theres no problem in the home. No alcohol, no drugs, just a happy family. In 2001 Monica married a man, a really bad man. In 2005 she divorced him and he said he was gonna kill his children, because he would not let them grow up with

Created: 2016-01-24 Statistics