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The UN to intervene on the chaos in zimbabwe

The purpose of this Petition is to request that the United Nations or SADAC intervene into the chaos currently occurring in Zimbabwe. We can all clearly see that human rights are being violated and there are no fair Elections taking place. We want transparency and the figures are not making sense at all. We need individuals or organisations other than the current Zimbabwean government to clear up this mess because they are evidently not taking any form of control to counteract the problems that

Created: 2018-08-01 Statistics


(*la version française suit) For 27 years, with Council's approval, our Baie d'Urfe dogs have been permitted off leash in Bertold Park during specific hours. Recently, without any consultation and for no apparent reason, Council decided to justify fencing LESS THAN A THIRD OF THE PARK FOR DOGS TO BE OFF LEASH in order, they said, to comply with a 35 year old leash by-law (1981). Baie d'Urfé dog owners who use the park on a regular basis proposed that the the fenced area extend to two thirds of t

Created: 2017-09-16 Statistics

Bring back Music Videos to CMT

As Country music fans we demand CMT bring back the videos to the fans....COME ON CMT GIVE THE COUNTRY MUSIC VIDEO LOVING FANS WHAT WE TRULY WANT THE MUSIC before you lose viewership return our beloved videos to the airways

Created: 2017-09-08 Statistics

Backyard ducks and goats in Gatineau / Les chèvres et canards urbains à Gatineau

  Amend the current city of Gatineau By-law to allow residential properties ranging from half an acre to two acres to contain small farm animals such as miniature goats, poultry, ducks and rabbits. / Un amendement au règlement actuel de la Ville de Gatineau pour permettre des propriétés résidentielles allant d'un demi-acre à deux acres pour contenir de petits animaux de ferme tels que les chèvres miniatures, les volailles, les canards et les lapins.

Created: 2017-08-05 Statistics

Erik Hovey Needs Pink Hair

We gonna make him dye his hair pink 1. Seriously sign this 2. Bulut spent $8 3. This means so much to me 4. I don't understand how lists work 5. Yeah  

Created: 2017-06-01 Statistics

Moira Secondary School- Save our school

May 15, 2017 We the students, parents and friends of Moira Secondary School respectfully request that the Hastings Prince Edward District School Board and the Trustees keep this school open. Moira has a diverse and multi-cultural community including the students of the Mohawks of Quinte and other Indigenous communities. Local business, community agencies and other schools will be greatly affected by this school's closure. Thank you for your attention to this matter.  

Created: 2017-05-15 Statistics

Rename the Pierre E. Trudeau airport to The Guy Lafleur airport.

P.E.T. has given nothing to canada, even his legacy is a failure.  Why should  we keep honoring him? 

Created: 2017-03-08 Statistics


The purpose of this petition is to dismiss the people that are working in the castration center in Montana city. First of all, they are incompetent and cruel, and second they treat the homeless dogs with violence. Lets us first name the people responsible for this. In the local castration center works Edmond Kirilov, whos superior is EMIL TAFRADJIISKI. TAFRADJIISKI is the manager of the castration center and according to him, he is the only person that can give orders. Edmond Kirilov has worked

Created: 2017-02-24 Statistics

Direct flight Montreal Bucharest

This year - 2017 - Canada plans to withdraw tourist visas for Romanian citizens. According to the website of the Canadian Embassy in Bucharest, on May 1, 2017, Romanian citizens would be able to fly to or transit through Canada with an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), instead of a visitor visa if they: have held a Canadian visitor visa in the past 10 years; or currently have a valid United States nonimmigrant visa. The Government of Canada has also announced that it intends to lif

Created: 2017-02-15 Statistics

BTS in Canada

BTS is a boygroup of kpop and is known everywhere in the world. There is a lot of ARMY's in Canada who can't travel to see them in show because they don't come here. With this petition, I want to prove that we are a lot of fans of BTS in Canada and that we just wait for them to come here. I would like to make BTS come in Canada for concerts and fanmeetings, so we need the most people as possible to sign this petition.    Please, sign this petition and don't hesitate to share it!

Created: 2017-01-06 Statistics