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No immigration of 25,000 refugees

     We urge the Canadian government to suspend the arrival of 25,000 immigrants from Syria. Simply for reasons of national security   Sign!         Share it!  Make a donation to support the petition

Created: 2015-11-14 Statistics

Stop the massacre of horses in Canadian slaughterhouses!

Arrêtons le massacre des chevaux dans les usines d’abattage Canadiennes!   Version française plus bas     Petition addressed to the Prime Minister of Canada We are asking the government to amend the Health of Animals Act and the Meat Inspection Act. The horses suffer terribly in slaughterhouses. A video clip of a recent undercover investigation in St-André-Avellin, Qc last July received by the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (  ), reveals the intense cruelty horses undergo in Canadian

Created: 2011-12-10 Statistics

Amend the Welland Ontario exotic animal bylaws

Hey everyone my name is Vincent Librock, however some may know me as Cuzin Vin. i am the operator of Cuzin Vins animal sanctuary focusing on exotic animals as well as i am an OWREN certified wildlife rehabilitation custodian (Ontario Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Network) we are currently in the process of opening our store Not Your Ordinary Pet shop and education centre. In our endeavour we found that the Welland city bylaws have not been changed since 1982. most of the laws are very ju

Created: 2018-06-09 Statistics

Say "No!" to the Use of Drover's Heights Driveway for Proposed Business at 1614 Portugal Cove Road

TAKES LESS THAN 5 MINUTES. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE! This petition is not about the legalization or recreational use of cannabis, but the location of a "permit pending" business for a (specialty shop) at 1614 Portugal Cove Road. This property sits at the corner of Drover's Heights, which is a quiet street with minimal vehicular traffic. If use of the Drover's Heights driveway is approved, this may become a dangerous intersection because there isn't a sufficient entrance or parking, therefore, patro

Created: 2018-09-17 Statistics

Save homeopathy in Romania!

Homeopathy is a complementary method  recognized by WHO, a therapy practiced worldwide for more than 200 years, and whose effectiveness is evidenced by numerous scientific studies (see in the doctor's Adrian Dumitrescu article, About homeopathy research), although there are studies that deny it. In Romania, it is practiced only by specialized physicians in different fields and dentists after graduating from a two-year postgraduate course endorsed by the Ministr

Created: 2018-05-13 Statistics

Galin Radkov, known by all lovers of cacti and succulents has now been officially and UNFAIRLY dismissed from his position at the Botanical Garden in Balchik!

Galin Radkov, known by all lovers of cacti and succulents has now been officially and UNFAIRLY dismissed from his position at the Botanical Garden in Balchik! He is currently unemployed and has been denied access to his favourite plants. TO DEFEND GALLIN RADKOV FROM HUMILIATION AT HIS WORKING PLACE !!! I appeal everyone who has moral virtues in himself to sign this petition. Galin Radkov is deaf-mute by birth and he works in the Botanical Garden in Balchik for many years. Thanks to his love for

Created: 2018-05-22 Statistics

HELP Maintain the Ban on Importing the Heads of Hunted Elephants

In an appalling turn of events, the Trump administration is considering lifting a ban that had prohibited hunters from importing trophies of elephants killed in two African nations, reversing a 2014 rule put in place by the Obama White House. If passed, the reversal will apply to elephants hunted in Zimbabwe from Jan. 21, 2016 to Dec. 31, 2018 and to elephants hunted in Zambia in 2016, 2017 and 2018. The move overturns a 2014 rule implemented by former President Barack Obama that banned hunters

Created: 2017-11-17 Statistics



Created: 2018-05-08 Statistics

نامه انجمن متخصصان زنان به وزیر بهداشت در خصوص سونوگرافی

جناب آقای دکترسید حسن قاضی زاده هاشمی وزیر محترم بهداشت و درمان و آموزش پزشکی سلام علیکم احتراما بدینوسیله و به عنوان نماینده متخصصان زنان و زایمان کشور به استحضار میرساند که با سابقه ای چندساله، صلاحیت انجام سونوگرافی در رشته زنان محل اختلاف میان متخصصان زنان و متخصصان رادیولوژی است که همچنان ادامه دارد. لیکن این اختلاف مجددا و متأسفانه بصورتی علنی ظهور یافته و با حاشیه هایی نیز همراه شده است. صرف نظر از علل بروز و اهدافی که دانسته یا نادانسته از دمیدن در آتش این قبیل اختلافات در میان اهل حرفۀ

Created: 2018-03-03 Statistics

Postpone our Assignments

We have too many assignments and things over our head at the moment, (finish reading brave new world and study guide) so we wish to have a two-day extension for both the Digital Study Guide and the Brave New World Essay. This would mean the study guide would be due on the 24th and the essay on 30th. If you think the deadlines should be moved, please sign the petition.

Created: 2018-05-17 Statistics