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Parking for General Amherst High School

I am petitioning the 2 hour parking limit at the back of general amherst at toddy jones park. Many students and teachers park there and classes go for 2.5 hours at least, so having a 2 hour parking limit makes it unfair for the students and teachers who are trying to learn and teach. 

Created: 2019-10-30 Statistics

Smaller classes for grade K at CPP

To: Newfoundland & Labrador English School District Re: Petition for Additional Kindergarten Class at Coleys Point PrimaryDate: Sept 13, 2019 As stated on the Government of Newfoundland Department of Education website ( "There is a class size limit of 20 students for Kindergarten" in this province. As the Board is aware this is a hard cap with the understanding that it is in the best interest of both students and staff to have smaller classes to t

Created: 2019-09-12 Statistics

Petition to Replace Non-Ergonomic Chairs

This petition has been created to oppose the newest chairs that have been provided to Design students in rooms such as N207, N208, and N210. While we appreciate that money has been spent on resources for us such as these new chairs, we are disappointed that these chairs are not ergonomic, and are meant to be used casually in a conference or meeting room — not for sitting and working in for long periods of time. Since we sit in these chairs for 3+ hours at a time, we need our classroom chairs nee

Created: 2019-11-01 Statistics

Need 500 signatures and Daniel gets INSTAGRAM.

Hey everyone.    My buddy Daniel doesn't have instagram and he said if I get 500 people to sign a petition, he'll create an account.   He needs to be on Instagram. He's missing out on all my funny stories! (and yours, of course) LET'S GIV'ER

Created: 2019-09-14 Statistics

To support a request for extending "Klondyke Park's Closing Day" to Sunday October 20, 2019 (6 Month Lots)

Hi Kari, I'd have preferred that this was not called a "petition' but rather just an online list of supporters to an idea! In any case, here are a few of the Klondyke Renters that would support the request I sent you this week. I thought it would be helpful for you to see how many people would benefit from and appreciate the extra 4 days. As a reminder my email request read... Wednesday Aug 28, 2019 Hi Kari,   It’s been a great summer… and we haven’t had to speak even once! LOL. I do now howev

Created: 2019-08-29 Statistics

Petition for the City of Thunder Bay Council to not pass a motion to charge field user fees

The City of Thunder Bay's Council recently passed a motion to start charging sports field user fees for groups that utilize City-owned fields for programming. Community Centre boards were not consulted on this decision. We are now asking that the community centres be properly consulted.  The proposed user fee is to be $100 PER TEAM PER LEAGUE. If this motion is again passed, it will mean that our current sports and recreation teams will not be financially sustainable, resulting in a loss of prog

Created: 2019-09-04 Statistics

Upgrading to Fibre Optic/Ethernet "Nexicom"

I've lived on Valley View Drive since I was 8 months old. Ever since then the internet is terrible, what started as Dial up tranfered to DSL giving the maximum speed in our neighborhood 5 MBPS. Just down the road there is housing 1km away with available 1GB connections offered by nexicom. This has been way too long for nexicom to change this. It's not 1995 Nexicom, treat your loyal customers correctly and upgrade this neighborhood. There is no reason for this at all, you are scamming us with ove

Created: 2019-07-15 Statistics

Boundary Change for Moonstone PS

Currently, Moonstone PS in Oro-Medonte (Moonstone), ON only goes to grade 3. Kids are then bused to Coldwater for grades 4-8 and then to high school in Orillia. Issues: 1) The school board trustee that we vote for in Moonstone is NOT the trustee for Coldwater or Orillia, so our vote becomes irrelevant; 2) our kids have 2 transitions and attend 3 different schools; 3) the bus ride to Orillia is longer than to Elmvale; 4) our kids will go from a small, rural community to attending a very large hig

Created: 2019-06-28 Statistics

Revision of the regulation on overnight parking in Chateauguay

Under municipal regulations 4.7, the parking of vehicles is prohibited on all streets of the municipality, from December 1st to April 1st, between 23: 00h and 6 h, to ensure cleaning of the road network. " We think, by the fact that this Regulation should be revised. The winters are not what they were, and often the first snow does not arrive before mid-December, which complicates the parking of citizens unnecessarily for a month. We offer in this air technology, the city revises its approach as

Created: 2016-06-20 Statistics

port alberni a new skate park

we are wanting to show the city that port albernis skatepark isnt enough. we just need a bunch of signatures to show that the community is in.

Created: 2019-12-19 Statistics