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Change the name of the Miles Macdonell Collegiate

Miles Macdonnell lived between 1767-1828. At the request of Lord Selkirk, he assumed the post of governor of Selkirk's planned colony on the Red River. According to his biography on Wikipedia: "Historians have generally agreed that, despite the inherent difficulties of establishing a colony at the Red River amid the fierce competition between the fur-trading companies, Macdonell must bear some of the responsibility for the colony’s initial failure. They have focused upon his character faults, hi

Created: 2021-04-23 Statistics

I will not buy a ticket with benning as gm

Despite 7 seasons where gm Jim Benning has shown a lack of ability to ice a successful team, only making the playoffs in a year the Tournament was changed to allow 24 teams, the Canucks  are bringing Benning back for year 8.  In the last 8 years the canucks have gone from a model franchise to a laughing stock. This is a potion stating that signees will not buy tickets one fans are allowed to return to the rink.  It is the only real way to voice our displeasure 

Created: 2021-05-19 Statistics


Dear neighbors of Concession Road 3, I am in the process to present a request to our Township of Adjala-Tosorontio via Deputation of Council in order to resurface our Concession making it cleaner and safer for all of us to travel on, including vehicles such as school buses carrying your children. As some are concerned with increased occurences of speeding, I would state the fact that there  are already many vehicles speeding on this road which in fact is much more dangerous on this type of road

Created: 2021-11-26 Statistics

Petition In Support of the Disbarment of Matt Gaetz

January 11, 2021 ADDENDUM TO BAR COMPLAINT:   On or about December 20, 2020, I filed a bar complaint against attorney Matt Gaetz for his role in an attempt to subvert a free and fair election, in abrogation of his oath of office, as a waste of valuable court resources, filed in bad faith and without any basis in the law.  Since that time, much has transpired.  Rather than being chastened in his comportment, on or about January 6, 2021 (and in the days leading up to that date) Mr. Gaetz made se

Created: 2020-12-15 Statistics

Cariboo Regional District Volunteer Fire Fighter Vaccine Mandate

We, the undersigned, hereby request exemption from the Vaccine Mandate imposed by the Cariboo Regional District on the 19th day of November, in the year 2021. Under the BC Human Rights Code, "We are under no legal obligation to disclose personal medical history to anyone." As per the BC Human Rights Comissioner's statements on vaccination policies, the vaccine policy may only be implemented if the following stipulations are met. 1) All Less intrusive means of preventing the spread of Covid-19 ar

Created: 2021-12-08 Statistics

Engaging the people in Pope Francis synods

To Bishops and Pastors in the Catholic Church: Pope Francis has called for engagement of the whole People of God in walking, discerning, governing, and evangelizing together to make fruitful the Synod on Synodality soon to begin on the local level this fall. It is our hope that every diocese throughout the world will hold a synod (a gathering of bishops to listen to the voices of the laity) between October 2021 and April 2022. The early church was a community of equals, governed by Christ’s “new

Created: 2021-07-30 Statistics

Ban Single-Use Plastic by 2025

Plastic is a man-made invention that has generated significant benefits for society, and even in some cases, the environment. Unfortunately, the way industry and governments have managed plastics and the way society has converted it into a disposable and single-use commodity transformed this innovation into a disaster. This is a pledge for our planet. Let’s stop plastics choking our oceans – and harming people and nature! We will submit this petition with 1,000 signatures to the United Nations

Created: 2019-11-27 Statistics

The Unintended Consequences Protection Seekers Face due to Third Country Agreement in Canada

The entire world faces a common enemy: COVID-19. This virus does not care about nationality or ethnicity, or faith. It attacks all, relentlessly. Meanwhile, unknown ambiguous fate faces victims of the: Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA) Including: Individuals who were allowed in Canada, yet are stuck with no status, Individuals who are not eligible for a pre-removal assessment due to the ongoing war in their home countries, Individuals who were promised a pre-removal Risk Assessment (PRRA). Unl

Created: 2021-02-21 Statistics

Doug Ford: Allow Golf In Ontario - Golf does NOT spread Covid

Dear Premier, Golf is NOT political and is NOT a covid threat.   That said, many of the people that golf are your biggest supporters and doners. Science does NOT justify you shutting down this sport. Golf is played outdoors and golfers are respectful of the rules and will follow them.  Of the thousands of daily new covid cases daily, please let us know how many of these cases are related to golf and why you would shut down this industry and activity?   We ask you to immediately reinstate this ou

Created: 2021-04-17 Statistics

Emergency Use of Early Treatment Options

We the people of Canada demand early treatment options be made available now! The current treatment options for the virus and variants is very limited- it's either preventative or too late in hospital. As Canadians we need to stand together to have options for every Canadian. There are many different types of early treatment options: Iver mectin (Japan is using this very successfully) HQ and zinc  IV vitamin C & D Steroidals  Anti-virals Please sign this petition to let the Canadian Governme

Created: 2021-09-21 Statistics