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Removing the age restriction on coverage for Insulin pumps

My name is Josh Goldstein, 23, and I'm living with Type 1 Diabetes. Coming this Christmas day I will have been living with this disease for 9 years. In layman's terms, diabetes has to do with the lack of production or the unsuitable production of insulin. For the purpose of this petition I will be focusing on the the first type (type one diabetes) which is the lack or the absolute zero production of insulin within the pancreas.  The purpose of insulin is to allow cells in the body to use sugar f

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Yes to the 25 000 refugees

Given that the syrian refugees are fleeing the horrors that ISIS members commit, horrors against which we want to, can and must fight by helping those who flee them; Given that it is important not to give way to the fear that terrorists want to bring upon us, and that compassion and help towars syrians is the best way to show our strength and our determination; Given that European countries are facing a crisis due to the number of refugees that arrive on their territories, and that Canada has t

133 Created: 2015-11-15 Statistics

Kamloops Climate Action Pledge

As a resident of Kamloops and area, you are invited to join thousands of concerned citizen leaders across Canada and the world to make a specific commitment towards a more sustainable world. Your commitment is twofold: 1)   I acknowledge the need for urgent action to keep global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees, as called for by the International Panel on Climate Change and discussed at COP 26; and 2)   I pledge to do everything within my power, with my fellow citizens and all levels of governmen

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Canadian Immigration for Victims of Xenophobia in South Africa/Immigration canadienne pour les victimes de xénophobie en Afrique du Sud

I recently addressed an opened letter to the Minister of IRCC pleading him to open an immigration program for the victims of xenophobia in South Africa. Please sign this petition in supprt of that. J'ai récemment adressé une lettre ouverte au ministre d'IRCC le priant d'ouvrir un programme d'immigration à l'intention des victimes de la xénophobie en Afrique du Sud. Veuillez signer cette pétition pour supporter cela.

7460 Created: 2019-09-04 Statistics

Save Dodgersfilms

By all who sign this petition, we want to enable Dodgerfilms to continue filming Dodger's games and BP.

3541 Created: 2015-07-04 Statistics

That the municipalities, counties, and regions create a Inter-municipal Transit Working Group to Link the Watershed

That the City of Guelph, Region of Waterloo, City of Brantford, Wellington County, and the County of Brant, create an Inter-municipal Transit Working Group to discuss ways to better integrate municipal transit across regional lines. And that a proposal from the Link the Watershed Working Group ( is utilized as a starting document for discussions.

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Show your support for Crooks Rapids Country Fest!

We are Doug Oliver and John Seeney, the organizers of Crooks Rapids Country Fest a new music festival in Hastings, Ontario.  It's been a journey to get this venture off the ground especially with the events of 2020. We need your support now more than ever! We are in the process of rezoning the festival site with the municipality and need to prove that the community is with us. We are born and raised in Hastings and have so much respect for our community. This festival will bring more tourist dol

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Free imprisoned trade unionists in Iran/طومار برای آزادی فعالین صنفی معلمی و کارگری در ایران

نامه سرگشاده معلمان و کارگران ایران به شرکت کنندگان در یکصد و دهمین اجلاس سالانه سازمان جهانی کار، ژنو، ۲۷ ماه مه الی ۱۱ ژوئن ۲۰۲۲  ما امضا کنندگان این نامه هیات‌های نمایندگی شرکت‌کننده در یکصد و دهمین اجلاس سازمان جهانی کار، به‌خصوص هیات‌های نمایندگی کارگری-صنفی را مورد خطاب قرار می‌دهیم و توجه آن‌ها را به سرکوب‌های اخیر علیه معلمان و نمایندگان آن‌ها در کانون‌های صنفی و فعالان کارگری_صنفی  در ایران جلب می‌کنیم.    طی سالیان گذشته، به‌خصوص در ماه‌های اخیر سیاست‌های اقتصادی دولت ایران، فقر و فلاک

3204 Created: 2022-05-23 Statistics

Protect Read Island public roads from clear cut logging by Island Timberlands LP.

The Read Island public road holds special value to residents as well as visitors and others who care for this place.  Therefore: We the undersigned insist that Island Timberlands establish a 100 meter buffer along the Read Island Road.  This buffer would include the preservation of roadside forests in an especially sensitive area alongside Fell Creek (aka Earthquake Creek), which is classified as a fish bearing stream and is an important asset to the community.

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Have CREA to Return Webforms to it's Original Greatness

CREA! We want Webforms to return to the old version.  The "New" one was supposed to make things even easier but it doesn't!  Many agents in Canada cannot stand it and many of us cannot figure out why what wasn't broken was "fixed"!  The new one is hard to understand, doesn't work the way it's supposed to with regards to auto fills, dating, saving, and is a constant headache.  What used to take only minutes to complete, now takes hours to do the same thing. We plead with you to rid us of this agr

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