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OCADU COVID19: Temporarily Close OCADU and Postpone GradEx

This petition strives to temporarily close OCADU and postpone the 2020 GradEx 105 due to the novel coronavirus 'Covid19". The virus, still increasing in cases and fatalities, currently sits at approximately 134,500 cases and nearly 5000 deaths. Ontario schools have officially extended March break from March 14, 2020 to April 5, 2020 in recognition of the rapid danger and spread of the novel coronavirus. Additionally, Harvard university has officially closed to encourage students to self-quaranti

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2020 Graduations!

The unfortunate COVID-19 virus has forced the world to shut down and end the school year early and abruptly. Not only are students losing out on their normal ways of education but the graduating classes of 2020 have lost the last few months of their high school journeys; including graduation. As students, we understand that precautions need to be taken to keep everyone safe, but we still deserve to be appreciated and acknowledged like past and future graduating classes. This petition is to send

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Moira Secondary School- Save our school

May 15, 2017 We the students, parents and friends of Moira Secondary School respectfully request that the Hastings Prince Edward District School Board and the Trustees keep this school open. Moira has a diverse and multi-cultural community including the students of the Mohawks of Quinte and other Indigenous communities. Local business, community agencies and other schools will be greatly affected by this school's closure. Thank you for your attention to this matter.  

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PLEASE JOIN US IN CHALLENGING THE APPLICATION FOR PROPOSED DEVELOPMENTS IN THE WYNFORD/CONCORDE COMMUNITY Fengate Asset Management has proposed two major developments on the west side of Wynford Drive Concorde Place/Gate, currently under review by the City of Toronto Planning Department. The developments include buildings to be demolished (the two office buildings at 1-3 Concorde Gate (Home Depot), 10-12 Concorde Place (ESRI) and the Don Valley Hotel) to make way for the proposed developments.  

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End overcrowding on the 105 Bus

English below Surcharge des autobus sur la ligne 105 Adressée à : Conseil d'administration de la STM, M. le maire Denis Coderre, M. le maire d'arrondissement Russell Copeman et Mme Kathleen Weil, M.A.N. Depuis des années, les autobus de la ligne 105 sont régulièrement surchargés à l'excès et remplis au-delà de leur capacité, ce qui empêche l'accès des aînés et des personnes à mobilité réduite. De plus, les chauffeurs doivent manquer des arrêts, laissant les usagers sous les intempéries. Pour le

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DRT Oshawa Stop the changes to the 401 Simcoe bus route

Petition To:Mr. Vincent Patterson, General Manager, Durham Region Transit, Mr. Roger Anderson, Regional Chair and CEO, Region of Durham, Mr. Brian Bridgeman, Commissioner of Planning, Region of Durham, Ms. Kathy Weiss, Director of Economic Development and Tourism, Region of Durham, Mr. John Henry, Mayor, City of Oshawa, Mr. John Aker, Regional and City Councillor, City of Oshawa, Mr. Dan Carter, Regional and City Councillor, City of Oshawa, Mr. Bob Chapman, Regional and City Councillor, City of

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Keep Athabasca University in Athabasca

To the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, in Legislature Assembled: We the undersigned residents of Alberta, petition the Legislative Assembly to ensure that Athabasca University's Headquarters remains permanently in Athabasca, AB and to renew its commitment to creating stable jobs in the community that continue to diversify the local economy.

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CSSA - Safety Regulation and Range Officer Course in Quebec

To the CSSA Board of Directors : Good day, As shooters, hunters, and firearm owners from Quebec, wether CSSA members or potential CSSA members, we would like to present you with the following request ;   That CSSA take the necessary measures to have its own safety regulation for target shooting ranges and clubs approved by the Quebec Minister of Public Safety.   Following the approval of the safety regulation, that CSSA request the approval of its own range officer course, both in english and f

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Cell Service for Bay D’Espoir Highway

Over the past few weeks there have been several motor vehicle accidents on the Bay D’Espoir highway. Several close calls with wildlife 🦌 and numerous medical emergencies that require care across the highway. Currently we don’t have a physician in our area and emergencies 🚑 are diverted to either Harbour Breton or Grand Falls. The trip across the highway is a long stretch for all surrounding communities that frequently travel for appointments daily and time is crucial in emergency situations. Amb

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Westlock Splash Park

Westlock families! lets sign a petition to have a splash pad built at one of our local parks. If we get enough signitures we can bring it forward to the council and get this process started! We have enough people/families that would really benefit from having a spray pad to enjoy on those hot summer days. Benefits: Getting to enjoy the outdoors Getting exercise Bonding and networking between local families stimiulating our economy by keeping spending in Westlock creating a barrier free family fr

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