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Certified Municipal Sprayer for High Level, Alberta

We are writing to the Town of High Level to request that they train a certified municipal sprayer for the community. We have a mosquito infestation which seems to be worse in the last few years. With all the rain this year, it's intolerable. Many residents have purchased all types of mosquito control devices for their yards yet we still battle mosquitoes indoors and outdoors.  As well, there are a lot of dandelions and it is our understanding that a certified sprayer would be able to deal with w

Created: 2022-06-03 Statistics

Accès au Corridor Canin au Parc du Domaine Vert pendant l’hiver!

Nous demandons aux administrateurs  du Parc du Domaine à Mirabel, Qc de garder le Corrider Canin ouvert aux promeneurs de chiens l'hiver. 

Created: 2022-02-02 Statistics

Reopen TORE

Total off-road experience offers a safe and environmentally friendly place to off-road and get away to nature. So many people's problems start to melt away as soon as they hit the driveway, this place needs to stay open. 

Created: 2021-10-19 Statistics

We the people of Etter Road / Extension in the county of West Hants , Brooklyn Nova Scotia demand a new road so we can safely travel to work and send our children to school.

Resurfaced road so the residents and their children of Etter road can can safely travel onAn immediate collective response from all Government involved insuring this will be done with a respective date.

Created: 2022-03-23 Statistics

City of Windsor Petition for Bylaws Regarding Boarding Houses

Dear Neighbour,  I am a concerned citizen living in downtown windsor. I have lived here since 1983. Recently my neighbour's house was sold to real estate speculators from Toronto. After the new owners failed to sell the house for a profit over the last 6-7 months, they have decided to turn the 3-4 bedroom single family house next to me into a boarding house with shared bedrooms for up to 12 people. I became concerned after seeing the 8-12 beds they ordered, and seeing this ad on Facebook, and re

Created: 2021-12-29 Statistics

Petition for the protection of Lake Manitou /Pétition pour la protection du lac Manitou

Given that: A. Ivry-sur-le-Lac residents wish to protect the serenity, health, and safety of our lakes; B. Ivry`s municipal regulation 2011-040 art.4 stipulates that the use of wave amplification devices is prohibited on Lake Manitou; C. The number of motor boats with wave amplification devices (“wake boats”) has significantly increased on Lake Manitou in the last 10 years and will increase with our increasing population; D. there is clear scientific evidence that wake boats with ballasts in o

Created: 2022-01-09 Statistics

Create a Standing Governance Committee

Petition to Ammend IATSE Local 891 Constitution and Bylaws to create a Standing Governance Committee. Constitution Under: Article 12.1 (b) Bylaws Under: Article 4.1 (b) Motion:    “We move that the Governance committee become a standing committee added to the constitution Article 16.1 and the bylaws article 3 and that the chair and the committee are both appointed and under the direction of the membership and e-committee.“   This will require a change to the bylaws article 6, section 5 to: “All

Created: 2022-12-17 Statistics

Painter Barclay neighborhood speed limit change

Painter Barclay neighborhood speed limit change from 50km/h to 40km/h.  with a lot of young children now in the neighborhood it's up to us to protected them. With no sidewalks to safely walk on it's becoming dangerous.  Nearly all serious injuries and deaths (83%) happen on arterial roads. We know that when a driver hits a pedestrian at 50 km/h, there is an 85% likelihood that the impact will kill the pedestrian. The fatality rate falls to 30% at speeds of 40 km/h. Not only does lowering the spe

Created: 2022-06-01 Statistics

Dialysis Unit in Flowers Cove

The purpose of this petition is to bring attention to the Department of Health in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Regional Health Authority of Labrador Grenfell Health regarding the urgent need to have a Renal Dialysis Unit in Flowers Cove. There are currently 8 residents in this area who commute to St. Anthony 2-3 times per week for dialysis treatment. In addition there are people who are potentially going to need renal dialysis; these residents are currently patients of Dr.

Created: 2022-01-15 Statistics


We the residents along East Pike Creek road in the Municipality of Lakeshore, Ontario have become increasingly concerned for the safety of our children and anyone else that uses the road to ride a bicycle or walks along this stretch of road from Little Baseline to Old Tecumseh Road. With the densification of the area, many more motorists are using the road.  Despite efforts by  Town Council and the OPP to reduce speeds by placing electronic monitoring signs and the occasional OPP cruiser watchin

Created: 2022-04-26 Statistics

Reinstate the post of Professor of Burmese at SOAS, University of London

This petition, an initiative of colleagues at the Australian National University (ANU), seeks to persuade SOAS, University of London, to reverse the decision to terminate the Professor of Burmese position, ending over a century of scholarship in the languages and linguistics of Myanmar and Southeast Asia at SOAS. Please read the full letter from ANU Burma studies colleagues, and consider signing this petition. Thank you for your valued support. Sincerely, Justin Watkins _________ To:Professor A

Created: 2022-08-24 Statistics

Psychotherapy to be added to covered OHIP services / Psychothérapie à ajouter aux services couverts par l'OHIP

This petition is to appeal to the Ontario Provical Government to have Psychotherapy added to the list of approved coverage services under the Ontario Health Insurence Plan making it accesible to all Ontarians pocessing an OHIP card / Cette pétition vise à faire appel au gouvernement provincial de l'Ontario pour que la psychothérapie soit ajoutée à la liste des services de couverture approuvés en vertu du régime d'assurance-santé de l'Ontario, ce qui la rend accessible à tous les Ontariens qui po

Created: 2022-04-20 Statistics

Three-way stop at Brouillette Cr and Southfield Dr.

We, the undersigned residents of Southfield neighbourhood, formally request a three-way stop be implemented at the intersection of Brouillette Cr and Southfield Dr in Tecumseh.  (Town of Tecumseh service request: 20230034). 

Created: 2023-01-12 Statistics

YQR Shift Trade W22

We, the collective group of GardaWorld YQR, Screening Officers, would like to hereby grieve the posted shift bid, due to the following: - Missed/overlooked line on bid. - triple bid on an active line, twice.  - duplicate line was not offered to everyone - French line is incentive line and SO's either not tested nor put on master list prior to bid.  - Not enought CTX lines.  SO's are overwhelmed with Charter flights and not taking breaks on time.  - Overnight times are not of "past practice" and

Created: 2022-11-02 Statistics

Gary Valois

To: The Board of Directors of Carlton Condominium Corporation (CCC),   Re: Former Building Superintendent, Gary Valois Dear Board of Directors, This letter is in support of our building superintendent, Gary Valois, whose contract at Brittany Park was recently terminated. We, the residents who have signed this petition, request that Gary Valois be reinstated to work in tandem with the new property management company, Complete Condo Management (CCM).  In a letter dated December 1, 2022, we were i

Created: 2023-01-04 Statistics

Kyiv Declaration of Security

     Taking into account the historical experience of Russia's use of military aggression, as the main tool of pressure on its neighbors and its own population, as well as nuclear blackmail in relation to the world community, as a guarantee of its impunity, I appeal to the authorities of the Russian Federation with a proposal to voluntarily abandon nuclear weapons. I believe that this refusal should be the primary condition for the lifting of international sanctions against the Russian Federatio

Created: 2022-12-17 Statistics

CND Seniors Football team

If you want a seniors football team sign this petition. 

Created: 2022-10-27 Statistics

Justice For Victor Patrick Trahan

Hello, I have created this petition for Victor Patrick Trahan! I know Victor was innocent and there is a lot of proof and we want to bring this person to court along with all of this persons friends who were in on charging Victor for rape. This persons name is being left out as I do not want to invite them to conversation. But we know that Victor is innocent and did not deserve what he what put through.   An innocent man was put in jail multiple times. Things happened to him in jail that no inno

Created: 2022-09-05 Statistics

Stand with Safoora! Support her MPhil completion!

Safoora Zargar, a student activist leader, incarcerated under UAPA for her role in the anti CAA-NRC movement, is being denied regular extensions to complete her MPhil.The Department of Sociology at the Jamia Millia University is denying Safoora’s rightful asks as a MPhil/PhD candidate.During the COVID-19 pandemic crisis through 2020 and 2021, university campuses and facilities were shut down, causing immense difficulties for the student and research communities. As compensation, research scholar

Created: 2022-08-25 Statistics

Save Shadowhunters

Hello Shadowfans! We need your help. We think everyone is agreed that the ending for Jace and Clary sucks. Clary and Jace deserves so much more. That's why we started this petition and give Shadowhunters at least a final season. The makers of the show have a whole new storyline for them. So Shadowfans all over the world, sign this petition please! We need to put some pressure to the Netflix firm. We have to give it a chance don't you think? So please sign this petition in the link below. Save Sh

Created: 2022-06-06 Statistics