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Abolishing CRSB eligibility for non essential traveler

Hi This petition is to request that the Government of Canada abolish the CRSB eligibility, for a 1,000 $, for Canadians returning from non essential trips who need to quarantine which would cover for the lost of their revenu during those 14 days.It will be shared with the federal government.This is in response to the article published on January 2, 2021 in La Presse.Thank you all for your support. K Lessard

Created: 2021-01-02

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Reopen Broadview Union Hospital

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to reinstate Broadview Union Hospital to full acute, ER and lab services.

Created: 2021-06-24

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Create a Seniors Strategy prior to the Establishment of a Seniors Hub

We, the undersigned residents of Squamish, would like Council of the District of Squamish to know that we support the position of the Squamish Seniors Centre Society for the creation of a Seniors Strategy, and that the Strategy recommendations be received by Council, prior to Council taking action on the staff memorandum of understanding regarding the establishment of the Seniors Hub at the ‘Westwinds’ under construction on 3rd Avenue.

Created: 2020-10-02

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Proposed development @ 801 York Mills Rd and 1855 Leslie St.

  Please join us in opposing the application for Zoning By-law Amendment at 801 York Mills Road and 1855 Leslie Street.   First Capital Realty has proposed a major redevelopment of the property on the south east quadrant of York Mills Road and Leslie Street.   It includes the buildings currently housing Windfield’s Restaurant and Swiss Chalet. It also includes the property on Leslie where Browns Veterinary clinic was.  It does not include the property at the corner containing a strip plaza wit

Created: 2021-05-14

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Show community support for Camp Lutherlyn’s request to the County of Renfrew, Ontario, for property tax exemption for the land used solely for recreational use.

We, the undersigned residents of Renfrew County, would like the County of Renfrew to know that we support the application of Camp Lutherlyn for their request for a property tax exemption under the section of the Ontario Assessment Act that provides for exemption for land owned by religious organizations and used solely for recreational purposes. The exemption request is for all the property at 201 Lutherlyn Drive (Hoffman Beach) which has no buildings or other uses and a partial property tax exe

Created: 2021-02-04

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Support Richmond Hill residents’ right to choose flexible voting methods!

Richmond Hill residents and voters should have the option to vote online or by paper ballot in the 2022 Municipal Elections. At the June 9th Council Meeting the Clerk will be presenting a report about voting methods for the 2022 Municipal Elections for Council approval. Read the Clerk's Report here  The Council Accountability Group (CAG) feels that the decision on which voting method to use at the time of voting should be made by the voters based on their individual needs at that time.  By sign

Created: 2021-05-14

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STOP the BUILDING of 3477 Drummond St.

STOP the BUILDING of 3477 Drummond St. PETITION   If you want to: Keep your quality of life Continue to enjoy the picturesque views Preserve the family lifestyle of our neighbourhood Prevent traffic and parking nightmares   BE PROACTIVE AND OPPOSE THE PROJECT OF DEMOLITION-3477 DRUMMOND WITH YOUR SIGNATURE.   By signing: I agree with petition titled "STOP the BUILDING of 3477 Drummond St." to prevent real estate speculation from eliminating mountain and scenic views and negatively affecting th

Created: 2021-06-07

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Funko distribution in Canada is very limited and giving rights to one large company/corporation to distribute is not fair. The niche market sellers who understand and protect the Funko brand as well as the collectors should be able to purchase these product with easy and not being forced onto the price gouging second hand market because the big box company cannot distribute this product correctly or fairly to the consumers an don’t care about the brand only their bottom lines. I even wonder if a

Created: 2021-06-16

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New skatepark for Ingersoll

 This petition is to show support and to prove that there is a legitimate need for a new skatepark here in the town of ingersoll. The undersigned truely belive that our community and surrounding could strongly benefit from a new park. The undersigned strongly agree that our community and surrounding will benefit from a new park. The new skatepark will be a free to use, safe, inclusive and family orientated for users of all ages. The park will be professionally constructed by a company sellected

Created: 2019-09-13

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BE IT RESOLVED as a 3/4 Vote Resolution of the Owners, Strata Plan VR 732, Spuraway Gardens (the "Strata Corporation"), that the Bylaws of their Strata Corporation be amended as follows, such amendment to be effective upon the filing of an Amendment to the Bylaws in prescribed form at the Land Titles Office: Bylaw 38 currently reads as: No person shall bring a pet onto any part of the common property or a strata lot. To now read as follows: 38 (a) Strata Lot residents shall be entitled to keep o

Created: 2021-02-04

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