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Stand up against mandatory vaccination

The government and others in power CANNOT force a vaccination on you that is in its trial faze.  You CANNOT lose your job and CANNOT be left out of festivals and shopping centres if you haven't had a vaccination.  The government are bullying everyone into this vaccination that has proven fatal and the fact with it you can still catch and pass covid 19 onto others. Absolute joke. Stand up. Do not take this bullying and pressure. Please sign this petition so we have enough people to start a class

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An Appeal to Minister of Immigration, Honable Marco Mendicino, IRCC, Canada High Commissions & Visa Offices across the globe to expedite and prioritize Spouse Open Work Permit Applications under Family Reunification objectives of IRPA. On behalf of all Canada Spouse Open Work Permit Applicants and their families from India and across the globe who have an active Spouse Open Work Permit on which decision has not yet been rendered because of procedural delays at Canada High Commission & Vi

Created: 2021-10-13 Statistics

Bring back Schneiders skillet strips

Schneiders skillet strips tasted amazing. We miss them and wish for Schneiders to bring them back. They were perfect for breakfast or Dinner or just for a snack!

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SINCE 1870 our Family has been on our Great Grandfathers land at Jim’s Lake Quebec.  After our Grandfather Ceasar apaul died and handed his hunting, trapping, fishing and gathering land to our smother, the MERN took our land and divided it unlawfully into lots. Our land is Indian owned land and WE WANT IT BACK! Please sign this petition to help us reclaim what is heritorially ours!

Created: 2021-08-28 Statistics

Hold Dr. Fauci accountable for lying about COVID-19

To: Attorney General Merrick Garland US Department of Justice/950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW/Washington, DC 20530-0001 We are requesting that Dr. Anthony S. Fauci is investigated, and if found guilty, criminally charged for lying to the Senate during testimony, in which he stated the National Institutes of Health never funded gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab. Clear evidence shows that on Feb. 1, 2020 Fauci sent an email to the deputy director of the NIAID, Dr. Hugh Auchincloss. The email

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Funko distribution in Canada is very limited and giving rights to one large company/corporation to distribute is not fair. The niche market sellers who understand and protect the Funko brand as well as the collectors should be able to purchase these product with easy and not being forced onto the price gouging second hand market because the big box company cannot distribute this product correctly or fairly to the consumers an don’t care about the brand only their bottom lines. I even wonder if a

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In Support of Academic Freedom of Expression and Critical Thought

We believe in upholding the democratic values of freedom of speech, thought, and expression. We view Academic freedom of expression in universities as paramount to the process of higher education and empirically-grounded research. The suppression of opposing views stifles critical thought and debate, which are incredibly important parts of a university education and should be promoted and encouraged in both students and staff. We strongly oppose the idea that Academic Freedom should only apply

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NO TO VACCINATION TESTS IN AFRICA. AFRICANS ARE NOT GUINEA PIGS. While the Covid-19 stays à major problem around the globe, the number of victims continues to rise in various places such as France, Spain, the United States, Italy etc. Unlike these countries, African countries until now have the lowest rate of contamination. However, discussions have been initiated between Western scientists, international organizations, foreign and African governments in order to target the African people as sub

Created: 2020-04-03 Statistics

Langara should offer more classes online

Langara should offer more classes online.   Many of us were shocked to see that there were hardly any upper level courses available online for the spring semester, and this is forcing many of us back to campus. Whether we are caring for children, have vulnerable family members at home, live in different provinces or countries, or we simply we do not feel safe coming back to campus, we should have the option of taking our courses from the safety of our homes. We also know, from the past two years

Created: 2021-12-26 Statistics

Receive a refund from AU Dining Services

We deserve to be refunded a portion of our student meal plan as we were charged $1900 this semester. Most of us were not able to spend all of the money in our caf account, and many of us have a considerable sum left. This leftover money should either be refunded back to us or be used to pay for next semester's meal plan. Many of us were unable to eat on certain days because of conflicting schedules with our classes and the cafeteria, forcing us to choose one or the other. Bon Appetit is responsi

Created: 2021-12-16 Statistics