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Truth in the news

this is a letter I sent to CP24 - I want them to know that we are very tired of their miserable and incomplete versions of both our local and world news :   Why is CP24 coloring or slanting the news to meet its own agenda?  CP24 is not fully informing the public of any and all events that should be fully disclosed to the viewers.   Myself and 1000's of like-minded CANADIAN citizens are having to turn to alternate sources to be able to access the correct and entire full story of any news reported

Created: 2022-05-25 Statistics

Support LGBT people at UoR after pro-conversion therapy for trans people talk

The point of this petition is announce support for the LGBT students at the University of Reading and the larger community as a whole. On the 25th of April, a pro conversion therapy for trans people speaker was invited to the UoR. The UN has called conversion therapy torture and the talk violated several University of Reading policies but was still allowed to go ahead. The University of Reading should make a public apology as the talk was abusive, disciminatory and harassment using the UoR's own

Created: 2022-04-25 Statistics

Let’s stop Justin Boydell from victimizing anyone else.

Please sign this petition if you have been done wrong by this man. He victimized us and many others. He has hurt so many people and will continue to do so unless we as a community do something about it. 

Created: 2022-01-22 Statistics

قدردانی از حامد اسماعیلیون

آقای حامد اسماعیلیون گرامی ما، جمعی از فعالان سیاسی و مدنی برون مرزی، بدینوسیله قدردانی خود را از تلاش‌های مستمر و خستگی‌ناپذیر شما به عنوان سخنگوی «انجمن خانوادهٔ قربانیان پرواز پی‌اس ۷۵۲» برای سازماندهی و ایجاد هماهنگی در راهپیمایی‌های خارج از کشور در حمایت از جنبش انقلابی مردم ایران اعلام می‌کنیم. اندوه ناشی از مصیبتی که به شما و سایر خانواده های داغدار پرواز ۷۵۲ وارد شد، گرچه بسیار عظیم بود، اما شما را در سوگ متوقف نکرد و به انگیزه نیرومندی برای زنده نگاه داشتن جنبش ظلم‌ستیزی و رسیدن به آزاد

Created: 2022-10-31 Statistics

PETITION Municipal tax bill l'Ile-Bizard-Ste Genevieve. Year 2022.

The level of mandatory levies in Quebec is the highest in North America, and Montreal has the highest level of municipal taxes in Quebec. For the year 2022, L'Ile-Bizard-Ste Genevieve is hit by an average increase of 7.4%, or 3.2% for the city of Montreal, and the staggering rate of 28% for the borough.For comparison, a pensioner under the Quebec Pension Plan was increased over one year by 2.7%, and we do not think that salaries in the private or public sector are much more advantageous. This pr

Created: 2022-03-05 Statistics

End mask Mandates in Quebec Schools

We wish to express our concern over the mandatory masking of school children in some parts of Quebec.  There is widespread disagreement (and politicization) surrounding the efficacy of masks in preventing transmission. Unfortunately little research has been done to investigate masks in a school context, but the following study is relevant - looking at the filtration rates of various masks worn by a mannequin sitting in a large room: This chart demonstrates the performance of different masks and

Created: 2021-11-11 Statistics

Impeach Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau should be impeached for war crimes in Syria as well as the free trade agreements he has signed which has taken away money and jobs from families in the EU and Canada.

Created: 2017-02-18 Statistics

Petition to take legal action for defaming women by Natraj Master Alias Natraj Kasturi

Natraj Kasturi alias master has been a live participant on BiggBoss Non-stop show hosted by Hotstar and Star TV India Private Limited. During his live telecast, he has abused women calling them different animal names, body-shamed women based on appearances and insulting them and emotionally torturing them in the pretext of getting angry and losing control. He continues to do so even after coming out in various television platforms with derogatory remarks against women and their families. Kindly

Created: 2022-05-19 Statistics

Stop government-sponsored torture of protesting people in Sri Lanka

We strongly condemn the acts of sabotage and torture and intimidation of civilians by government personnel during peaceful protests and demonstrations

Created: 2022-04-01 Statistics

Boston College COVID-19 Booster Mandate

When signing, please include your connection to BC when you sign (Alumnus, Parent, Student, Faculty, Staff, etc....) URGENT COMMUNICATION   January 3, 2022 To: Fr. William P. Leahy and executive members of the Boston College Board of Trustees Dear Fr. Leahy and friends, We are a group of over 1,000 members of the Boston College family – parents, students, faculty, staff, and alumni – writing this urgent letter of concern to you, in consultation with expert clinicians, to request a time critical

Created: 2022-01-03 Statistics

To keep the Swan Hills Treatment Centre in operation to its full capabilities

Recently the UCP Alberta Government (Alberta Infrastructure) has reduced the Swan Hills Treatment Centre’s manpower and the waste we are allowed to process. This has resulted in:   Layoffs: These lay-offs have deeply affected the Town of Swan Hills, as SHTC is one of its biggest employers. The layoffs have also affected former employees and contractors from the communities of Edmonton, Whitecourt, Fort Assiniboine, Slave Lake and Barrhead.   Waste generators: having to find alternate means of d

Created: 2021-12-13 Statistics


The College of Paramedics of Manitoba seeks to increase the current Emergency Medical Responder training course from 120 hours to 360 hours, effectively tripling the commitment required from individuals. This is unreasonable and untenable if Fire Departments are to successfully recruit and retain “volunteer” Emergency Medical Responders within rural municipalities. We, the undersigned, believe that the current training course of 120 hours serves our communities well. We vehemently oppose the inc

Created: 2021-12-03 Statistics

Greater Moncton International John L. Jackie Vautour Airport

We have just lost a great character from modern Acadia in the person of Jackie Vautour.  Life offers us these happy and privileged moments to rub shoulders with other larger-than-life humans. For those who were lucky enough to personally know Jackie Vautour, it was one of those moments. When we talk about Jackie, it's hard not to mention Yvonne, his wife, with whom he was one of the most beautiful fusion couples in Acadia.  One does not have to know Jackie personally to realize that he was one o

Created: 2021-02-12 Statistics

Bring Back the Chicken, Fig + Brie Sandwich at Earls

Earls has removed the Chicken, Fig + Brie Sandwich from their menu. Sign this petition to show them why they need to add it back on the menu...forever!  *I do not own the rights to this photo. But damn, doesn't this look delicious? **Please make sure to finalize your signature by confirming your email address after you sign!

Created: 2020-11-17 Statistics


PETÍCIA podľa článku 20 ods.2 písm.d) Zmluvy o fungovaní Európskej únie (ZFEÚ) do rúk Rady Európskej únie na základe iniciatívy členov Združenia pre zdravú a spravodlivú spoločnosť (Združenie) a v spolupráci s Pro Libertate VO VECI: UMOŽNENIE RIADNEHO VYŠETRENIA PODOZRENÍ Z PORUŠENIA ÚNIJNÉHO PRÁVA A KORUPCIE A S TÝM SÚVISIACE ZBAVENIE IMUNITY PREDSEDNÍČKY EURÓPSKEJ KOMISIE P. URSULE VON DER LEYEN A ROZPUSTENIE EURÓPSKEJ KOMISIE   Upozorňujúc na to, že:   1)        Výbor pre reguláciu zdravotn

Created: 2022-11-28 Statistics

We NEED a dance remix of the Olivia Newton-John & Dolly Parton "Jolene" duet!

With the recent sad passing of pop ICON Olivia Newton-John, and her posthumus duets album coming out early in 2023, fans are most excited for a long-over duet with Dolly Parton of a song that was a big hit for BOTH of them, "Jolene." Now with Dolly's continued popularity, the time is right for a DANCE REMIX of this duet of "Jolene" and to bring it in to the dance clubs! It is a classic song that everyone loves and both ladies are gay icons, so the gay clubs would grab hold of it fast! Olivia's l

Created: 2022-11-22 Statistics

Save VIA Rail's 'Canadian' (aka 'VIA 1' and 'VIA 2') Transcontinental trains

These trains are considered among the top ten of railway journeys in the world and is almost ALWAYS sold out, especially in the summer months.  There is a lot of discussion on railway forums about the possibility VIA Rail may cancel much of the passenger service in Canada except along the Windsor-Montreal corridor.  Not only would this mean eliminating these two trains, it would also mean many who use other VIA Rail trains would not be able to travel between communities (especially since Greyhou

Created: 2022-11-13 Statistics

4 Day School Week In Ontario

As shown in other countires: Scotland, Spain, Iceland, and Japan they all have 4 day school weeks (in some of the areas in each country) accoring to A 4 day school week would help relief lots of stress off students but also teachers as it is a day to rest, mark, or make up new lessons. The money that is saved by Ontario when not having school on Friday will go towards daycares and child centres as some parents aren't able to provide

Created: 2022-11-02 Statistics

Developing Nations Stand Against Sodomy!

READ MORE: BBC and Daley Weaponise Games The British diver Tom Daley has started a campaign to overturn anti-sodomy laws in the Commonwealth. He wants no nation with such laws ever to host the Commonwealth Games.  That means only the white nations (UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) would host the games from now on. We the undersigned believe that nations are blessed when their laws follow the laws of God.  We support the right of nations to frame their own laws in line with Biblical princip

Created: 2022-08-24 Statistics

Stop Radar Traps on Millcreek and Copenhagen Road running 24x7x365

Our subdivision has already been reduced to 40km per hour, we are now a COMMUNITY SAFETY ZONE. Let's look at Copenhagen Rd. It’s 1.37 KM long and has 4 stop signs!!! And now we have 2 RADAR TRAPS that run 24/7 setup to get into our subdivision!!! Imagine friends and relatives coming to visit you and leaving in the late evening and not realizing these radar traps run 24/7. Neighbours who work shifts coming and going all times of the day and night having to slow down to 30km in a 40km per hour SAF

Created: 2022-08-18 Statistics