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Petition for Timetable Adjustment for BRT32 Section 3

We, the Students of BRT32 Section 3, have collectively agreed our in person classes on Thursdays at 8AM to 10AM, then at 4PM to 6PM, are unreasonably timed. The expectation that our day be put on hold for 6 hours between classes is wholly obstructive in our lives. Students who do not live in housing potentially have to spend 4 hours a day travelling to and from campus. This will inadvertently place more students on campus for much longer periods of time, in a time where bodies on campus are for

Created: 2022-01-14 Statistics

Make Children's clothing stores an essential service.

Hello My name is Chanelle, I am starting this petition to see if some of my family, friends, and I can possibly make a difference during this difficult time. Before I voice my concerns I'd just like to say that when Covid was first declared a global pandemic last year I was a nurses aid in a Hospital in England. I worked on a Covid ward and saw people with the virus first hand. Covid is very real and I believe in taking precautions in protecting ourselves and the vulnerable. That being said this

Created: 2021-05-25 Statistics

International Treaty to Protect and Restore Mother Earth

International Treaty to Protect and Restore Mother Earth Preamble We, the Members of the Human Family speak as one, guided by the sacred teachings and spiritual traditions of the Four Directions that uplift, guide, protect, warn, inspire and challenge the entire Human Family to live in ways that sustain and enhance human life and the lives of all who dwell on Mother Earth.  We hereby dedicate our lives and energies to healing and developing ourselves, the web of relationships that make our worl

Created: 2020-12-22 Statistics

As a resident of Kamloops and area, you are invited to join thousands of concerned citizen leaders across Canada and the world to make a specific commitment towards a more sustainable world.

Your commitment is twofold: 1)   I acknowledge the need for urgent action to keep global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees, as called for by the International Panel on Climate Change and discussed at COP 26; and 2)   I pledge to do everything within my power, with my fellow citizens and all levels of government, to meet that goal.

Created: 2021-11-01 Statistics

Save Yennadon Land and its Animal Inhabitants!

The City of Maple Ridge is planning to develop Yennadon, a beautiful, fragile ecosystem that is home to eagles, hawks, owls, bears, squirrels, deer, bees and pollinators, and other wildlife. Instead, we would like the City to consecrate this area as a sanctuary for nature and wildlife, never to be developed. As caring, responsible citizens concerned about climate change, we ask that this area become part of the 50% of untouched land that is needed, as reported by National Geographic, to keep Ear

Created: 2020-11-16 Statistics


Over the last few years, Rycroft has been under alot of stress because things are going missing, things are being wrecked and why? Because the use of drones are not prohibited. Almost everyday we see the same drone flying over every house, every local bussines in town. It is looking into windows, backyards, and shops. is this right?  Today i have made this petition because my household is on edge every night, thinking whats going to be gone when i wake up? This is something our town shouldnt hav

Created: 2021-11-04 Statistics

New Brunswick Business Immigrant Association (NBBIA) Needs Your Support /L'Association des gens d'affaires immigrants du Nouveau-Brunswick (AIBNB) a besoin de votre soutien

The New Brunswick Business Immigrant Association is seeking your support by signing this petition.  Our question is - "Do you feel that an association made up of an immigrant board of directors serving immigrant startup and entrepreneurs across New Brunswick is a valuable resource?  Our association will provide a membership based organization that will be lead by newcomers for newcomers.  Our goal is to bring the newcomer business community together by offering support with peer to peer mentorin

Created: 2021-08-12 Statistics

More HandyDart Buses in Chilliwack, BC

The City of Chilliwack needs more HandyDart buses. We are asking you to sign this petition because with the lack of buses available now to those who have a disability. They are having trouble accessing their day programs, andare not getting to appointments on time. They have long wait times for the next bus, and do not get to receive their full service hours at programs. This is due to the limited number of buses that are currently in use. Those with disabilities would greatly benefit from more

Created: 2021-08-16 Statistics

A Swiss National Strategy for Long COVID and ME/CFS Patients

Dear Federal Council, Dear Parliament, Dear FOPH, Dear Conference of Cantonal Directors of Public Health (GDK) and Medical Specialists Association FMH, Dear Cantonal and City Parliaments of all Swiss Cantons,    A SWISS NATIONAL STRATEGY FOR LONG COVID AND ME/CFS PATIENTS   ME/CFS Schweiz, which has been working for patients with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) for over 25 years, would like to urge you to recognise that, according to case figures from the UK, one i

Created: 2021-03-22 Statistics

Let’s stop Justin Boydell from victimizing anyone else.

Please sign this petition if you have been done wrong by this man. He victimized us and many others. He has hurt so many people and will continue to do so unless we as a community do something about it. 

Created: 2022-01-22 Statistics