Call For a SAHPA Special General Meeting (SGM)

Request by members for directors of [SAHPA – SOUTH AFRICAN HANG GLIDING AND PARAGLIDING ASSOCIATION ] to call a special general meeting

The members signing this document request that the directors of [SAHPA – SOUTH AFRICAN HANG GLIDING AND PARAGLIDING ASSOCIATION] call and arrange to hold a general meeting of the corporation to consider the resolutions listed below. The members signing this document nominate [Ronnie Beukes and Zenti Bishop] to be the contact members for this request.

Proposed resolution 1: That, under the articles of association, the current Sahpa executive committee members be removed as directors of [SAHPA].

Proposed resolution 2: That, if resolution 1 is passed, an election be held to appoint a voluntary temporary committee to become directors until such time of the next Annual General Meeting.

Proposed resolution 3: To Incorporate SAHPA ATO into the articles of association and convert it into a DTO that will serve all members of SAHPA should they wish to.

Proposed resolution 4: That, if resolution 3 is passed, Future cancelation of such a ATO/ DTO will only be considered at an SGM, EGM, or AGM where a quorum has been achieved.

Zenti Bishop , Ronnie Beukes    Contact the author of the petition