Call for the dissolution of the current SRC and Appointment of an Interim SRC

To this day, the SRC has not been accountable to the general student populace as well as its affiliated structures. Meaning no General Council has been constituted nor an AGM during the SRC’s term of office. With only one mass meeting which they used UWC cleaners to meet quorum. The SRC constitution is strict that the above-mentioned meetings are binding and that should the SRC fail the Rector may dissolve the SRC and appoint an interim structure.

"6.2.1     The SRC must convene a student body (mass) meeting for all students at least   once per academic semester to consolidate and receive its mandate, report to students and provide a platform for debate which serves as a tool to translate the principles of democracy, accountability and transparency of student governance into action."

"6.1.5     Should the SRC fail to convene an AGM by the end of the third term, the Rector may dissolve the SRC and facilitate a process of establishing an interim SRC."


In addition, there are a number of vacancies within the structure, including the office of the Secretary-General and we have not been formally made aware of this but instead, we see that communications are now being sent by the Deputy Secretary General. The SRC constitution is clear that vacancies will come from the next person/ structure on the previous election results.

"9.6.4     Should a vacancy occur in the SRC, the candidate at the last SRC election who had the next highest number of votes shall fill the vacancy if s/he is available"


We encourage students to sign this petition so that it is used to force the SRC to have an AGM, or be used as evidence for the Rector to dissolve them.

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