Ratification of chemical engineering classes in the summer.

We’re reaching out to you, individually, to reason together and perhaps, find the path forward regarding the cancelled CHEN summer classes.

It’s been a tradition, at Lamar, that students do have an opportunity to take upper level CHEN classes during the summer. Those who do-and are successful-do end up graduating one year early.

Some of us had hoped this would only continue this summer and have lined up our hopes on taking these classes this summer. Unfortunately, this policy has changed this year. I believe we have a shot inquiring even further from the college’s administration and see if this could be reversed so that those who are interested can take their classes as usual during the summer. We’re reaching out to you to show your interest and perhaps share your name, and ID and we will get some representatives to press on with this request.   We will talk to the head of college, if not successful, we will reach out to the dean.

We want to have the names filed this week and would request a meeting with the head of college and dean this week, too.

If you know anyone who is interested, even from the previous class, kindly inform them and let them forward to you their names and IDs. 

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