Australia is sick of Chemtrails and hazzy skies

...Australians have had enough of the systematic poisoning of our skies and we need your help to show the government that we have reached a critical mass awakening to the scam in the sky... 

...Chemtrail's are indeed real and very muchly different to that of a contrail... Chemtrail's contain dangerous chemicals like Aluminium (linked to alzhiemers and other nuerological disease's that we really do need to give a shit about) and Barium, which so far is only known as a radioactive substance ummmm WTF???... So it's in our rain water, our food etc etc etc... Look into it... Google and YouTube lol

...I am just a single mum who has watched Chemtrail's as a kid and since growing up, having children and questioning everything about the world we live in, Chemtrails and many other atrocities purposely inflicted onto unsuspecting innocent people because of mad scientist's and psychopaths, well it just doesn't sit well in my stomach... 

...It's time to stand up as one and show them that we have the power... Myself along with many others document our skies and post the pictures to "Melbourne against Chemtrail's" but we want to do more... Someone suggested a Class action lawsuit, so I'm thinking a petition along side that cannot go unnoticed... 

...Thanks for your time and please share along... :)

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