Oppose Change of use of Land in CROSSWAY to Light Industrial/Commercial

 In addition to stopping new Housing please help prevent the following:-


6/2019/0810/FULL - Retention of equestrian building for existing use for the storage of timber, carpentry/Joinery workshop.


6/2019/0811/FULL - Retrospective change of use of existing equestrian building to class B1(a) Light Industry B2 (General Industry) or B8 ( Storage & Distribution) with associated vehicle parking.

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Our objections are to these sites are :-


1.     The land is currently green belt and there is no adequate justification provided for a change to industrial use.  

2.     The site abuts the Sherrards Park Wood Complex – a Site of Special Scientific Interest – specifically Malms Wood and Rectory Wood. There is a footpath running alongside the western edge of Malms wood that is beside the fence separating the wood from the land which is marked in red and seems to be part of          the application. Industrial use of the stables site will have a negative impact on the wildlife and the enjoyment of the nature reserve. 

3.     Once the site is granted industrial use there will be few constraints on it diversifying from a small-scale timber reclamation operation to include other more intrusive activities with potentially even more significant negative effects of the local environment.

4.     Industrial activities will create increased volumes of traffic down Crossway. The applicant has not given any indication as to the volumes of traffic nor the types of vehicle. The road is unsuitable for HGVs without major road-widening works taking place, there is insufficient width for two trucks to pass.  

5.     The submitted plans show some areas outlined in red and some in green, however there are no keys provided on any of the submitted plans, so it is unclear as to the full extent of the area covered by the application. Without a detailed plan showing precisely the area to be reclassified the application must be rejected – a vague statement about stables is insufficient since the plans seem to include several hectares of pasture as part of the application.    

6.    The area marked in red on the plans includes the extension of Crossway up to the motorway which is used as access to other parcels of land by other parties including access by the public to the footpaths in Malms wood, access by the council to Malms wood and by the occupiers of the residence and stables on the north side of the road. Assuming this road is not under the control of the applicant and would therefore not be changed to industrial use which would be opposed.  

7.     A short distance from the proposed development is residential, an area known collectively as the Knightsfield part of Welwyn Garden City. This area would be affected by the introduction of "Light Industry B2".  It is effectively residential and green belt land where historically no industrial units have existed.  There are numerous industrial areas located within Welwyn Garden City more suited for the type of work intended by the applicant, where the transport infrastructure, namely access roads, street lighting, parking etc are already in place.  

8.     This type of infrastructure does not exist on the approach to the applicant’s premises through Crossway, where there is a single-track road dissecting an area of woodland that separates both sides of Crossway. This stretch of road through the woodland does not have street lighting and no footpaths for pedestrians use.  

9.    Crossway becomes an unofficial drop off and pick zone for hundreds of school children attending Monks Walk School in vehicles at the beginning and end of every school day, with scores of cars parking during these times. This increasing risk to childrens welfare when industrial and commercial intersects.

10.  Crossway and Malms Wood, leading to the extensive Sherrards Wood, is attractive to many families out for a walk, dog walkers, horse riders and sports cyclists frequenting the area to enjoy its natural beauty and the environment the area  provides. The introduction of "light industry" in such an area is certainly not conducive with these activities, with the anticipated increase in traffic using the approach roads posing a possible danger where there are no footpaths for pedestrians.

11.  The impact on the environment that such a development will have on an area must be a considerable consideration when deciding to allow or refuse these planning applications. Communities are being encouraged to protect our environment, to preserve wildlife habitats and the flora and forna including a well-established bat colony.

12.  Any large-scale development is against the preservation and conservation of the area, contrary to the ethos of Welwyn Garden City and Estate Management policy.    


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