Cutting Down on Styrofoam at School

 I know that Lower Merion School District is committed to being eco-friendly. In 2013, the district won the 'Green Ribbon Schools District Sustainability Award'. This award is given to only a handful of Districts nationwide who are committed to helping the environment. Despite LMSD's care of staying green, students dispose of pounds of styrofoam containers in their cafeteria's each day. Styrofoam is incredibly detrimental to the environment and the health of people exposed to it. LMSD has shown they are capable of doing better. I know we can do better.

     Here are some reasons why we need to quit styrofoam:

-Styrofoam is non-biodegradable

-Styrofoam floats and therefore is a major contributor to animal harm as a result of choking and chemical let off

-Large amounts of Polystyrene are created during distribution that pollute air

-Styrene, a chemical in styrofoam is harmful to skin, eyes and lungs (if ingested)

Styrofoam hurts the environment and people who use it. It is both unsafe for students, food and the world we're being prepared to live in. Please join me in taking one crucial step to making our schools a greener place.

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