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Steina Vasulka á heiðurslaun listamanna

Við undirrituð hvetjum stjórnvöld til að nýta heimildir um heiðurslaun listamanna og veita Steinu Vasulka heiðurslaunin eins fljótt og auðið er. Steina Vasulka sem er fædd Steinunn Briem Bjarnadóttir í Reykjavík árið 1940, er alþjóðlegur frumkvöðull á sviði videólistar allt frá því hún hóf að starfa með miðilinn 1967. Steina og eiginmaður hennar Woody Vasulka (fæddur í Tékklandi árið 1937 og einn af tengdasonum Íslands) fluttu til New York árið 1965 þar sem þau kynntust vídeói sem þá var nýr og

Created: 2016-11-01

Time period All countries Czech Republic
All time 310 12
2016 309 12

Orwell's law

We, the signed below this document, are aware that it is neccessary to address national defense abilities in the field of cyber security, but we have an urgent need for fundamental human rights and freedoms, however, at the same time, we have to watch out for preservation of basic human rights and freedoms. We are seriously concerned about the current wording of the proposed amendment which makes acts that are associated with it vulnerable to abuse. In order to resolve this issue we are callin

Created: 2016-12-27

Time period All countries Czech Republic
All time 1642 1588
2016 14 11

Romania to Eurovision 2016!

PRO TV and Ovidiu Anton join forces to bring Eurovision 2016 in Romania! Ovidiu Anton is the artist chosen by Romanians to represent the country at Eurovision. The exclusion from the competition only 2 weeks before the start is a major disappointment for Ovidiu and his Romanian supporters after all the eforts that were invested to get to this point. The song "Moment of Silence" deserves to be heard on the stage in Stockholm and the Romanian viewers deserve to see this event. This way, Ovidiu’s e

Created: 2016-04-26

Time period All countries Czech Republic
All time 21182 11
2016 21177 11

Support Polish Democracy

We are worried about democracy and censorship in Europe. We support the Polish PiS Government in creating democracy in Poland. Democracy is based on debate and freedom of speech together with transparency in public life and equality of citizens before the law. The Polish media including TVP, TVN, Gazeta Wyborcza and mainstream newspapers for the past many years have been very one sided in favor of PO government and against the PiS opposition. The former PO government purged a large number of f

Created: 2016-01-08

Time period All countries Czech Republic
All time 20275 12
2016 19718 11


  PETITION TO SAVE JOSEF FRANK’S MOST SIGNIFICANT BUILDING Villa Beer (1929-1930) is one of the most important works of private housing of the 1920ies and 1930ies. Designed by Josef Frank and Oskar Wlach, it is on par with other important Modernist buildings by such architects as Le Corbusier, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe or Adolf Loos. Just recently Villa Beer was opened for one weekend only as part of a major Josef Frank retrospective exhibition held at the MAK (Museum for Applied Arts Vienna). T

Created: 2016-12-22

Time period All countries Czech Republic
All time 1559 21
2016 344 10

Grimm S6 should not be the last

I belive that Grimm season six should not be the last season of the amazing show. I always watch Grimm each night it is on and in my spare time I watch it too and would love it to have more seasons and if you belive it should too please sign this petition. 

Created: 2016-08-30

Time period All countries Czech Republic
All time 1887 10
2016 1872 10


In an interview to Radio "Liberty" Levon Hayrapetyan once said that if he had a choice - life or well-being of Karabakh, he does not hesitate to chose Karabakh. Of course, so are many Armenians say, but there is hardly a few words, whose words will not cause the irony. Hayraetyan is a famous businessman and philanthropist, assisting the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (Artsakh). In Karabakh Hayrapetyan has implemented a number of major charitable projects aimed to the social and economic developme

Created: 2016-04-14

Time period All countries Czech Republic
All time 10568 8
2016 10558 8

GROSS GORE´s Comeback

Sign here to have some sort of hope to bring back the legend if at least 5000 people sign here their name ill send it to the twitch email twice a day to the moment they will respond. We still have a chance Ali,we still have a chance your biggest fan Jacob from Czech Republic

Created: 2016-04-24

Time period All countries Czech Republic
All time 13 7
2016 13 7

Save Vine!

Vine is an important community for so many people! It has helped me find so many friends and is honestly an incredible creative outlet. Help keep Vine alive! Sign this petition to give all Viner's out there a shot! Enter your vine name. 

Created: 2016-10-27

Time period All countries Czech Republic
All time 5057 6
2016 5045 6

Please give a legit explanation why team Thailand lost two points and does not allow substitutions s

Another one petition website, pls sign it too! On behalf of Thailand Volleyball fan,We just watched volleyball game between Thailand-Japan. That's very fantastic match during game I appreciate their agility & willful that made it's a good match until come along to final set(5sets). THE REFEREE gave 2 yellows cards while ......1. Thailand lead 12-6 , Thai's coach tried to put the button for substitution his p

Created: 2016-05-18

Time period All countries Czech Republic
All time 174181 6
2016 174171 6