Most popular petitions in Czech Republic in 2016

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Stop the killing of straycats in the city of Bruges, Belgium!

Straycats are being killed because of ‘huntinglaws’ in the shelter of Bruges. Non profit organisation Kat zoekt thuis (‘Cat looking for a home’) has been neutering starycats for years in Bruges, at their own expense. Normally, this is at the responsibility and costs of the city counsel. In the past, we have had numerous contacts with the city counsel to improve the straycat-policy. Now, sadly, the city of Bruges is placing huntinglaws above animal welfare. Feral straycats are not neutered and r

Created: 2015-03-26

Time period All countries Czech Republic
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2016 1060 2

Stop the 16 March marches and Latvians revising history!

  Stop the 16th March marches in Riga, Latvia and Latvians revising history!      Since 1998 on the 16th of March and every year, in the very centre of Riga, Latvia, marches have been regularly held to praise the ‘heroism’ of the former Latvian Legion, i.e.Waffen SS veterans in their combat against the allies during the Second World War. Each year these events have received tacit (and sometimes very explicit and public) support from state authorities (in 2012 from the president himself) and have

Created: 2012-01-21

Time period All countries Czech Republic
All time 6948 10
2016 56 2

PETITION - Save the International Sculpture Park in Prostejov City !!!

PETITION in accordance with Art. 18 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms and the Act no. 85/1990 Coll. on the right of petition   Save the International Sculpture Park in Prostejov City !!!   We object to the decision no. 5520 dated 26. 5. 2015 published by the Council of Prostejov City on the removal, sale and liquidation of sculptures from the Smetana Park, as listed on the city's website. We object to the uncivilized way, removal, sale or liquidation of the 33 pieces of wooden sc

Created: 2015-06-24

Time period All countries Czech Republic
All time 58 51
2016 1 1

Petition against the reintroduction of military service

We are not the army. What will they do mothers who have children? After all, among us there are those who do not need the army and want to achieve something. After graduating high school to go to university. Why should these people go to war? People who do not repekt to authority is something else, but today's Youth's not ready to battle. Yet it is said that in war you walk like a man, so today but it's different!

Created: 2014-06-14

Time period All countries Czech Republic
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2016 4 1