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Nomination of THE PHOTODEPARTMENT at DMJX for The Danish Photography Honor Award "Fotogratula"

Dear photojournalists and friends We would like to nominate The photodepartment at The Danish School of Media and Journalism, campus west, w/Søren Pagter and Mads Greve to The Danish Photographys honor award "Fotogratula'14" The award is "to those who gives honour to the professional photography. It its given to a person, group or institution who have done something special for danish photography and politically, technically, artisticly or through another way have liftet the professional photogr

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Shorten our lunch break by 15 minutes

This is for all the students and teachers at UCN Porthusgade who wants the lunch break reduced by 15 minutes. Since the start of the 2nd semester our lunch break has lasted from 11.30 up to 12.15. The argument for this extra long break is that there will not be enough room in the canteen for everyone if the break is only 30 minutes. In the Student Council we are determined to change this back to the original lunch break time from 11.30 to 12.00 so that the day in the end will be shortened by 15

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Students at SAMBach demand feedback

Students at SAMBach demand feedback Feedback is an essential part of learning and improving – because it is through dialog, you will know in which areas to improve and how to do better. When you hand in papers and do not get feedback, you reduce the examinations to a stop-test dividing students into passes/failed – instead of making it an educational tool. Without feedback, it impossible to know how to improve – regardless of whether you pass or fail. That means that many students feel indiffe

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Dog Dragged to Death

On Friday April 20, a dog was tied to the back of a car and dragged to death on the Gyeongbuk expressway in Seoul, South Korea. A police investigation is underway to find the person(s) responsible for this malicious crime. Eyewitnesses have provided video footage and the license plate number to Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) ( CARE has handed this evidence to the Seocho police station, filed an official police report, and is doing everything possible to support t

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Ólafur Ragnar: Við skorum á þig að hætta!

Kæri Ólafur Ragnar.  Við skorum á þig að hætta við að bjóða þig fram til embættis forseta Íslands.  Nú er komið nóg.

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Save the Norwegian Institute at Athens!

(English version - scroll down for Norwegian) Petition: Save the Norwegian Institute at Athens! The Norwegian Institute at Athens has for the past three decades been of great importance for the teaching, research, publishing, and dissemination of the culture, history, archaeology, and languages of the Eastern Mediterranean. Now, the Norwegian Institute is facing the danger of becoming terminally shut down, or critically underfunded, due to the severance of its financial support from two of the p

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Stop the planned implementation of HOFO on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

European Aviation Safety Agency(EASA) has developed a set of new common European regulations for helicopter operations offshore.The new regulations will put Norwegian authorities under pressure to open the Norwegian continental shelf for operators from other countries.Helicopter companies operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf today, are approved and controlled by the Norwegian authorities.If the new rules are implemented in Norway, it will be full steam ahead for operators from any EU cou

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Mótmælum að neyða Íslensk börn úr landi til ofbeldisfulls föður!

Við undirrituð, skorum á þingmenn, að beita sér fyrir því, að réttlæti og öryggi Emmu Sóldísar,(6) Matildu Sóldísar, (5) Míu Sóldísar (3) Sóloni Svan (13) verði tryggður, meðan þau sæta nauðungarflutningi til Danmerkur, gegn vilja þeirra og móðurinnar, og bíða niðurstöðu í dómsmáli þar í landi um endanlegt forræði yfir börnunum. Við mótmælum dómi Hæstaréttar þar sem ekki var tekið tillit til barnanna og krefjumst að dómurinn verði endurskoðaður með tilliti til gagna málsins. Við krefjumst þess

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Raise the VAT and duty free level on gifts

If you, as a private individual receive a gift from another private individual residing in a country outside the EU, you must pay VAT and customs duty if the gift has a value of more than 360 dkk. That makes it difficult to those of us living outside of the EU to send presents to family and friends. This limit has not been raised in the past 20 years and we think it is time.   You can read more here:   Kind regards, Rikke and Gertrud.

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Petition for Animal and Nature Police establishment  Thank you for your allowing to really know yourself and really create a new life for Romania”s animals and nature! We live in a hostile , chaotic and hectic environment. Fortunately, we have laws that either prevent disastrous events, or save us from the clutches of danger. It's not just us, but pets and nature need laws to protect them, too. Please accept my choice to write as schematically as possible, I felt it so much easier you'll memoriz

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