ELIMINATE all Elements of Comprehensive Sexual Education & Gender Agenda

     We, as concerned citizens of Oklahoma are deeply concerned that highly controversial “comprehensive sexuality education” (CSE) programs are increasingly being presented to children in Oklahoma and across America and are harming them in many ways.  

What is CSE?  

  • Alters the sexual and gender norms of society   
  • De-constructs family  
  • Undermines the parent-child relationship-violating parental rights   
  • Teaches youths to advocate for their sexual rights   
  • Indoctrinate youths to embrace radical sexual and gender ideologies   
  • Promotes sexual rights and abortions   
  • Encourages promiscuity, high risk behaviors, and sexual pleasures, even to the youngest of children These highly controversial CSE programs go far beyond traditional sex education, as they indoctrinate youth to embrace radical sexual and gender ideologies, promote sexual rights and abortion, and encourage promiscuity, high-risk sexual behaviors, and sexual pleasure, even to the very youngest of children.

In short, these programs are designed to dramatically alter the sexual and gender norms of society. Increasingly, in addition to being pushed as part of the school curriculum, harmful CSE materials are appearing on school-provided laptops, tablets and other devices, public school libraries, in community, after-school, and peer education programs, and now, even one of the largest pornography sites is offering CSE.      

     We are deeply troubled that Oklahoma Governor signed into law legislation that laid the foundation for comprehensive sexual education, specifically:

  1. SB 926 by: Floyd of the Senate and bus, Bell, and Branham of the House- signed into law 4/23/2019.
  2. HB 1103 by Vancuren, Davis and Waldron of the House and Haste of the Senate-signed into law 5/4/2021; and
  3. SB 89 by Haste of the Senate and Baker and McEntire of the House-signed into law 4/28/2021

Including, codification of Trauma Informed, HIV, LGBTQ Inclusion and SEL legislation. Funding Sources     

     These dangerous programs will sexualize children in Oklahoma, threatening their health and compromising their innocence are being aggressively promoted and/or funded by organizations, such as:

  1. FoSE
  3. Amplify
  4. Advocates for Youths
  5. GLSEN
  6. Aware Answer
  7. Planned Parenthood
  8. Planned Parenthood International
  9. NEA/OEA
  10. Oklahoma State Department of Education
  11. American Rescue Plan Act (ARPAP)
  12. US Department of Education
  13. UN agencies, UNICEF, the World Health Organization, UNFPA, UNESCO, and the OHCHR, We warn that harmful CSE materials are being deceptively disguised as programs to promote abstinence, family life, HIV prevention, sexual and reproductive health education, and more.  

CSE the Gateway to Gender Affirming Care

     CSE and gender agenda is manufacturing transgender children as well as “manufacturing their depression, their anxiety and its turned into a huge industry the people are profiting from after kids lives are completely torn apart-that’s child abuse.” Retrieved from GenderAgenda | Family Watch

CSE and gender agenda has infiltrated our K-12 public education programs. Gender affirmative care includes but not limited to gender surgeries, puberty blockers and hormone therapy.   Oklahoma has multiple hospitals, clinics and telehealth/medical (virtual) available to minors for gender affirming care. Last, there are no safeguards to ensure that consent has been verified by the medical providers and concerns consent may be given under duress.                        

     We, therefore, call upon the Oklahoma Legislators to:

  1. Repeal all legislation signed into law containing all elements of comprehensive sexual education including SB926; SB89; and HB 1103.  
  2. Re-define Health Education by limiting to PE and nutrition.  
  3. Prohibit the application for, training and use of micro-credentials for teaching comprehensive sexual education, sex education as a stand-alone or integrated program.  
  4. Amend existing legal statutes regarding adults and parents’ consent for minor children obtaining alcohol, tobacco, and tattoos to include gender affirmative surgeries, puberty blockers, hormones, telehealth and telemedical for gender affirmative medical care.  
  5. Prohibit the practice of gender affirmative therapy for K-12 school psychological counseling services.  
  6. Prohibit Parental Consent by Duress- Parental custody and rights will be protected and be given legal recourse in the context of gender affirming surgeries, medical and therapy.  
  7. OK Legislators require a forensic audit of the State Department of Education, all local school boards and local schools for money used for all elements of CSE, gender affirmative therapy, micro-credentials for CSE/Sex Ed, hard copy & digital curriculum, books, surveys, questionnaires.    
  8. Create a procedure for the purposes of a Task Force to conduct a compliance review of all K-12 public school libraries for and removal of explicit sexual books (hard copy & digital) and materials. This Task Force will be representative of parents and constituents in every school district.    
  9. Codify that all Oklahoma public school libraries be required to use a software that allows the parents and guardians to set parental controls on their children’s public school library account and monitor what their children access.                                                    

Deborah Campbell, Chair for Moms for Liberty Stephens County, OK    Contact the author of the petition

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