Emergency Request for Drug and Task Force for Town N Country

We are experiencing a noticeable increase of vagrant drug addicts and drug dealers in Town N Country.

Businesses along Hillsborough Ave. say they are finding human feces, hypodermic needles, and trash in front and behind their businesses in the morning.

Drug dealers are regularly delivering drugs in the open.

Drug dealers have been seen delivering drugs to Jr High age students with back packs before they get on their school bus.

Addict vagrants are seen daily along Hillsborough and in front of businesses loitering and under the influence every day and sleeping in strip centers at night.

Bloody hypodermic needles have been found around elementary schools.

Addict vagrants have set up encampments on unfenced vacant, private buildings or wooded properties where police cannot remove them.

Visible on these encampments is prostitution, mattresses, furniture, trash, human excrement and drug dealing.

Vagrants are living under unfenced bridges, along the canals and in the park. People have been robbed regularly- especially the elderly who reside north of Hillsborough.

Well- meaning individuals and some local churches are indiscriminately handing out food or money to these vagrants. Studies show, and our local HCSO deputies have confirmed, that this attracts more drug addicts to an area.

Many have police records and are criminals.

Local deputies say they arrest individuals and they are released without bond and back here sometimes even before the police get back.

We need your signature to help get laws and procedures in place so our local HCSO can do their jobs of protecting our community and families.

Thank you,
Town N Country Neighborhood Alliance



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