End Ambazonia Terrorism Arrest All Ambazonia Leaders and Active Supports In diaspora In


The Ambaboys who represent armed groups on the ground and who take orders from leaders living in the diaspora in various countries have committed themselves to acts of barbarism of unheard-of violence.

Indeed the latter are authors of the most inhuman terrorist acts, attacking the armed forces, massacring the civilian populations (men, women, children), kidnapping civilians for ransom, raping women of all ages, destroying and stealing goods of the populations including the Bororo tribe which pays a heavy tribe.

The examples to illustrate them are obvious:

  • Massacre of Children in Kumba
  • Bororos Massacre
  • Macabre Assassination of Florence Ayafor
  • Murder of a woman in Muyuka
  • Murders of young girls such as Diane, Treasure
  • Bomb attacks in Bamenda etc

Expected Actions

  1. We ask through this petition that actions of prosecution and arrests be made against all Ambazonian leaders or that they are in the world.
  2. That the financial and media supports of Ambozian propaganda be neutralized and delivered to justice
  3. That the terrorist organization BAS secular arm of the Ambazonians be definitively neutralized and brought to justice in France and wherever they are, this because of their unconditional support for Ambazonian terrorism and in particular the multiple calls for the purchase of arms and support for Ambazonian leaders armed.
  4. That the Minister of Foreign Relations take up this serious matter which is grieving families and take action in a strong tone in all diplomatic representations of countries in which Ambazonian supports are found.

Invitation to signature

Peace-loving Cameroonian people, you are overwhelmingly invited to sign this petition with all your heart and soul in support of the brothers bruised by pain and to actively participate in the end of this terrorism which shakes us all.



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