End Water Fluoridation in Buffalo NY

Water is necessary not only for drinking, but also for food production and preparation, personal hygiene, care of the sick, cleaning, washing, waste disposal and care of domestic animals. Access to safe drinking water is a basic human right. It is now known that the policy of fluoridation of drinking water supplies is unsafe and places an unacceptable health burden on people and an unsustainable impact on the environment.

While the practice of fluoridation of drinking water was intended to have a beneficial effect on caries prevention and to reduce social inequalities in dental health, there is now unequivocal evidence to show that the practice is now contributing to adverse public health risks and environmental impacts. The public have always been assured that there was absolutely no possibility of any harm or risk from fluoridation of water. There is now unequivocal evidence that demonstrates that this is not the case.

After ingestion, fluoride is rapidly and virtually totally absorbed into the blood and distributes between organs and tissues. On an average, approximately 50% of the fluoride ingested by our body each day is excreted through the kidneys while the remaining fluoride accumulates in the bones, teeth, pineal glands and other tissues.

I will be citing a report done by Declan Waugh an Environmental Technologist-Environmental Scientist by profession; Chartered Water Manager, Chartered Environmentalist, Chartered Waste Manager and registered Environmental Auditor. Environmental Expert in Water Fluoridation, Waste Management, Acoustics, Sustainability, Renewable Energy, Environmental Management and Impact Assessment.

This report I'm citing presents the scientific and medical evidence from over twelve hundred peer-reviewed scientific articles that demonstrates beyond any reasonable doubt that fluoridation of drinking water is a significant contributory factor to the negative health burden.

In 2005, the heads of 11 EPA unions, including ones representing the agency's scientists, pleaded with the EPA to reduce the permissible level of fluoride in water to zero, citing research suggesting it can cause cancer.

The Environmental Protection Agency released two new reviews of research on fluoride. One of the studies found that prolonged, high intake of fluoride can increase the risk of brittle bones, fractures and crippling bone abnormalities.

Nobel Prize winner in Medicine, Dr. Arvid Carlsson, says, “Fluoridation is against all principles of modern pharmacology. It’s really obsolete.”

Democrat Peter Vallone has been trying to stop the practice ,which he believes can have adverse health effects.

“This toxic chemical is in everything you eat and almost everything you drink,” Vallone told a group of school children and other supporters.

“Unfortunately, when the government says it’s good for you, everyone says, ‘It must be okay.’ Well, it’s not okay.”

The most recent study (by Valdez-Jimenez, et al) published in the Journal Neurologia reported that "the prolonged ingestion of fluoride may cause significant damage to health and particularly to the nervous system”. The study examined how fluoride induces changes in the brain's physical structure and biochemistry which affects the neurological and mental development of individuals including cognitive processes, such as learning and memory. The study examined how fluoride can accumulate in the body, and how it has been shown that continuous exposure to fluoride causes damaging effects on body tissues, particularly the nervous system. The study found that fluoride can be toxic by ingesting at one part per million (ppm). It further observed that the effects at this concentration are not immediate and that it can take 20 years or more for its toxic effect to become evident. This study observed that chronic exposure to, and ingestion of, the synthetic fluoride chemicals added to water supplies can cause serious brain and neurological damage.

It is notable that the link between fluoride exposure and weakening bone strength was also accepted by the USA Scientific Committee of the National Research Council.

The significance of any association between fluoride, diabetes, kidney failure, skeletal fluorosis and other critical diseases cannot be underestimated. These findings are of major significance demanding, in the interests of public health and safety, an immediate response from the State requiring the cessation of the water fluoridation policy without delay!

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