Essex county to adopt provincial ATV by-law

I would like to try to get as many signutares as possible to get Essex county to adopt the already in place Provincial  by-law of allowing ATV's to be riding on the roadside, The abilty to travel to work visit friends, and evn perhaphs create more accesabilty for trails in Essex county

What qualifies as an all-terrain vehicle?

ATVs are listed under off-road vehicles (ORVs) which encompasses any compact vehicle designed specifically for use on rough terrain including:

  • Single Rider (ORVs with only one seat designated for a single person)
  • Two-up (ORVs with seating for two people; the passenger sits directly behind the driver)
  • Side-by-side (ORV with seating for two to four people; the seating is arranged similarly to a regular vehicle, with the driver on the left and passenger on the right - Most of these vehicles are equipped with seatbelt and must be worn in accordance with the new amendments)
  • Utility terrain vehicles (ORV similar to a side-by-side except with only two seats and a cargo box in the back)

Who can drive an off-road vehicle?

To drive an off-road vehicle in the province of Ontario one must be at least 16 years of age and possess a minimum G2 or an M2 (motorcycle) class drivers licence.

Do I need to insure my off-road vehicle?

Yes. It is required by law that all vehicles, including ORVs, have insurance and proof of registration in order to legally drive in the province of Ontario.

Where can I drive my off-road vehicle?

Provided you have the aforementioned credentials, you can drive on any backroad in Ontario with an ORV and as of July 1st, 2015 you can drive on the shoulder highways and residential roads with any of the vehicles listed above.



Please sign and share lets see if we can make a change



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