EU: Take action against the corrupt, authoritative and nepotistic regime in Sri Lanka


To:  The European Union

Sri Lanka has been hit with the worst economic crisis ever recorded in the history of the nation due to economic mismanagement and robbery of funds by the Rajapaksa Regime as well as other corrupt politicians. People are having shortages of basic essentials and are facing more than 10 hour power cuts per day. The corrupt and authoritative government has been  stealing  public money throughout the years and the fraudulent transactions of the Rajapaksa family has been brought into the light even during the case of the Pandora papers, when President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa's niece and husband was accused of stashing away large sums of money amounting to 18 million dollars. 

As the citizens of Sri Lanka, we urge the EU to condemn the corrupt, authoritative and nepotistic Rajapaksa regime and we ask for our voices to be heard as we fight with all our might to prevent our country from becoming a failed state. Most of the Rajapaksa family has citizenships in other western countries and as a result, the people of the nation fear that they will flee anytime from the country. We kindly request the EU and the western governments to investigate any illegal liable and non-liable assets of the Rajapaksa family which  are placed in their respective countries.  We also urge the EU to not to permit entry for any associates of the Rajapaksa regime without any investigation, as that would be creating a safe haven for them. The Rajapaksa family and the rest of the corrupt politicians of Sri Lanka may have collected enough resources to live luxurious lives for many generations to come. However, the average Sri Lankan who earns a median annual income of less than $4000 per year will suffer badly for many more years to  come while the country struggles to rebuild from scratch. Sri  Lanka  is a  country with an  abundance of natural  resources and  a powerful agricultural  sector, however due to  the corruption which has been taking place even basic food necessities such  as rice  has been  imported for many years.

Sri Lanka has been robbed and  we urge the EU once again to condemn the corrupt government of Sri  Lanka and to support the common citizens of the country.

Thank you.

The concerned citizens of Sri  Lanka

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