Fantage My Mall

I'm sure all of us can agree that My Mall is a complete waste of time and it's just old news now. A lot of us on Instagram and Facebook would agree that Trade N' Sell was much better than My Mall, the idea of bringing a new currency was completely ludacris and no one understands why. Many kids fall for the scammers which leads to kids being absolutely upset. And back onto the topic about Gold, it's a complete ask for more money. Of course, you kids are going to fall for it. You've made eCoins completely useless now and you can't buy many nice things with it, with Trade N' Sell you could atleast try. The premium member boutique is a obviously a rub in the face to non-members, it's pathetic. They're trying to bribe them clearly to get premium member, and to me that's completely childish. Many people saved up to try and get stars & eCoins but now you really can't do much with them besides stuff at that My Mall. So, out of this I ask you all to sign this petition to get Trade N' Sell back or atleast remove My Mall & Premium Member Boutique. 

Thank you.