Fenced off-leash dog space in Wesbrook Village

Dear UNA Board:

As fellow UNA members, we kindly request the establishment of an off-leash dog space in Wesbrook Village. The number of dogs living here has increased exponentially as the neighbourhood grows, and they are in desperate need of a space to safely socialize and play. 

Currently, many owners allow their dogs to play off-leash in the existing parks and grassy fields. However, this is only an option for owners of dogs well-disciplined enough to not run away. It's also extremely dangerous for the dogs, who can wander onto the roads. 

We propose that a fenced space be established on an existing empty grass lot, such as on the corners of Weber Lane and Gray Ave; Birney Ave and Ross Drive; or Weber Lane and Scholar's Greenway. We understand that these lots are temporary, but in the years that they remain empty, this amenity would be of enormous value to the area. It would simply require some low-cost fencing, a gate, and perhaps a garbage can and a few benches. 

This space would serve the entire community, including: 

  • Dog owners with social dogs, who would gain a safe spot for them to play without the hazard of dogs running onto the roads.
  • Owners with less social or anxious dogs, who could walk without the anxiety of an off-leash dog potentially running up to them.
  • Individuals and children who are afraid of dogs, who likewise won't have to worry about off-leash dogs running up.
  • Drivers in the area, who won't have to keep a constant eye out for dogs running onto the street.

Ultimately, dogs are already regularly playing off-leash in the neighbourhood, currently in an unregulated and unsafe way. Not a single fenced dog park exists on the university campus. We ask that the UNA adapt to this situation and provide a safe space for these activities to be enjoyed, to the benefit of all residents.

Thank you for your consideration. 


Mihai Cirstea (UNA resident, Cypress House) and all the undersigned. 

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