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Take the party to the beach!

We have to take the party to the beach immediately

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DE polgárainak levele az egyetem vezetoihez a CEU mellett

A Debreceni Egyetem polgárainak levele az Egyetem vezetőihez a CEU melletti szolidaritásért Tisztelt Rektor Úr, tisztelt Dékán Asszonyok és Urak! Mi, a Debreceni Egyetem alulírott polgárai (oktatói, kutatói, dolgozói és hallgatói) aggódva figyeljük azokat a fejleményeket, amelyek a Közép-európai Egyetem (CEU) magyarországi működését veszélyeztetik. A CEU mélyen beágyazódott a hazai tudományos életbe, értékes eleme a kutatási hálózatnak, és jelentős szerepet tölt be a magyar felsőoktatásban. Így

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Áskorun til Ríkisstjórnar Íslands vegna efnavopnaárasar á Khan Sheikhoun í Idlib

Við förum fram á að ríkisstjórn Íslands fordæmi þá stigmögnun stríðsátaka í Sýrlandi sem nú hefur leitt til villimannlegrar efnavopnaárásar á bæinn Khan Sheikhoun í Idlib héraði í þessu hrjáða landi. Þar hafa fallið að minnsta kosti 58 og tugir slasast, og ef til vill er tala látinna mun hærri. Ríkisstjórn Íslands verður að láta rödd sína heyrast til fordæmingar á þessu siðlausa grimmdarverki og leggja sitt lóð á vogarskálarnar til að stríðsaðilum skiljist að það er fylgst með þeim og umheimurin

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I have started this pettition to close this pet store.. reason being that the owners are selling kittens and puppies and they are in a shocking state... they dont care for the animals at all. I feel they are money hungry and if they did actually care they would respond to the publics outcry and there has been many.. I have also heard that they breed on their farm.. this has to stop please. Be the voice for thevoiceless and stand up!!!!!! 

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Bring Back the Mulan Szechuan Sauce

As revisited in Rick and Morty (season 3 episode 1), McDonald's released a limited time Szechuan Sauce as a promotion for the upcoming Mulan film by Disney. With a live-action version of Mulan slated for release in 2018, let's bring back the Szechuan Sauce once more!

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Stop this woman walking free... AGAIN!

On Wednesday 29th in Beeston, Leeds a woman stole a child right from her mothers arms. A mother out with her 2 small children one of the age of 2 and the other still in a pram, a woman came over claiming the 2 year old too be her own grabbed her and starting running away. Now the mother having a pram was screaming for help while running after her, struggling. Luckily one person had the decency too help, ran after the woman gave the little girl back too her mum and made sure the woman didn't get

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Reimbursement for HSV students

It is no surprise to the residents of HSV now when we are informed that there is a water outage, no wifi, no electricity etc. This is now however completely unacceptable, considering we are paying rent every week to live here. If this sort of thing only happened once then I'm sure people may be understanding, but when it happens this regularly then something needs to be done about it. It's so unsanitary and frustrating that we don't even have access to running water! Providing 1 or 2 bottles of

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Saving Hippodrome in Belgrade

One of the oldest active sports facilities in the World should not become the shopping mall! It is 8 years older than Wimbledon! Sign to save culture, tradition, thrill and excitement of this iconic Institution!

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                                  To whom it may concern,   We, the undersigned, have noticed an increase in products in your store with feminist slogans. And whilst we appreciate  the visibility of the feminist cause in mainstream fashion we can't help but feel that it is another case of corporations making money from a cause when the belief system it represents is not being adhered to by your company. It is one thing to print a slogan but quite another to incorporate that those ethics into yo

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DSTV must remove ANN7

DSTV must remove ANN7 from its offering as it is biased and creating divisions in the country.

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Rannsókn á einkavæðingu

Til Unnar Brár Konráðsdóttur forseta Alþingis. Hinn 12. nóvember 2012 samþykkti Alþingi ályktun um að skipa þriggja manna rannsóknarnefnd til að rannsaka einkavæðingu á hlutum ríkisins í Fjárfestingarbanka atvinnulífsins, Landsbankanum og Búnaðarbankanum 1998-2003. Ályktunin var samþykkt mótatkvæðalaust. Eigi að síður hefur Alþingi í fjögur og hálft ár heykst á að skipa umrædda rannsóknarnefnd. Nú hefur rannsókn á einum afmörkuðum þætti þessarar einkavæðingar leitt í ljós að þar var heldur betur

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Sign to ban stupid toilet rule at le rocquier school.

Le rocquier school have taken matters into there own hands after a small percentage of students were staying In the toilets for too long ever day. They have locked all the toilets and made 800 students and possibly more use a small toilet located outside the office. students must write there name in a book and let the staff know they are going. students are saying this is a breach against there privacy and human rights. Children have also said that desease  will spread quickly. HELP get them unl

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Upgrade of R101 Old Johannesburg Road

Upgrade of R101 Old Johannesburg road.   Since 2011 attempts have been made to Province to maintain the R101 (Old Johannesburg road). The area of focus is from the on-ramp in the South all the way down to Thaba Tshwane, where you will find very dangerous conditions for both motorists and pedestrians. If Province ignores our attempts much longer it will only result in many more costs, injuries and possible death and we, as the undersigned, urgently request that Government please investigate our p

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Analytic Philosophy Department in Zagreb to be closed down

Call for Supporting our Colleagues in ZagrebDear All, the bad news from Zagreb philosophy circles is that Croatian authorities intend to close down the analytic philosophy department in Zagreb, the one belonging to the Faculty of Croatian Studies.This department is a very efficient center for analytic philosophy, doing mainly philosophy of science and philosophy of language. Also, they have excellent scholars in ancient studies and early modern philosophy. The department has always operated on i

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Grennaskolan is still fighting

  As several of you have already heard, Grennaskolan's existence is now on the line. It has been for the last 3 years due to the increasing lack of students and its current budget deficit. Jönköping's Kommun wants to shut Grennaskolan down next semester.   Right now the DP 1 students are sending an email and they need signatures from all of you that still want Grennaskolan to be alive! Please sign and share so we can get as many people as possible to sign because we at Grennaskolan will never st

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Allow kevi students to be able to choose between the new/old uni

New uniform at kevi is not liked by a lot of students some even saying they went to the school due to no blazer and tie! So make it so that we have a choice in what we wear and if the whole school can't have it let the upcoming year 11s have the choice as they won't wear it for more than one year!

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DANSK LÆNGERE NEDE:ENGLISH:Abdulle Ahmed is a Somali citizen (Somali passport) being held as a detainee at the psychiatric facility on the Island of Zealand in Denmark close to the city of Slagelse. He is currently detained on his 16th year at the section, following his conviction on two counts of assault on caretakers at the hospital he previously was in, Aalborg Hospital. Following this conviction, a Physician by the name Kjeld Reinert had requested the Ministry of Justice to subsequently conv

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Idris to meet Idris

On Saturday 8th April, two momentous occasions will occur. The stars will align for a fleeting moment. All events, past and future, will echo in the present with incredible gravity. The events in question: the wedding of Aisha Egala to Morgan "Idris" Davies at Tetbury, near Bristol, and the headline DJ slot of the ladies' favourite, Idris Elba, at Motion Bristol. Chef Morgan Davies has recently been inaugurated into the Ghanaian ranks of the Egala family and was dubbed Idris by the Imam at the c

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please sign and share this petition. this store has been running under very questionable conditions, many reports to rspca but no action has taken place. still to this day many birds in small cages together, water bowls dry, food and and bird feeces are always all over the floor, many people have gotten parrots from this shop and have taken them to vet to find they have a desease called "beak and feather" which is highly contagious so basically all of the birds there would most likey have it asw

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Appuntamenti per ottenere il visto

  ‎وزارت امورخارجه کشور جمهوری ایتالیا ‎با احترام ‎بدین وسیله ما ایرانیان ساکن ایتالیا، درخواست جمعی خود را مبنی بر تغییر و بهبود روند رزرو وقت سفارت، جهت اخذ ويزا توسط اعضای خانواده خود، خدمت وزارت امور خارجه جمهوری ايتاليا تقدیم می کنیم میخواهیم به اطلاع وزیرمحترم برسانیم که در سال های اخیر ،برای ورود به بخش اداری صدور ویزا و همینطور سامانه ی اینترنتی سفارت با مشکلات عدیده ای مواجه شده ایم. ‎وضعيت كنونی گرفتن وقت مصاحبه درتهران بسيار سخت و در بعضی موارد غير ممكن است. به صورتی که سامانه ی رزور

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