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Stardust #Truth Postcard Campaign.

Dear Attorney General of Ireland, I am seeking a new inquest into the Stardust fire tragedy of 14th February 1981. The original inquest into the tragedy was held in March 1982, just a year after the fire, when little detail was known about the events of that night. There is now much more detail which has exacerbated the rumour and suspicion surrounding the Stardust fire, it is time for truth for the Stardust victims. I call on you, as the Attorney General, to exercise your right under sectio

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Petition for Rocking the Daisies to bring back ticket refunds.

I believe it was unethical for Rocking the Daisies to only release such crucial information regarding the rule that festival goers are not allowed to bring any liquids to the festival (even water or medication), so late. This has forced people who have already purchased tickets to either sell their tickets at a loss or force them to just go to a festival that they will enjoy significantly less. For this reason, I believe they should allow ticket holders to refund their tickets. 

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Support Black-Owned Gym In The City

What if your local gym truly cared about you; instead of viewing you as nothing more than a membership fee or a monthly promotional offer? And the staff worked with you to not only achieve your fitness goals without judgment, but also to support your personal growth and development?  How would it feel to be a part of a not only a gym; but a community of like-minded individuals and a dedicated staff -who genuinely want you to WIN?  If these are thoughts that kept you from joining a gym or truly

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Sign this petition to allow Makeup Artists to play music in their live video!!

The makeup industry is a 4.2 billion dollar industry and the music industry is even bigger!! Apart of being a MUA (makeup artist) is sharing your content.  A lot of MUAs prefer to do a live makeup tutorial.  I myself go live 5 days a week for my supporters and followers. One thing that is super frustrating is when you play music in the background and Facebook removes your video. This petition is to allow MUAs to record live video with music in the background without having their videos removed! 

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Let Nemat Stay!

Nemat is 19 years old. He came alone to Sweden three years ago. He has created a life here in Sweden during these three years. He has learned Swedish, English and he has become a part of the Swedish community. He is today, the 4th of September 2018, forced to leave his apartment. All that remains is to wait for the deportation to Afghanistan where a very unsafe life is waiting. Nemat has for a long time been afraid of going back to Afghanistan and now he is soon forced to do this. His family esc

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Waste Petition

We, the undersigned residents of Germiston and surrounding areas hereby PETITION the MMC of the Environmental Resourse and Waste Management Councillor Ndosi Shongwe to adhere to the City of Ekurhuleni Waste Service Standards, policies including bylaws and the Environmental Waste Act to ensure that we(residents)receive our scheduled regular waste collection service.These regulations have not been adhered to for the last five months and is seriously affecting the confidence of residents that Ekurh

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Busing children to and from daycare to elementary school

in an effort to ensure our children arrive to and from elementary school safely, I am petitioning to have the school provide transportation to and from the only daycare in Attica. I have made an effort to discuss this matter with the superintendent of Attica Schools, with no consideration for student safety, denied this request. I will be attending a Board of Education meeting tonight, in hopes to fix this situation. A school bus drives right by this daycare, but will not stop to pick these chil

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Statement of the Network of University Teachers against banning the Gender Studies Program

In the middle of the summer university break, the Hungarian Rectors' Conference was presented a draft decree from the Ministry of Human Resources and the Ministry of Justice.  This proposal called for the abolition of the masters program on Gender Studies. Such curricula are currently offered by the ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences and the Central European University (CEU).  The draft decree allowed students enrolled this year to complete their studies, but terminated this degree for future years

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"No" for killing animals in polish Cyganowka!

source:   We express a strict objection against killing animals in a rescue sanctuary in Cyganowka! Most of these animals have been rescued, orphanted, and this is suppose to be their safe place! The excuse of a veterinary service, that it's a protection and a prevention agains ASF is totally fake, because there were no cases of ASF in a sanctuary. The animals have no contact with wild animals living around or farm animals, there is no possibility of them - getting infected. Also no

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Justice for Valéria - no bail for murder accused Johan Oswald Schmid

Valéria de Almeida Franco, a 30-year-old Brazilian woman, was murdered by her South African husband, Johan Schmid on 9 February 2018 at their Ostend Drive flat in Uvongo where they lived with their 4 year old son . Johan Oswald Schmid, 47, confessed to strangling Valéria to death. He committed this crime in front of their 4 year old son, who entered the room at the time of this murder. He reportedly then proceed to wrap her body in plastic and concealed it in a cupboard in the bedroom. After 4 d

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New dance studio

  We’re trying to raise as many signatures as possible to argue our use of the very run down East Wittering Youth Club and turn it into 2 new dance studios and a new home for hundreds of dancers in our local area, from age 3-18yrs. Dancers of our community are training everyday on hard flooring and we’re in need of a space to train with mirrors, a sprung flooring that’s safe and local. Now the youth club has been moved to Downview in bracklesham the old youth club building is left unused and run

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Hands Off Mr Louw

MR LOUW HEARING DATE: 19 JULY 2018!! THE GAUTENG DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE EDUCATION OF OUR CHILDREN IN THE GREATER ELDORADO PARK. 1) KLIPSPRUIT WEST SECONDARY SCHOOL In 2017 there was a community uproar when it was found that there was wrong processes followed in the appointment of the new principal of Klipspruit West Secondary School. As a result the matric class of 2017 missed several months of teaching. Promises was publically made by the MEC of education: Mr. Lesufi,

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Menentang pengiktirafan UEC dalam sistem pendidikan di Malaysia

Pengiktirafan ke atas UEC akan menghalang perpaduan berbilang kaum di Malaysia.   Kaum cina akan terus ter isolasi dan menghalang proses asimilasi sesama kaum di Malaysia.  Hal ini bertentangan dengan semangat nasionalisme yang kita pupuk sejak kecil lagi di sekolah-sekolah kebangsaan.  Memohon Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia mengambil serius perkara ini dan tidak hanya memikirkan kepentingan politik semata-mata. 

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A call to end Swedish support to antisemitic education in UNRWA schools

UNRWA is a UN-agency created to support so called palestinian refugees. It is a strange agency due to the fact the it recognizes the right for palestinians to inherit refugee status. No other refugees in the world can inherit their refugee status. All other refugees in the world are supported by another UN-agency, UNHCR. UNRWA receives millions of Swedish taxpayers money annually. But to what purposes are the money really used? UNRWA is, i. a., running schools. It is well known that such school

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Petition against the merging of Ionospheric Physics, Space Climate and Astronomy Research Units at the University of Oulu

Petition to Oulu University Rector and Board The dean of the Faculty of Science has decided to suggest to the rector the merging of Space Climate, Ionospheric Physics, and Astronomy research units. This is against the explicit recommendation of the working group nominated by the dean. The dean will inform about the merging on Tuesday 19.6.2018; there has been no proper hearing of the affected personnel, excluding the confidential discussions within the working group. The working group was tasked

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Anna has been told by Conwy CBC to remove the tables and chairs from outside Caffi Contessa...on the grounds that they are causing an obstruction. There are other businesses in Ancaster square who have items outside their premisses...which seem to have no problem with Conwy CBC officials imposing removal orders on them. Caffi Contessa is a Community hub and as such attreacts hundreds of locals...many of these use wheelchairs - who prefer sitting outside the cafe. If there is a real Obstruction p

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Regarding the ban of Undertaker

Dear sir/madam Open letter to SUPERCELL regarding the ban of Undertaker (#2LCPG2C9U) We are writing to you in regards to Undertaker, one of Sweden’s most popular Clash Royal players. The ban of Undertaker is a huge loss for the Swedish Clash Royale community. Undertaker is a wonderful person who have done so many good things for the Swedish Clash Royale community. He was one of the leaders of +46 Royale (Sweden’s largest Clash Royale clan) and he was one of the two founders of the unofficial Swe

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Petition To End McLaren’s Circus

Animals are being exploited for our ‘enjoyment’. 

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Petition against closing the Music Lab: #SaveTheLab

Ahoy to all the Music Lab fans!   Our open cultural space is supporting young artist and culture life in Brno from the very beginning.   This time it’s us, who need your help.   As you probably know, starting from 31.5.2017 the “anti-smokers law” came into force in Czech Republic and banished all the smokers out to the streets, no matter if the bar had a good smoking room, just as we had at Music Lab (R.I.P.). This change brought us many issues, the biggest one being the noise outside

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Dear friends of animals and planet Earth,   We need your help!   We are contacting you in defense of the law on animal welfare, specifically article 7, paragraph 1, point 37, which forbids the containment, reproduction, import, export and deprivation of life specifically for the purpose of producing fur and leather and article 89, which states that this ban will be implemented as of January 1st, 2019.   Fur farmers, in cooperation with certain politicians, are trying to change the law by prolong

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