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Petition for Rocking the Daisies to bring back ticket refunds.

I believe it was unethical for Rocking the Daisies to only release such crucial information regarding the rule that festival goers are not allowed to bring any liquids to the festival (even water or medication), so late. This has forced people who have already purchased tickets to either sell their tickets at a loss or force them to just go to a festival that they will enjoy significantly less. For this reason, I believe they should allow ticket holders to refund their tickets. 

Created: 2018-09-08 Statistics

Hold the adoption agencies and authorities responsible for unethical adoptions

The adoption scandal in Chile has made Swedish media pay attention to the more complex aspects of adoption and finally people are being made aware of the fact that many adoptions were carried through unethically. It ranges from discrepancies in the documents, lack of information and coercion of first parents to down right kidnapping and trafficking.   We demand of the Swedish Government to carry out an extensive and thorough investigation of all adoption that can be suspected to have been carrie

Created: 2018-02-04 Statistics

The right to mock exams between the written and oral BAC

The students of the European Schools all over Europe have for the last many years been allowed to do "practise oral exams" with their subject teachers in the period between the written- and the oral exams. This has been very helpful, as there in the 7 years of secondary school not are any other ways to practise them. Suddenly, this is no longer allowed, with just 4 months notice.  We want to reverse the rules back to how they were before, as they were both helpful and succesful to the students t

Created: 2018-01-11 Statistics

HELP Maintain the Ban on Importing the Heads of Hunted Elephants

In an appalling turn of events, the Trump administration is considering lifting a ban that had prohibited hunters from importing trophies of elephants killed in two African nations, reversing a 2014 rule put in place by the Obama White House. If passed, the reversal will apply to elephants hunted in Zimbabwe from Jan. 21, 2016 to Dec. 31, 2018 and to elephants hunted in Zambia in 2016, 2017 and 2018. The move overturns a 2014 rule implemented by former President Barack Obama that banned hunters

Created: 2017-11-17 Statistics

A safe standing section at tynecastle

This petition has been make because a football club is meant to be for everyone, but i feel that fans are slowly being forced away from the club, fans pay the money to go support there team they should be allowed to choose if they stand or sit down not be forced, the easiest way to solve this is by giving the fans a section just for standing that way everyone is happy

Created: 2018-11-29 Statistics


We are lodging a motion of distrust against the Mayor of Gamagara Municipality in Kathu in the Northern Cape, because of the misuse of money being paid by the user to the municipality for water and electricity bills.  Because of this, the supplier of water (Sedibeng Water) only sends a small amount of water to the area and some areas don’t get any water. We have been without water for weeks. It causes poor hygiene and all sorts of other problems for the users. This is against the Constitution o

Created: 2018-11-21 Statistics

Free the Rooisand marsh horses!

21 Rooisand Free Roaming Wild Horses are currently Trapped on Lamloch farm. Why does the landowner want them on his land among antelope and probably elephant? We say the horses must be FREE. They must be let out in order to graze again at the edge of the Bot, and to find their way past the massive electrified fence to the far western marshes and grazing resources that are plentiful for them. (The Bot estuary is between Hermanus and Kleinmond in the Overstrand, Western Cape, South Africa.) FREE

Created: 2018-11-08 Statistics

Support Black-Owned Gym In The City

What if your local gym truly cared about you; instead of viewing you as nothing more than a membership fee or a monthly promotional offer? And the staff worked with you to not only achieve your fitness goals without judgment, but also to support your personal growth and development?  How would it feel to be a part of a not only a gym; but a community of like-minded individuals and a dedicated staff -who genuinely want you to WIN?  If these are thoughts that kept you from joining a gym or truly

Created: 2018-09-06 Statistics

Busing children to and from daycare to elementary school

in an effort to ensure our children arrive to and from elementary school safely, I am petitioning to have the school provide transportation to and from the only daycare in Attica. I have made an effort to discuss this matter with the superintendent of Attica Schools, with no consideration for student safety, denied this request. I will be attending a Board of Education meeting tonight, in hopes to fix this situation. A school bus drives right by this daycare, but will not stop to pick these chil

Created: 2018-08-23 Statistics

Regarding the ban of Undertaker

Dear sir/madam Open letter to SUPERCELL regarding the ban of Undertaker (#2LCPG2C9U) We are writing to you in regards to Undertaker, one of Sweden’s most popular Clash Royal players. The ban of Undertaker is a huge loss for the Swedish Clash Royale community. Undertaker is a wonderful person who have done so many good things for the Swedish Clash Royale community. He was one of the leaders of +46 Royale (Sweden’s largest Clash Royale clan) and he was one of the two founders of the unofficial Swe

Created: 2018-06-11 Statistics