Petition for permission for a Bench in memory of Jack Alexander

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Morgan Streatfield
The author of this petition


2014-07-20 12:44

Lets get the permission for Jacks bench.
People of Bedfordshire unite



2014-07-20 13:28

Didn't really know the fella just his face but the amount of love I've seen his mates give is tremendous, defo deserves a memorial bench.



2014-07-20 13:32

R.I.P Jack x



2014-07-20 14:32

Rip jack !!!!!



2014-07-20 14:35

fantastic idea guys will be an asset to the community if the council will allow it not many benches at the riverside and iam sure its needed and a fitting tribute to a lovely guy
Morgan Streatfield
The author of this petition

#6 Re:

2014-07-20 14:41

#5: -

Agreed Jack was one in a million



2014-07-20 14:58

I didn't know him but I knew off him through school everyone deserves to be remembered!



2014-07-20 15:21

For a friend



2014-07-20 15:46

This is such a lovely idea and a way for everyone to remember Jack!



2014-07-20 16:12

This was a real bad thing to happen to someone so young and still full of life didn't know him personally but everyone in his community thinks he deserves at least this so I'm 100% in agreement



2014-07-20 16:44

This is for a dear son and friend. A memorial bench in jacks name down the riverside, please everyone sign it only take 2 minutes.thanks x



2014-07-20 19:57

We are originally from LGC, spent many a day at the Riverside. A memorable way to remember a lad taken too soon x



2014-07-20 20:06

In honour of a gorgeous boy, from a lovely family. X



2014-07-20 21:18

For a good cause



2014-07-20 21:43

didn't know jack but was so disheartened by what happened this is the least I could do! In memory of jack R.I.P



2014-07-20 21:59

It's for my friend who meant a lot to me and I know they would have loved it so it would be great if this hard work works out and we get there. Thank you.



2014-07-20 22:37

Rip jack

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2014-07-20 23:45



2014-07-21 00:16

Good luck in reaching your goal i hope everyone signs this for you



2014-07-21 06:18




2014-07-21 08:46

RI.P Jack.xx



2014-07-21 09:09

R.I.P jack my bruddah we will all see you soon my friend



2014-07-21 10:17

R.I.P jack, such a good friend still can't believe you're gone! We will do everything we can to get this bench and have your memory live on xxxx



2014-07-21 11:26

Rest in peace beautiful. You didnt deserve this at all, missing you so much right now! See you soon :* ♥xx



2014-07-21 16:29

Rip babe! Doing everything we can for you

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