Jam Science/Hatfield LIve Shriekback re-release

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2014-08-07 12:09

More Shriekback? HELL YES!



2014-08-07 13:56

brilliant band, brilliant album, can't wait to hear this



2014-08-07 14:47

How about a DVD release of Jungle of the Senses and other assorted videos, tv appearances etc...


2014-08-07 14:58

Really looking forward to this.


#5 Re:

2014-08-07 15:26

#3: -  

 it's tempting but the picture quality tends to be a bit shite..




2014-08-07 17:23

Holy shit YES!!!



2014-08-07 18:20




2014-08-08 13:38

Good idea!

#9 b_sides

2014-08-08 19:19

I hope this include all the B-sides

Suck, Nerve, Jumping On The Ribcage (With The Digital Rasta) , Cloud Of Nails (Pump Up A Storm) ,Mistah Linn He Dead , Gated Joy, Bricks And Whistles



2014-08-08 21:37

Long Live Shriekback!


2014-08-08 21:38

Long Live Shriekback!



2014-08-09 06:17

Re-experiencing Jam Science aurally sweetened and dialed would be ecstasy!



2014-08-12 12:17

Jam Science to me was 'the album' perfect mix of tech and heart. I recently framed the album cover and have it in my cube at work...to remind me to find the Mojo in the spreadsheets I work on...and the science in my day to day reactions to life...


#14 Re: Re:

2014-08-15 16:33

#5: - Re:  

 It would be better than nothing. I was at that gig and played my video of it to death. Now I can't find it anymore so would be great to get it on DVD.


#15 Remastered Jam Science

2014-08-16 23:47

Hey Barry - Sorry, don't have a Facebook account, so am trying to reach you this way.  I was listening to the "Under the Lights" clip you uploaded to Soundcloud.  You mentioned in the blog that it was the remastered version, but I can hear all sorts of crackly vinyl pops - especially at the beginning.  If this is actually the remastered version? If so, how did all the pops show up?  Were you not able to go back to the original Jam Sci master tapes?

Oh, and if you're still looking for more future projects, I'll add another vote for a DVD release of "Jungle of the Senses".  Or - better yet - a blu-ray which includes remastered videos in hi-def (if you still have access to the film elements for "Lined Up", "Get Down Tonight", etc. and could do hi-def scans of them).  Hey, in a perfect world, you could put it all together along with "Sacred City - The film" and call it the "Shriekback Bestiary" (or something like that)!  Just dreamin'...  :-)



2014-08-31 20:49

Hope its not the same cd as was being sold on the shriekback website a few tears ago - most tracks sounded great but 3 or 4 were from nasty scratchy vinyl rips.



#17 Re: Re:

2014-09-06 15:57

#5: - Re:  

 There is nothing wrong with the video quality of "Jungle of the Senses".  I acquired an excellent-quality copy of the original tape and had it ripped in full PAL resolution to DVD on professional equipment.  The transfer was excellent.



2015-02-09 00:55

Been into Shriekback since '85/'86. Waiting over 30 years to buy Jam Science on cd since I never bought it on tape or vinyl.  I refuse to download it.



2015-03-16 15:38

Have the LP but Need CD to listen in the car. Adore it!



2015-09-15 21:18

There's a philosophy, don't mean a lot to me, says the value of anything is how much it hurts. I'm nearly, but not quite, almost incinerated. I can't see anything for digging in the dirt...

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