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2014-08-19 21:48

People are always thinking up new ways to make the education system better but they move in the opposite direction -_- The programs that are being taken away are what contribute to student success. Taking them away is excessively counterproductive



2014-08-19 21:58

I attend Renaissance High School and the only reason I go there is for the dance department. Why would I attend a performing arts school when the district takes away my art?



2014-08-19 22:19

This is an awesome way to get students like us involved in our education, its better why, and what were learning thzn just learning it alone.



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2014-08-19 22:37

I think it very visual for this petition to be a success from saving our school from becoming a community high school.!!!!!



2014-08-19 22:38

RHS is number one in the city because we had great teachers and every program, club, and sport imaginable. Take that away and what do we have? How are we better than any other DPS school? Our school is a school of choice- this means that students from all over metro Detroit leave their local schools to come here. Now what do we have to offer that's any different. Why would anyone chose to go to a school no better than the others? Bottoms line if we lose the programs then you'll lose the students.



2014-08-19 22:46

If you take away dance and music and all the other programs then what will the kids have then. Music and dance are two of the greatest programs there and that's what most of the kids know how to do or perform . the kids work hard and show passion and dedication and when you take that away your stripping the kids of something as well.



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2014-08-19 23:11

I have graduated from Renaissance High School and I feel like having the dance department and music department kept it a well rounded school. These things should not be taken away.



2014-08-19 23:46

I hope this helps because I spent a lot of my time trying to get into this school and my first year was they want to take the fun away??



2014-08-19 23:57

DPS can not take away our programs and our most beloved teachers. Mr. Smith is my favorite teacher, he is the best teacher to have ever taught. Mr. Smith breaks down the material in a way everyone can understand. The material I have learned in his class will lead me to greatness. Our music program has an outstanding reputation. To take our programs from us, to take our teachers from us would be taking our dreams from us. To attend Renaissance High School is a privilege and the students know that, that's why we work so hard to stay there and succeed there. Taking everything we have worked for would be telling us we haven't worked for anything and that this all has been a waste of time. Please don't let the students of Renaissance High School down.



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I go to renaissance and I was planning on getting scholarships through music and playing at school was helping but what they are doing now is outrageous.



2014-08-20 00:26

‪#‎SaveRHS‬ Let's make one thing very clear, Renaissance is so much more than just academics. Students there thrive and excel in all subjects, but especially in the fine arts department. I feel like, not only does it make high school (for the most part) a more enjoyable experience, but it also contributes to them becoming more well-rounded when they are able to express themselves through art, choir, band, dance, etc. Not to mention the SCHOLARSHIPS that come from being part of extra curricular activities. We need to listen to former AND current students who know what its like. The students there now actually want to have these electives, they ENJOY being a part of something with such an important impact on their lives. So WHY take it away? Why are the arts always the first things to go when schools have to make budget cuts? I cannot even imagine what my years at Renaissance would have been like without Dance.



2014-08-20 00:28

In my experience, I've learned that having a well rounded curriculum is paramount to activating the full potential of a young growing mind.

Training the right and left brain is extremely important to high performing professionals. It is not enough to have only book knowledge. Future executives and professionals need to develop emotional intelligence in order to gain the cooperation of those in the world they will face in the future.

Programs like band and dance are proven to have cognitive benefits that transfer over into academic aptitude.

Renaissance is a gem within the DPS and it is presumptuous to assume the school will maintain its quality and be resilient to these cuts. I would recommend looking into the qualifications of whomever made this decision to cut these programs and get a second or third opinion.

If there aren't enough funds to go around, it makes more logical sense to maintain the quality of the best performing schools, than to dilute their programs and funding which will result in an even lower average for quality of education. This is a race to the bottom. We need to incentivize performance and keep nurturing our students who demonstrate higher than average academic aptitude so that they can compete in a global job market.

Renaissance has consistently produced great leaders and professionals who go on to achieve great and noteworthy things. When the cameras are on them they can say they came from DPS.

I hate to think about where those exceptional students will be sent by their parents who demand high quality education for their students. They will likely not stay in DPS or reside in Detroit to comply with the law.

We need to reverse the brain drain that has been happening for decades in our city and at the very least retain the gems we do have.

Isn't that worth thinking about?



2014-08-20 00:33

Desean Lewis


2014-08-20 00:54

I hope that DPS doesn't think we'll take this while sitting down.

That it's okay to just change our school.

That we can truly be called "Renaissance students" with the arts being taken away.

I learned from my awesome history teacher that being a Renaissance ANYTHING means you are well rounded in all things.





What kind of a school would we be without any one of these programs?

Not a Renaissance one, I can tell you that.



2014-08-20 01:06

Renaissance High School is #1 in the city for a reason!


2014-08-20 01:22

Save RHS

 I'm a sophomore this year and freshman year I took orchestra.  Never ever tried to play an instrument. I'm suppose to be First chair this year. Music and dance is very important. If they cancel the fine arts many students will suffer and I don't know man music is all I got going for me and I don't want it to end



2014-08-20 01:26

A renaissance man is well rounded in all areas of life including ARTS


2014-08-20 01:36

I simply don't understand.  

Out of all the teachers at Renaissance, they decide to get rid of one of the best? We already lost Small last year, isn't that enough? Who's next? Johnson? Tolliver? Not to mention all of the other teachers that will lose their jobs with the disbandment of the fine arts department. Gooch, Wang, DeBose, Evans; all great teachers who are great at what they do and who are loved by the students they teach and mentor. How is this at all fair to them? Renaissance and DPS are getting rid of some really good teachers that students are upset to see leave. You want to lay someone off? Us students could give you a few referrals. 

Secondly, how can people have such a lack of appreciation for the arts? Every time you turn on your television you watch art in some form, whether it be acting, costume or set design, or written scenes. Every time you turn on your radio you hear art. You live inside the manifestation of someone's artistic vision. You wear art on your body. They say that life imitates art and vice versa, but actually, life IS art. To take away art is to take away the joy and beauty of living. If Renaissance goes through with this, then I don't see myself staying there.   



2014-08-20 01:57

We have to save our school. We are top 5% and we have to stay at the top. Save the arts and our school!



2014-08-20 02:12

The rotating schedule at Renaissance is the tradition! 



2014-08-20 02:18

If this generation is our future we should provide them with opportunity to make it a better place