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2014-08-21 04:48

Save Renni
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2014-08-21 05:00

 there is an overabundance of talent at renaissance. Taking away the performing arts district will be parallel to closing the school down.

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2014-08-21 10:33



2014-08-21 11:00

This move is unnecessary. Detroit Renaissance High has not been an academically under-performing school and their being lumped in with the other under-performing schools in their district.



2014-08-21 14:46

Its upsetting because I am an alumni of Renaissance High School and I had the pleasure of marching under Mr. McAllister. I continued to play my instrument in college and became section leader. I also took dance classes under the direction of Ms. Ellis. Renaissance is an outstanding school and for DPS to NOT allow or are attempting to not have students test in, really puts the hard work that students now and alumni have worked for. Testing is preparation. You have to take test to get into college. Whats next Country Day and Cranbrook are going to stop testing? There are many changes and I find them unacceptable .



2014-08-21 14:54

Hope all goes well



2014-08-21 15:01

As the founder of the Dance program, I know first hand the impact of a solid arts curriculum alongside a rigorous core academic curriculum has on the lives of scholars. Prior to the advent of the total arts programs at RHS, many students experienced anxiety and undue stresses that often made them unable to function. Additionally, scores of alums are professional artists and/or got scholarships to college as a result of the exemplary training received in these programs. Educate the WHOLE Person. I am disgusted and angry!



2014-08-21 15:22

Students need these programs to be competitive in our great capitalist country. Programs like these helps students decide potential majors in college, so that they can choose their career path. Does parents, alumni, and philanthropist need to donate money to keep these programs going? Let's keep Renaissance a top tier school, as cancelling these programs will deter parents from sending their children to this institution.  Let's keep Renaissance a top tier school that prepares students to be productive adults.  If these programs are closed, Detroit Country Day, Brother Rice, Notre Dame, U of D Jesuit will have an increase in enrollment.



2014-08-21 15:25

I recently celebrated my 20th year as a graduate from Renaissance. I am a proud alum mainly because of my time spent in Dance Workshop & Varsity Choir. My time in choir earned me 2 college scholarships to out of state schools. Losing the fine arts program will lessen the prestige of Renaissance as a school of excellence in Academics as well as the Arts, and cause future students to miss out on much needed enrichment & scholarship opportunities. The arts should not be considered elective or expendable, they are necessary to create well-rounded students!



2014-08-21 15:27

I was fortunate enough to go to Renaissance. I originally went because of Academic Games. I then sang and then danced. It all made me who I am today. I went on to dance and I know many who continued to dance or continued to sing. It would be a travesty if any of this was taken away. Additionally, the rotating schedule is a huge help with the rigorous schedule that Phoenix scholars have. DON'T MAKE THIS HUGE MISTAKE!!



2014-08-21 16:02

Keep art alive, especially in the schools. Don't kill the dream! Don't kill the vision!



2014-08-21 16:02

Renaissance alum here.... And current school social worker at a DPS school. Mess with Ren and you'll be making one more terrible decision to add to the rest of the bad moves that have happened in DPS....



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2014-08-21 17:11

Don't do this to the students of Renaissance High school. The Current and the incoming.



2014-08-21 17:17

This is completely ridiculous!! Right after we are named one of the best schools in the country, and CERTAINLY the best in Detroit, the city moves to take away the formula that produces that greatness.

The city should be finding a way to REPLICATE Renaissance High, not tear it apart.

#116 Save Renaissance

2014-08-21 17:42

Renaissance high school is the only school I feel comfortable attending and its music program have really enhanced my abilities and helped me to open up more because I was very shy.



2014-08-21 20:36

I am a product of the Renaissance High School Music Department. Today I am an opera singer and partner in a theater production company because of the major influence my time at Renaissance had on my life. This program has produced some very successful and influential artists and individuals in all fields. Cutting this program would be a colossal mistake.



2014-08-21 22:25

Music is an essential part of educating the whole child. It allows students to express themselves, work together collaboritively, and create something greater together than they could create alone. In addition, students enrolled in music programs tend to do better on standardized tests. Please do not take this opportunity away from these students.



2014-08-21 22:30

Crowdsource. Looks for a solution that allows you to link to a funding-cart site. That is the best way to fund raise now. Maybe go to and create a site for your school. You need to set up a domain and you might have to pay something up front, but the web presence will help. Hopefully you will get some much needed funding. My son is in Erie Mason and the district is also going broke. We feel your pain. I am not rich and pay for piano lessons. Art is life; Life is art! I am also a graphic designer.. educator. Starving artist!

Good Luck!!
R. Harrison, MEd.
GA, Ed Tech
University of Toledo



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2014-08-21 23:14

I'm a Cass Technician and even I don't want to see them treat Renaissance this way! Kids need a well rounded education - stop trying to steal that away from them!!! If you have a student or have ever been a student, please consider signing this petittion.



2014-08-21 23:40

I'm an incoming freshman, and I want to see the talent and passion that's been at Renaissance for as long I can remember



2014-08-22 00:36

Save the arts program!



2014-08-22 00:47

This is my Daughters first year at Renaissance. She is a very bright student we are looking forward to the Renaissance Way. Letting teacher go and having over sized class rooms is not the way to go my child and every other child deserve the best education to Excell in today's society my daughter is excellent in art a great artist and if they take away the art program it's taking away her dream we as parents want the best for our children Detroit has been closing schools for years and crowding classroom for years I think this is unfair to me and every other Detroit parent out there.



2014-08-22 02:54

They closed half the schools now they want to cut out music class. So whats next no math and reading classes. Keep music in school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough is a enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!